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Tue 12th May 2009

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Esposch2 commented on Interviews: Matt Bozon, Adam Tierney, and Sean...:

I'll buy LIT when you release it in PAL land! I'm currently pissed off because I wasted 1500 points on an NTSC WoG that now doesn't work anymore due to 4.0 screwing up my homebrew (Gecko OS still works, though, or i might have gone on a murder rampage by now).



Esposch2 commented on Interviews: Kyle Gray talks Henry Hatsworth & ...:

@ Kyle,
just want to let you know I'll be picking it up, despite being in Australia. If I may ask, why is it not being released down here? Is it due to fact that too many people have flash cards? Most people I know have them - including myself, but before you judge me the closest thing I've got to piracy on there is a GBC emulator and Pokemon Crystal or Bratz Ponyz 2, (just to see how easy it is to load on ROMs and the devs deserve it anyway); I mainly use it for homebrew. All the flash cards a real shame actually. Hopefully the DS2 will have SNES-like processor-on-a-chips. That will stop the pirates.

Anyway, anyone looking to buy: ship anywhere in the world for under 1 pound. And the Aussie dollar is hugely mega now, so cheap games for sposchy! (and if you happen to be in Melbourne you may just see me playing it)