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Thu 23rd February, 2012

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Extremist commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

@IxC Well, you got ONE thing right... you're sad! ;-)

Seriously though, to me all your arguments seems to boil down to not being able to buy the DLC on the future retro Wii U in 10+ years... You really think that's gonna be a big concern for anyone? Plus it'll probably be available digitally on the eShop equivalent WITH all content, don't you think!?

Anyways, as countless others have said, if you don't like it - don't buy it! Your retail game is COMPLETE, this is just EXTRA stuff!



Extremist commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

@Legromancer luke88 concurred with G0dlike that it was £11 well spent. That means he agrees, so yes - he thinks it's great. Also "half the vanillas game content"... I get what you're trying to say, but you're not quite there. ;-)

Ok, flame on! :-)

Oh, and this is GREAT STUFF, Nintendo!!!



Extremist commented on Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retai...:

I've got Luigi U and both NES Remixes, but if this trend continues I will have be more sceptical about buying Nintendo eShop-releases on day 1 as I prefer physical copies. And I don't think that's the way to go for Nintendo.



Extremist commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

In the Nordic countries we got a terrible Nintendo-agency in Bergsala AB. There's practically zero Nintendo-presence compared to Sony and Microsoft. Add to this we haven't even got Club Nintendo. They blame this on the fact that the physical Club Nintendo magazine was to expensive to produce in the 80s!!! Don't know why Nintendo haven't replaced this zero-effort company decades ago!



Extremist commented on Yumi's Odd Odyssey Hooks In Permanent Price Dr...:

I'm getting this one, but I'm waiting for a MUCH lower price tag. This isn't a game I'll play for months and months, so I'll get it when it's on sale AFTER a perm price drop. It'll just stay on my watch list until that day comes... :)



Extremist commented on Sonic Boom Producer Explains Recent Silence Ov...:

This is day-one purchase for me, no matter what! Gotta support the companies that support my beloved Wii U... ;)

Not much of a Sonic-fan but I got Sonic Lost World anyways. Hopefully Boom will have less "speed". I feel that's the thing that breaks most of the Sonic games - even though it's his signature. It just makes the 3D games... unplayable. You just feel lost in a pinball machine.



Extremist commented on Mario Kart 8 Free Wii U Game Promotion Extende...:

Nintendo here in Scandinavia sucks... According to the official Nintendo site, the lack of Club Nintendo is a Nintendo-decision, not a choice of Bergsala. Great news, though!

Got 7 of them already, have been on the verge of getting Wonderful 101 several times, guess I'll get it now. Yay!



Extremist commented on Talking Point: For Better Or For Worse, The Wi...:

For Better Or For Worse, Wii U users love their Gamepad so can we please stop with these "Should the Gamepad go..."-articles? And yes, for me the Gamepad is a massive success. Love the off-TV play when the kids want to watch TV, when I'm in bed or for playing GBA games on a more suitable screen +++

And I'll be getting ALL the figurines when they finally show up, can't wait... :D



Extremist commented on Review: Putty Squad (3DS):

Is this still coming for WiiU? I'll get the 3DS version (on sale) only if the WiiU version gets (officially) cancelled. It's still listed at coming here on NintendoLife WiiU games list, but System 3 website doesn't mention the WiiU version any more...



Extremist commented on Two Tribes Development Studio Shuts Down and N...:

Too bad, hope they can turn things around... Toki Tori 2 was one of my biggest dissappointments last year so it's no surprise the sales were low. The game mechanics were great, but the vast overworld / lack of levels made the game feel aimless.



Extremist commented on Nintendo Financial Reports Bring Minor Profit,...:

I can only speak for Norway / Scandinavia where most people don't even KNOW there's a new console from Nintendo! The crappy importer here (Bergsala) don't do ANY advertising etc. Only loyal Nintendo-fans buys WiiU here, most other gamers are waiting for PS4 / XBox One.

The LARGE marked here with money-strong parents aren't aware of the new WiiU and it's possibilities. And we don't even have ClubNintendo here - so there's no incentive to stay loyal and earn points...

