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Thu 1st Nov 2012

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EpicMegaman64 commented on Review: Mega Man IV (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

I completely agree with this review: fantastic game. My only real problem with the game is that occasional screen transition HEY LOOK SPIKE you're dead. It was only really a problem in Crystal Man's stage, though, and it was very rare.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Review: Mega Man III (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Hmm...while I do consider this the best black and white adventure up to this point, I don't feel quite this positive. I'd probably give the game a 7. I did enjoy the game, but there's just so much unforgiving platforming. Pixel-perfect jumps, spikes, and bottomless pits are everywhere. Plus, damage from enemy shots rarely amounts to anything, but contact with them usually takes your health down by a third. I do like enough of the game to have a positive opinion on it, but I'm hoping for more with IV and V.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Feature: What Can We Expect From Pokémon Omeg...:

I hope there isn't much water taken out of the game. They just need to add more islands or noticeable landmarks. Hoenn was partially defined by its tropical theme, so cutting much of the water would seem counteractive. I also hope the visuals can adapt to the artistic style of Gen 3, because X and Y most closely resembled Diamond and Pearl, a drastically different looking Generation.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ...:

Oh man...Ruby was the first game I ever played! When I saw the article, the part of my brain reserved for hype exploded! Groudon and Kyogre look amazing, by the way. It would be hilarious to have an option to have a "fully" orchestrated soundtrack consisted of only trumpets! Looks like the Rainbow Road Hype Train flew right into Hoenn!



EpicMegaman64 commented on Review: Mega Man Xtreme (3DS eShop / Game Boy ...:

I've been loving Xtreme. The music and visuals are both top-notch (8-Bit Spark Mandrill, Wheel Gator, or Armored Armadillo, anyone?), and the sheer scope of the game is astounding considering the platform. There are so many unlockables and upgrades! If nothing else, it's your only chance to play some mega Man X on the go unless you own a PSP.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Rising Star Games Confirms Hometown Story Euro...:

Will the NA version be patched at some point? I've been considering buying the game, but if there's a superior version that only EU gets, it could be a little tougher to consider, especially seeing the mixed reception I've seen for the game. Also, when will Nintendo Life review this game?



EpicMegaman64 commented on Keiji Inafune Stills Wants To Make Mega Man Le...:

I don't think Capcom will cave at least until after the release of Mighty No. 9. If that game succeeds, they won't stand a chance against Comcept. They'll know they have to give in at that point, since no Mega Man game is in development as far as we know.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Talking Point: Super Metroid's 20th Anniversar...:

I would like to see Nintendo play two sides of a risk coin. Play it a little safer on the Wii U by letting Retro Studios make Prime 4. They could bring many innovations to the series with the Wii U technology while guaranteeing top quality from a so-far consistent studio. Then, they could risk a little more with the 3DS and dive into a 2.5D Metroid Dread. The 3D could make for some really atmospheric environments if they handle the lighting properly. Admittedly, this is really just me being wishful for two things that may or may not be even in consideration at this point.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Feature: 10 Sega Titles We'd Like To See Rebor...:

@Damo Yeah, I realized that later once I re-read the article. Since it would be up to Capcom, it would be a pretty unpredictable coin flip. On one hand, Capcom is an idiot. On the other, there is a new Strider coming up, so this could be a nice advertising opportunity.



EpicMegaman64 commented on Review: We Ski & Snowboard (Wii):

Although this game does have some small problems, this is actually one of my favorite games ever made. There are so many things to do and secrets to find. It's too bad not many people share my opinions; A Wii U We Ski game would be amazing!



EpicMegaman64 commented on First Impressions: Pokémon X & Y:

Honestly, a few weeks ago, I had no interest in this game. However, I pre-ordered it yesterday thanks to some intriguing additions to the the series. Hopefully this game won't disappoint!