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Sat 15th May 2010

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FATALITYocarina commented on Nintendo "Happy with Virtual Console Pricing":

I'm happy with the prices myself. They're fair. I would easily give up $15AU(1000 Points) to get Ocarina of Time. I bought Final Fantasy for $9AU(600 points) and I havet looked back. $3AU(200 points) to play "I Was Made For Loving You" on Guitar Hero 5; worth every cent.

My point is that other than World of Goo ($22.50 or 1500 points for something while worse on PC is free) and the odd game over 1000 points, Virtual Console is fairly priced.



FATALITYocarina commented on Review: Final Fantasy (Virtual Console / NES):

Deserves a 9/10. My only gripe is that it requires a 60Hz resolution, so until I can get a TV that supports it, I have to play it in Black and White. I still enjoy it though. The game has incredibly basic visuals, yet the re-release needs a high resolution. The game will suck you in. I can say that after having it for 24 hours.