I feel Nintendo is too focused on US / Japan, and it's starting to show...



Extremist commented on Wii Party U Can Be Downloaded Digitally Down U...:

Man, Australians and their constant whining... ;-)
Here in Norway RRP on new games usually are US$90-100 - AND we don't have Club Nintendo in all of Scandinavia 'cause the sh*tty Nintendo-partner here (Bergsala) can't be bothered with it...
In fact they never do ANY promotion or anything, can't understand why Nintendo has used them since the 80's...



Extremist commented on Wii Sports Club Takes The Competition Online W...:

So it's $10 each for 5 sports, totalling at $50 - which is a low price for a new WiiU game here in Norway - day 1 insta-buy... :)

>However, the pricing could be cause for concern - buying unlimited access to each sport is going to be expensive.

That's just NintendoLife's cheap way of generating lots of comments - which happens in nearly all articles if you pay attention... ;)



Extremist commented on Developer Interview: Two Tribes Clarifies Toki...:

Bought this on launch after loving the first game. I LOVE the core gameplay, but I hardly ever play it as I feel I just wander aimlessly around the worldmap. Really hate the open world - I feel no sense of what I've completed, what to replay, where to go etc. For me this was a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD decision - next Two Tribes game is NOT insta-buy, that's for sure!



Extremist commented on Review: Spelunker (3DS eShop / NES):

Used to LOVE this game on the C64 back in the days. Never got very far but always came back for more. Got the PSN-remake on PS3 with all extra DLC. It's a classic, alright. ;)

And yeah, 3/10 is WAY too harsh!



Extremist commented on Review: Star Wars Pinball (Wii U eShop):

Already got all tables for Zen, Zen 2, Marvel & Star Wars Pinball on PS3 - too bad, would trade them in for WiiU-versions if I could. And now I have to continue buying future tables on PS3 also as I want them all accessible in one package.



Extremist commented on Nintendo Blocks 3DS Flashcard With Latest Firm...:

The problem with the 'system updates'-protection is that they (usually) don't add anything new to the firmware required for the games to play. So if you remove the firmware version check from a ROM-file, it'll work just as well on an older firmware.



Extremist commented on Nintendo Aware Of StreetPass Plaza Crash Repor...:

Updated 2x 3DS (one red, one aqua) for my boys and bought all games combo for both and everything went ok. Updated my red 3DS XL, update went ok, but Mii Plaza crashes everytime I try to buy the new games. It crashes even though I'm not connected to internet, so it's a software error, NOT server issue!

Oh, and it's not dangerous in any ways to update, you won't lose anything etc etc. Only problem that occurs is Mii Plaza crashes when you try to enter one on the games in the Mii Plaza Shop.



Extremist commented on Review: Spelunker (Wii U eShop / NES):

I used to love Spelunker on the C64 in the '80s, as did most of my friends. Guess console gamers just couldn't handle the difficulty, as usual! ;)
Got Spelunker HD on PS3 with all the extra DLC. Spelunker is a classic and a 10, at least the C64 one! Dunno about the NES version as I've barely tested it.



Extremist commented on Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2 (3DS eShop):

Side note: I don't understand how they gave this a 7 and the original a 9. If it's more of the same, wouldn't one give it an equal or just a bit off score?

Two different reviewers.

So you're saying this probably would be a 9 with a more old-school (better) oriented reviewer? ;)



Extremist commented on Mutant Mudds Deluxe in Final Preparations for ...:

It's not an 8-bit game since the WiiU is not an 8-bit console - it's a game with a retro look. The graphics might be 8-bit, haven't counted to check if there's more than 256 colors in a level. But I get your point, just nitpicking... ;-)
Wouldn't mind a Mighty Switch Force HD-look though, but that's not gonna happen. I guess they've just tinkered a bit with it to not look too blocky or something on a much larger screen.



Extremist commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

Do you really have to publish these speculating Nintendo-is-doomed articles EVERY SINGLE DAY? We'll know when we get there if The WiiU it's a success or not. I bought the system mostly for it's Nintendo titles. If the WiiU fails in a year or two, I'll just get a PS4 - simple as that.