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Fri 8th March, 2013

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ErnisDy commented on Video: Let's Play Mario Kart 8 With Lydia:

Was expecting another female youtuber with more boobs on screen than gaming, but I was surprised. Really nice commentary, instead of going "Look at me, Im female gamer" its "Look at me, I make high quality videos with good commentary"



ErnisDy commented on XSEED Will Release Rune Factory 4 as an eShop ...:

@ikki5 @WYLD-WOO @ikki5 XSEED are awesome, Im happy this game is finally in Europe, I want physical copy not to resell it later on. In fact I love digital games, I have nearly 200 games on my steam account and a bunch on psn, the problem is that Nintendo are ancient with its online services.
On my previous 3DS I was ambassador, so 20games, plus I bought a lot of games from eShop. At that time I knew that games are locked to console, not to account, that was annoying but I was fine with that, because I could sell my console with all those digital games and get something for what I paid for. I owned these games. Then they made accounts and locked all digital games to account AND console. So you can't sell your games anymore, and you can't play these games on your new console with old account. That's bullshit, so nope, I'm not buying any digital games from nintedo, I already have one nintendo account with ~30games that no one can play.