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Tue 13th Aug 2013

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FREDRUGER commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

@Scungun88 Where do I BEGIN in correcting all those mistakes?! Most characters you would want out are most likely making a return. Why remove Squirtle & Ivysaur... but leave in Charizard? Are you stating charizard has the potential to deserve hisvery own slot as a SINGLE character, which is totally wrong?



FREDRUGER commented on Petition Started To Make Reggie A Playable Cha...:

@Caryslan Actually, I have no problem with mr g&w or jigglypuff. Quite frankly, whether we like it or not, they're most likely gonna return. Not only has jigglypuff been in every game, but she is 1 of 2 characters, Alongside Luigi, who have started as secret characters & are still secret characters to this day. Mr Game & Watch is probably nintendo's first ever character, if mistaken, one of them hands down. I love him & don't want him to go! ROB, I can live without. It's the fact that ROB originated from the real world & had no game of his own. Sure he got into Mario Kart, but it wasn't his game. He's only appeared in that way. He never had as much fame as reggie has got now. He wasn't even that good of a toy. He started as a real thing in the real world. Reggie is the same. ROB was a toy, reggie is real life. There is no excuse for ROB getting in 7 there's no excuse on why reggie can't capitalize on it