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Re: Capcom Mum Regarding Virtual Console Arcade Plans


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Captain Comando would be great. I'd also like to see Final Fight.
then lots of Street Fighter goodness. The Alpha and SFIII games and Super Turbo would be greatley appreciated. Of course Hyper Street Fighter II got an arcade relese too...

Re: Take Five and Double It!


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Well I don't like review scores so the fact that we now get a mark out of ten rather than five matters little to me.
I have to say I don't like having the review on a separate page though. I know it's just one extra click but it seems pointless.

Re: Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The Slide?


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VC on the slide? Well yes in the sense that we are getting less games, but I like to think that this indicates the service (and our purchases) will be carried over to the Wii's succesor (probably called CUUM) which can only be a good thing.

Anyway the service as it is at the moment has plenty of great games, some of which I haven't downloaded yet so the lack of new great games each week isn't that much of a problem. I do wish they would give us a storage solution though - and let PAL gamers have more 60hz goodness than just imports and PC Engine games.

Re: Nintendo Power Poll - What Games Do You Want To See?


I've had a think and come up the following:

1) Starfox 2 (SNES)
2) The Firemen (SNES)
3) Super Mario RPG (SNES)
4) Final Fight CD (Mega-CD)
5) Virtual Boy Wario Land (Virtual Boy)

Yes Starfox 2 was never released, but they did so much work they might as well make a little off it. And yes two of those are on systems not supported, but that could change. I probably would have picked something other than VB Wario, but the recent April Fool prank has got me thinking loving thoughts.

Re: APRIL FOOL: Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console


I wouldn't be surprised if VB titles are added to a portable version of the VC on whatever the succesor to the DS is. Didn't I hear something about that (portable VC) a while ago? I suppose today isn't really the best day to be asking though lol - OK it's gone 12, but if we're doing April Fool jokes in March I guess all rules are out the window. I don't think I'll believe anything for the rest of the month :L

In other news Sheng Long in SFIV:

Re: Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console


I'll almost be annoyed if this is either a Nintendo April Fool's joke that leaked out early, or just Damo lying to us. If we do end up with some VB VC goodness though, how good this news is will depend on price.

Re: EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64


The onscreen keyboard is a good idea for C64 games but I do wish they'd also support the keyboards plugged into our USB ports. Maybe it'll be added in an update.
Also a little strange seeing the tighten wrist strap screen - do they think we're more likely to get frustrated with C64 games and launch the remote through the window or something lol.

Re: Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtual Console


I'm pretty happy with the VC. There's plenty of great games availible including plenty I missed the first time around. In fact there are great games I haven't downloaded yet because I haven't finished with the ones I've got.
A lot of games have great replay value, but it seems at times that some people just want to collect the games that are released on VC rather than play them.

I suppose my biggest complaint though is people who are only interested in games they've played before. I remember at the start of the VC, there were all these great games coming out but every week there would be someone whinging "rubbish week! I know I already own four copies of it, but I really wish they'd release Ocarina of Time".

Re: Master System Games Coming to The VC!


Always good to see new systems added, but I can't say I've really been thinking "ooo I wish I could play [insert MS or GG game here] again".
Is there any truth about the Master System outselling the NES in Europe, or is it just how people remember it? I can't find any evidence either way.

Re: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers


Later versions would improve the game more, and after Turbo the drop in speed is a bit of a step back but this is still an excellent version of SF2 - and seemingly the last we'll get on the VC.
The new characters were welcome additions (well OK T. Hawk is rubbish), there's improved character art on the versus/post fight screens. Oh and they gave Blanka a beasty death scream again - after for some reason giving him a normal one in snes turbo.

There was a cheat to increase the speed - though not matching turbo's top speeds.

Given that the game was improved with subsequent versions, I was a bit reluctant to give this full marks.
However they're unlikely to get released and you will have plenty of fun with this. If super-speedy gameplay is not your only requirment, this is the version to get.

Re: Super Mario Bros. 3


kalx, I tend to find sprinting towards the box at full speed (starting before the black bit is onscreen) then bopping it will get you a star.

Re: EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid


I think this five weeks on the trot, there's been something I've wanted on the VC store. However this does mean I'm not actually going to download Super Metroid as I have plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied.

Re: EU VC Releases - 21st September - Ninja Week


On the VC store headline about the second week of the Hanabi Festival it does actually say that Ninja Gaiden was previously released in Europe/Australia/New Zealand as Shadow Warriors and that this is the North American release. So they are acknowledging that it isn't an unreleased game. Doesn't explain the extra cost mind.

Re: TurboGrafx-CD games for the VC?


"It's possible, although the biggest stumbling block will be the fact that it was never released outside of Japan."
Bit of strange comment to make given this month's releases.

Re: Europe VC Releases - 17th August - Wave Race 64


What's the PALland version of Wave Race 64 like? I seem to recall when it came out there were some complaints about how it didn't measure up to the NTSC versions. I only played it briefly at the time. I really got to love it when I had an iQue Player (which was NTSC).
Just wondering if there were any issues and if they've been fixed for the Wii release. Or am I insane and there aren't/have never been any problems with it?

Re: Europe VC Releases - 27th July - Devil's Crush


What I find strange is how they haven't fixed it yet. I don't mean add the games to the store (though that would be great), I mean amending the text. I guess this is why I come here and not to Nintendo's site to find out the latest.

Re: Europe VC Releases - 13th July - Paper Mario


Fantastic week. Air Zonk was an instant download - well I say instant I thought it'd disapeared due to them sticking it at the end of the list (Z) rather than at the start. I'll get Paper Mario some other time as I don't really have time for it now.
I happened to click on the "titles you've downloaded" bit and noticed a number of PC Engine games had the update banner above them - off the top of my head Bomberman, Bonk, R-Type...may have been some others. Not sure how long these updates have been out or what they do - I never noticed any problems. Any ideas?

Anyway Air Zonk! Woohoo!!

Re: Games we hope never get released on the Virtual Console


Some SNES ones I can think of...
There was a Simpsons game released towards the end of the SNES's lifespan, I forget what it was called but I remember bad reviews. I would say pretty much any film tie in as most of them were dire. Pitfighter was just plain wrong and George Foreman's Boxing was pretty awful too. A lot of rubbish Street Fighter clones around too.
American Gladiators was another bad 'un. Oh and Dirt Trax FX.

Re: Europe VC Releases - 25th May - Super Mario Bros 2


I really don't see Nintendo releasing Mario Allstars - or for that matter the later Mario Allstars + Mario World. Not unless they upped the price - no way would they sell 4 (5 with +MW) games for £5.60
I don't think people would complain if it worked out cheaper than buying the games individually, provided it wasn't THAT much cheaper. But how expensive could they make it before people said "forget it"?

Re: Europe VC Releases - 27th April - Final Fight


Against SNES Final Fight? Streets of Rage easily. Otherwise I'd go with Final Fight without a doubt.
When I saw Final Fight was coming to the SNES it was exciting and even though it had a character missing, a stage missing and was only one player, it was still appealing. Still I ultimately passed on it back then and will do so again now. I'll save my cash for the sequels.