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Wed 28th July, 2010

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EvisceratorX commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

The way I see it, this is a precursor to Nintendo unifying the eShops. Whenever they decide to roll out the unified accounts, an eShop won't be far behind, if not released simultaneously. Then all virtual console games and certain indie games will be available for both platforms.



EvisceratorX commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious Sales Targ...:

The 3DS will probably come pretty close to hitting its goals, but I wouldn't hold my breath for the Wii U. Due to exorbitantly poor marketing, Nintendo almost completely wasted that 1 year head start they had on the other 2 consoles. Had they waited until now to release it, they could've at least been starting on even footing with the others. Now, it's going to be an uphill battle to not only reverse the negative publicity, but start rallying positive hype.



EvisceratorX commented on Iwata Braves Press Conference to Explain Ninte...:

I think what they need to do is regroup and go with all the 2nd and 3rd tier IPs. I love Zelda and Mario games as much as the next guy, but they've gotta start giving those franchises a break. I think a big part of the reason that Nintendo is falling on tougher times is because they're too content to retread familiar ground and attempt to capitalize on past successes. Obviously, that hasn't been working, we need lesser known franchises to step into the light. There's a reason why Fire Emblem: Awakening and Kid Icarus: Uprising were so acclaimed: We hadn't played anything like them in quite some time and the quality gameplay was there.



EvisceratorX commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Could Have Ruled The Micro-C...:

I think they canceled this in an effort to boost Wii U sales. Every person I've talked to who isn't in the know think the Wii U is just a peripheral for Wii. Taking Wii off the shelves would definitely help to single out the Wii U.



EvisceratorX commented on Batman: Arkham Origins Will Be Cheaper on Wii U:

I'm glad they're doing this. I wouldn't have touched multiplayer anyways, so it's nice to not have to pay for it. I look at multiplayer in this the same I do for Assassin's Creed. It's just a tacked on extra so they can say it has multiplayer. No thanks.



EvisceratorX commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

I agree with Reggie on the way that they're handling memory. It really does make more sense to just buy more memory if the consumer wants it, instead of paying a high price for a console with all this memory that they'll never use. Their online definitely needs some work tho. The eShops need to be unified and they need an account system.