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Male, 18, United States

I'm a high schooler from the American midwest. When I'm not writing news articles for this site or playing video games, you can find me sparring at the local MMA training facility or working at the movie theater. Currently planning on going west to the fabled golden lands of California for college.

Wed 28th July, 2010

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EvisceratorX commented on Feature: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U - What D...:

Personally, I was not a huge fan of Other M, but I thought it was okay. I don't see why everyone says it killed the series though. One mediocre game, if anything, is a good thing because now they know what NOT to do in the next Metroid



EvisceratorX commented on Weirdness: Brave Hunters Can Soon Ride a Monst...:

If I lived closer to California, I'd go. Maybe I'll be moved into my dorm before it goes back to being Goliath. And to y'all that're too scurred, roller coasters will forever be a mundane experience after you go skydiving; seriously, it changed me. :P



EvisceratorX commented on Eiji Aonuma Reveals More Information About the...:

@Tazcat2011 Like many N64 games, they really haven't aged too well, if you ask me. These remakes gave both Zelda games a much needed facelift; the graphics aren't hideous and their design has been streamlined so as to realize the original vision for these games that was slightly missed the first time around. I'd strongly recommend both on the 3DS, as they're essential games.



EvisceratorX commented on Rumour: Warner Bros. is Working on Building a ...:

@Ryno Yeah, I get the same feeling. When you look at it, it's really the same story. New, popular concept comes out, companies flog it as everybody races to get a piece of the profit, consumers get tired when the market is flooded. There's already three major competitors in this, will there be room for a fourth?



EvisceratorX commented on Rumour: The Happy Mask Salesman Teases a Reapp...:

I could definitely see this being a hint at a Majora's Mask 2. A modern game with the time traveling and mask transformation mechanics could be a real home-run if they did it right. While Majora's Mask was a fantastic game as it was, imagine a game in the same style on HD hardware. A bigger, more detailed world, more complex NPC schedules and personalities, more mask transformations, more dungeons. Basically, just more! I have no doubt that Nintendo could deliver on the hype and create a sequel that stands above the bar set by Majora's Mask. The real question is: will they do it?



EvisceratorX commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

@bro2dragons If that were the case, then it would be "A Cowboys' Tale". Regardless of what way you cut it, there is no apostrophe present in the title at all, which is grammatically incorrect. It's really not worth splitting hairs over, though, we will reserve judgment for this game until it is completed and ready.



EvisceratorX commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off Level Creation in Ma...:

Arguing which metroid title is better is a moot argument. The fact is, the two are so similar and they each innovated so much in their respective playstyles that it's really just splitting hairs. Just because the two are a bit different doesn't mean that one's better than the other.



EvisceratorX commented on Nintendo Executive Discusses the eShop, Indies...:

@BLPs The fact is, they've run out of new ideas decades ago. In any medium, you won't ever see something that is truly new; rather something that is a new synthesis of old ideas. All you need to do is find that perfect mixture of old ideas and what you come up with will be indistinguishable from a "true" new idea.



EvisceratorX commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Right to Take Its Ti...:

I think Nintendo's approach to storage space is the best out of all the console manufacturers right now. They keep initial storage size low so as to keep the cost of the whole console low. People who want more space can go out, buy a hard drive and just plug it in. You don't need to take the console apart to put in a bigger drive and you don't need to pay for a ton of space that you'll never use. Everybody wins.



EvisceratorX commented on First Run Wii U Copies of Rodea the Sky Soldie...:

I'd guess they included the Wii version solely because it was already done and just sitting on the shelf. It can't be that hard to put Wii remote controls in the Wii U version, which has better visuals, so it's tough to see why else they'd just toss in the Wii disc.



EvisceratorX commented on Review: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Wii U ...:

I got this via the ambassador program and could never really get into it. I initially wasn't interested in Awakening because of this game; but after picking it up regardless, it became one of my favorite 3DS games. I might have to go back to this.



EvisceratorX commented on Video: The Hexer Plagues Enemies in Etrian Mys...:

@Caelum Obviously, it seems like this is more Mystery Dungeon than it is Etrian Odyssey. I'm not a fan of Etrian's first person persepctive either, but this'll be one to keep an eye on. I've never been blown away by Mystery Dungeon games, but this just might be a pleasant surprise.



EvisceratorX commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:

I actually think that Nintendo is doing a fantastic job with the eShop. If your wallet's short, you can add just the amount of money that you need, wishlists are quite streamlined, and feedback requires both owning the game and playing it for an hour. Things they need to improve on are running more sales, offering cross platform functionality, and maybe lowering prices of older games



EvisceratorX commented on Series Producer Ichiro Hazama Says Theatrhythm...:

The first game had 70 so maybe they're planning a Dragon Quest Curtain Call already? Honestly, if this doesn't get out of Japan, I don't see why these songs couldn't be added as DLC to Curtain Call. Is it really enough to justify a separate release?