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Sat 1st Mar 2008

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Essarthy_Atiate commented on Phantasy Star II:

Figured it out.

You have to go back to the Smack Pack menu by holding down A, B, X, Y and Start simultaneously.

First you save your game at the save point, then you press the A, B, X, Y and Start combination to get back to the Smash Pack menu. From there, you choose "Save Game." It saves the game, then on the same menu you choose "Resume Game," (I THINK that's verbatim) and you're all good.

If you didn't save at the save point in the game, however, the option to save on the Smash Pack menu isn't available.

Weird, but I was very relieved.


"I find it hard to believe you didn't die in the first 4 hours. (Not saying you're lying, just that for s first timer, I'm shocked.)"

Yeah, I'm a big "level-upper." I actually just lost a character for the first time after playing for about 16 hours. I guess I'm just really careful.



Essarthy_Atiate commented on Phantasy Star II:

I'm an long-time RPG player, but I never played Phantasy Star II until about two weeks ago. I just got a Dreamcast with the Sega Smash Pack, and I tried it out. It's pretty fun. I think I could really get into it. I actually had been playing for about four hours when I decided that it was time to quit. Guess what?

No saves...

I TRIED to save, and it said my memory and experiences were recorded (saved, whatever), but when I restart the Dreamcast and try to load a game, it says that it's blank. And, of course, my VMU has NO record of it. It won't save with either of my VMUs connected to either of my controllers...

Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?