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Re: Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)


Also it saddens me that people don't like XCX just because the main story and characters were not as good. Yeah, it was undercooked. But the gameplay is fine-tuned in almost all the right areas. On foot gameplay is deep and fast paced and pretty much overtakes XC1's combat in terms of complexity and fun. XC1's combat is still great, but XCX is on a whole different planet.

Re: Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)


@maruse As someone who used to be in that position:

Playing the game and watching gameplay are two very, very different things. More so than any other game barring strategy games. Watching gameplay is not going to convince people, actually playing the game will.

At the very least, emulate XC1 on Dolphin as that has the most in line in terms of structure to XC2.

Re: Editorial: Nintendo's Surprising Fanbase is a Major Strength, Which Bodes Well for Switch


Yeah Nintendo always seem to have some sort of magic put into nearly everything they do. Even during the dark days of the Wii U, you could still feel it in the games they made, and the 3DS was still alive and kicking. The fanbase is also among the most vocal and passionate for a company. See: Federation Force's really negative reception in sales/word-of-mouth (I know this is negative, but it showed Nintendo that the fans wanted something else aside from a Metroid spin-off at the time), the current Switch's success, and the sheer amount of Nintendo-focused channels on YouTube/etc.

It's why they remain as my favorite developer - they make my favorite games I can always go back to replay.

Re: ARMS Balance Update Is Coming Next Week


As someone who plays an MMO and seen a lot of good (and bad) balancing, sometimes balancing does require nerfs, else extreme rapid power creep is very detrimental to the health of the meta.

Still though, looks interesting.

Re: Feature: The Biggest Nintendo 3DS Games of 2017 - Summer Edition


Nothing aside from Metroid and maybe Pokemon matter to me. I would buy Ultra Moon, but money is tight since I'm saving up for a Switch and Odyssey while definitely getting Metroid Day One.

@KIREEK I'll have to disagree on Sun/Moon being disappointing and tedious. (Not so much for the "cramped" nature since Alola is admittedly very compact, but that compact nature appeals to different people and I don't have a big problem with it) Granted that first statement is based on what me and my friends see compared to what you and your friends have seen, but honestly the story was probably the best Pokemon has ever gotten in a mainline game, edging out Black/White and its sequel.

I really like we spend enough time with characters like Lillie and Gladion (sort of, he's a bit underdeveloped) to actually care about them, and the plot is as down-to-earth as it can be about a game catching what's pretty much aliens. The overly-tutorial and hand-holdy stuff really only applies to the first island, after that it's only "hand-holdy" in the fact that it's very linear. Though, I don't have a super big problem with it feeling linear because linear gameplay has its positives with a more focused story, like Black/White.

X/Y had a pretty lackluster story that was fortunately made up for some other advancements in the core gameplay, and Sun/Moon continue that trend fine while changing up the formula just enough.

Re: Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify the Next Generation of the Franchise


No, no, and no. Pokemon was already an RPG series that anyone can easily pick up and play easily, even without taking into account of EVs, IVs, natures, and overall stat totals. To simplify the mechanics even more would mean suicide, as Game Freak would lose out millions in consumers just to appease the rose-tinted people who "stopped playing after Gen 1/2".

Yes, some Guide Dang It moments involving things like breeding and evolution should be sorted out by having NPCs talk about those things, but Pokemon, mechanics wise, is heading in a very strong position of being simple to get into, yet have layers of complex strategy involved. Game Freak shouldn't throw that away. Ever.

Re: Nintendo Has Plans to Deliver "New Offers" In Download Stores


Most free-to-play games are really just there to suck money out of the consumer. However, some games, like Team Fortress 2 and RuneScape, are examples of free-to-play working relatively well, both for the company and for the gamer.

It'll be interesting to see Nintendo's take on free-to-play and subscription-based games.