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element187 commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

@Caryslan rehash? did the previous games have vehicles that transformed into land mechs?!?! Wow I guess I didn't play far enough in the last two console games in the series.

The game is going to be great because of Hideki Kamiya... Nobody creates epic boss battles like he does. Graphics are nothing are silly thing to get pissy about. We are several months out and the gameplay, level and content design can be developed in completely offices let alone by different studios across large geographical regions... Graphics are nothing but pixel maps and 3d models that can be dropped in.
But as I mentioned before, Platinum Games has never made a boring game, and Nintendo fans were begging Nintendo to let PG and Kamiya have a shot at Star Fox all through last year. Nintendo listened and the "fans" are just b****ing like spoiled children that they apparently are. They don't know what they want. They b***ch at Nintendo when they don't listen and they b***ch at Nintendo when they do listen. If I was Nintendo I would ignore the fans. If ninty listened to their " fans" at every turn they would be as defunct as Sega by now.

The hard part of development is over aka the core game. They just have content and visuals to work on until it releases.



element187 commented on Devil's Third:

Wii U still has a solid lineup this year without Zelda.. although Zelda would have sealed the deal of the best console of 2015 by a country mile... now its just beating the other two consoles as far as cool factor is concerned.



element187 commented on You'd Better Get a Bigger Micro-SDHC Card for ...:

I have a 1.5tb drive connected my white Wii U, I aint skeered.

Still deciding on which "New" 3DS I want.. toss up between Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter and Majora's Mask..... no matter what though, I'm pretty sure I'll be fine if I stick a 64gb microsd card in it (already have a 32gb micro sd card on hand, but why not go bigger)



element187 commented on Review: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U):

Looks like I will pass on this game.... Never been a Kirby fan anyways, this review just seals it.... may pick it up if Nintendo does some sort of promotion for a free game in the future..

Now lets talk about Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fire Emblem vs. Shin Megami Tensei.



element187 commented on Nintendo's Wii U TVii Service is Formally Canc...:

@Baker1000 They probably couldn't make a deal with enough TV providers in Europe... They were able to work out deals with all the major channels in the US..... shrug, I use it for searching Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime all at the same time (And I think there is one more TV service that's offered I'm not thinking about about right now)



element187 commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

@MysticX So basically you want Nintendo abandon differentiating themselves from the "other guys".

If you want the other consoles so bad, then buy one? Nintendo will never follow the other two into competing on power. You forget you are not Nintendos largest demographic, families/children are. So they will never make a system that prices that demographic out of contention. Wii U's biggest launch hurdle was the $350 pricetag. As the price of the console has dropped, more systems have been sold because of perceived value changes with every new exclusive and every dollar the system falls. This idea that if Nintendo makes a $500+ system it will fly off the shelves is naivety at its best.

Ports are not skipping over the Wii U because of power, it just makes a convenient scapegoat. Nintendo can shoot for 2x the power of the flawed PS4/xBone design (Tablet CPU's are f'n joke in a "high-end" lolz, gaming console) and it still wont get the same 3rd party content. The only way Nintendo consoles will get content is if the install base is large enough. Guess what, higher prices don't sell more consoles, especially when the majority of the demographic that will pay $500+ for a gaming system thinks Nintendo games are for babies or its a fisher price console.



element187 commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

Sad not many people are mentioning Bayonetta 2... just an absolute blast to play. Smash is just Smash in HD, can't really say much has been improved over melee other than graphics and characters/stages... or at least I could tell anyways. Still is a blast to play, and after a hundred hours i'm still not bored.

MK8 is by far the most remarkable sequel, it really added new gameplay ideas that work extremely well. And now Link in a go-kart, jumping on an Excite Bike track... its like nostalgia-crack to us older gamers (30's)



element187 commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

@hydeks its pretty inferior and ugly on xbone/ps4.... On PC its a full 60fps when you add mods it looks close to the reveal video from 2012 that had everyone creaming in their pants.

3rd party games are TERRIBLE with frame rate on any console. Choosing another half assed 30 fps mess on a different system doesn't excuse Ubisoft's laziness.... Platinum Games is the only 3rd party developer really puts a priority on frame rate.



element187 commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

I'm glad I waited on this review.... Its in my Gamefly queue, this isn't a purchase. If they fix the frame rate issues in a patch I'll buy a copy.

Being a Nintendo and PC gamer has really turned me into a frame rate snob. Its sad the other consoles and developers are still stuck with this urge to make 30fps and below games.... once in a blue moon they will release a 60fps game. Of course it looks like poop, but there you go.

Nintendo doesn't seem to have any trouble making a gorgeous game run at 60fps that is supposedly "inferior hardware" as the trolls say.... Either the hardware isnt' has inferior as proposed by internet trolls, or Nintendo developers have some magic sauce and 3rd party developers are too lazy to mimic it.



element187 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (North America):

@GloryQuestor Awesome glad to hear it. I'm picking it up soon for sure. SMT IV was such a blast that I need more of this series in my veins... yesterday. Persona Q has piqued my interest for quite a while now, still not crazy about the art style, though.

