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Tue 19th Oct 2010

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Environ commented on Mario Memories: Mastering Super Mario World Ac...:

@MJKOP From what I recall, the Forest of Illusion has a ghost house that has two exits. One leads to a red dot level that also has an exit that leads back to the ghost house. The paths overlap so it would be tough to know if you got 'em both by just glancing at the map. Good luck!



Environ commented on Review: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (3DS):

I usually check reviews on Nintendo Life because the reviewers seem to have the same criticisms and praises as I do toward games. Having put in 25+ hours into this title, I can confidently say that this one is spot-on (although I haven't experienced any freezing or glitches in my copy).

I haven't seen The Clone Wars yet, so I am entirely confused by those cut scenes!



Environ commented on de Blob Developer Blue Tongue Shuts Up Shop:

De Blob is really a fun game if you haven't tried it yet. One of the earlier Wii games that felt the need to assign an upswing of the remote to jump. You do a LOT of jumping in this game so it can be a bit tiring. Once you get past this minor annoyance, you'll find that the game has lots of charm and a great soundtrack.

I picked up de Blob 2 for the DS to see if it had the same qualities as the original. This game is a platformer ONLY with a more basic approach to the gameplay. My 4-year-old absolutely loves it because the controls are great and he doesn't need to be able to read to understand how to complete most of the objectives. He loves the color orange and always tries to traverse the levels as far as possible with an "orange Blob"

Thanks for the great games - you will be missed by these gamers.



Environ commented on You Can Buy Your Zelda Symphony Tickets Today:

I was able to score two of the VIP tickets to the Zelda Concert. The tickets are a little pricy (thanks for the 15% off Club Nintendo!), but I figured this was going to be a unique experience.

There really is nothing like attending a live performance. Movies are usually easily forgotten but you will remember live theatre and concerts for years to come. It's a different experience that comes from the energy of the performers and the audience that's all around you.

My wife and I have enjoyed the Legend of Zelda series for many years (she plays mostly handheld Zeldas and I play the console ones). When we were dating, I had the Oracle of Ages and she had Oracle of Seasons. We exchanged copies and continued our quest with our characters and have been fans of the series ever since. So without question, I am taking the love of my life to the Zelda Symphony concert.

BTW, I'll let you know how many 90 year old Zelda fans attend the concert!



Environ commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

I really enjoyed Wii Play because it was a fun game to introduce video games to non-gamers. Everyone I showed it to had lots of fun with the game and I've been looking forward to Wii Play Motion. My problem is that I just don't have a need for another controller so it's hard to justify the $50 price.
I just found an email from Nintendo I received in June that will allow Club Nintendo members (who previously registered Wii Play or FlingSmash) the ability to purchase a disc-only version of Wii Play Motion for $29.99 directly from the Nintendo Online Store. I guess this is what they feel the actual value of the game is minus the wii remote.



Environ commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

I have to say that one of my favorite games of all time would have to be the original Super Mario Kart. I think it was the countless hours I spent with my brother playing the battle mode that made it most enjoyable. In that game, it was the red shells you had to worry about. At least they could be avoided by hopping (if you had skills) which is something all players can do at any time. Does anyone remember the feather? For anyone not privileged enough to experience this long-lost item, it allowed you to make one giant leap into the air. You could easily avoid most other items by jumping over them. It was an awesome item in your arsenal to utilize in battle mode. I’m guessing it was taken out of future installments due to the fact that it could also be used to cheat to obtain impossible lap times. But the battle mode shouldn’t have had to suffer the loss of the feather! Oh, and what’s with the only option of a team battle in Mario Kart Wii? Mario Kart DS has a far more superior battle mode.

The way you obtained items was completely different in the original game too. After running over a question mark, it wouldn’t return until all of them had been used. It always felt that both players had a chance of receiving any type of item from the question mark block. Sometimes, getting a new item meant taking a slightly different path. Items were more difficult to find when racing that final lap (unless you were the computer who had an endless supply). This strategic element seems to be missing from newer Mario Kart titles. I believe Mario Kart Double Dash had the option of changing the item frequency.

The inclusion of the Spiny Shell (in Mario Kart Wii) is a way to keep the game play a bit more balanced. It does keep the pack tighter but ultimately doesn’t usually help the players that get it (it would seem the Bullet Bill helps more). I’m not used to playing with the spiny shell, so it does feel a bit cheap to get hit (and passed) right at the finish line. It’s part of the strategy of the game and what sets Mario Kart apart from other racing titles. Let’s not forget that that spiny shell of “blue death from above” can take out the second and third place players too if they’re following close enough. I think if there were a way to limit its frequency or dodge it more effectively (not just with a mushroom), the players in first place wouldn’t hate it so much.

@vherub: I never noticed that Boo was missing from MKDD & MKW! You bring up a very good point about it’s ability to steal an opponents item to protect yourself.