I did pick up SMT I on iPad, quite fun, but controls are a bit wonky.



element187 commented on Amazon UK Offers Bargain Prices to Shift Its W...:

@Nintendolife, thank you for realizing the quote I copied below. I bought the 8gb system on launch day because it doesn't matter which you buy, you are going to need an external harddrive..... so I spent that extra 50$ on a 1.5tb drive. So my Wii U is the 1,500gb model I purchased for the same price as the Wii U 32gb model........ Now if only the internet trolls would stop ripping on the 8gb Wii U, its completely uncalled for. Besides I prefer to download everything so I don't have to hear the annoying disc drive all the time.


"With just 3GB of that white system's memory surviving a launch day update it seemed downright pointless to buy a system with such a small amount of space, as it made a hard drive mandatory. Of course, hindsight teaches us that anyone interested in the eShop or retail downloads won't get far with the 32GB system, either, so it's become a moot point."



element187 commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

So basically the PS4 version is identical, just 1080p with zero ambient lighting.... if I bought a PS4 for Watch Dogs i would be downright ANGRY they downgraded it so far. The PC version on the other hand looks drop dead gorgeous once you mod you ini file to bring back all the bells and whistles you are missing on the console versions.

If I didn't have a PC I think I rather play the Wii U/360 versions than PS4 version... The lighting looks far superior on last gen.



element187 commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

I still don't see the PS4 as a buy. No where near enough interesting exclusives. Most are very "meh", just like the PS3 ended up like... Thanks Sony for saving me a lot of money by making another dudebro box that I cannot for the life of me find anything I want to play on it.

PC/Wii U/3DS is the most broad way to enjoy just about everything.



element187 commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

I agree with Reggie.. if I really wanted to play a terrible game like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed or Madden/Fifa, I could just install it on my PC.....

I buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo's amazing exclusives that no other company has been able to best.



element187 commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

::: Looks at sales of SMB::::
::: Looks at sales of Wonder Boy:::

Yeah, I think he's alone on the tree branch... If SMB had terrible controls, Mario would have never became as popular as he did. Now he's pretty much the mascot of video games in general. SMB was the first platformer that I can recall that mimicked gravity a bit. When Mario jumps, his rate of ascend slows down as he reaches the top of his jump, and then starts to speed up on the way back down..... It was so simple, but brilliant. After playing platformers with stiff jumping, playing SMB felt so natural. Which thats what increased SMB's ability to immerse you into the world no other game of its time.



element187 commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

" Ninty should just stick to doing what they do well, this imho is utter nonsense! "

@Kit The video game market runs in cycles, Nintendo has decided they need other revenue streams to offset losses in down cycles, which from a business perspective is the intelligent thing to do.... Not once did they ever say they were going to reduce their video game business. They have always contended they are a toy company first and foremost.

If you love Nintendo games you should be supporting this initiative as it will provide them with more revenue to be experimental in their video games segment.



element187 commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

"Proper account system"
@electrolite77 If you insist on repeating nonsense from NeoGAF, at least figure out the definition of the words you use. You have a login to the Nintendo Network. Every title you purchase on the eshop is linked to that account. If your harddrive or Wii U blows up, you can redownload that title, no questions asked.... The Sony circle-jerk, aka NeoGAF passed around this nonsense rumor to discourage people from buying a nintendo system, and apparently it worked really well as people on a Nintendo site, of all places are still repeating the already proved a million times-wrong rumor.

Whats even more important to have is backwards compatibility,. All of those purchases you bought on x360 and PS3 are forever locked those systems. Buy a PS4 or xBone and you can't play those purchases on your new system.... At least with the Wii U successor I will be able to play everything I bought on Wii U.



element187 commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Dated for 30th October i...:

@mariovslink62 Intelligent Systems was asked about this project at E3 2014 and they stated it's still on schedule..... I don't think Atlus would ever put FExSMT on the back burner, way too much Nintendo money being tossed their way from Kyoto, regardless of it sales potential (unfortunately Atlus games don't sell very well usually)

It should look jaw dropping on Wii U, it's by far my most anticipated game on the console, tied with Zelda Wii U.



element187 commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

I have the White model with a 1.5tb drive attached..... Even if I had the 32gb version I would have attached an external HD by now. 32gb isn't going to give you much space as it is.

Besides if someone wants to play this game on an 8gb model they can plop on a cheapo 32gb thumb drive and be done with it by now.



element187 commented on The Photo Studio in Super Smash Bros. for Wii ...:

RupeeClock:"This isn't new, the exact same feature was in Brawl and it is returning."

@RupeeClock yeah but you couldn't share in brawl like you could in Miiverse I know gamers don't like this, but gaming is far better when applied in social settings.... a game that you play by yourself isn't very social, but when you add a social element, the game gets far more engaging and interesting... case in point. I beat Assassins Creed IV on PC with vastly better graphics than the PS4 version, but when I replayed AC IV on Wii U, the entire dynamic of the game changed dramatically and I was drawn far more into the replay then the original play through, all because of the Miiverse element.



element187 commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

@617Sqn No, sorry Nintendo wouldn't make more money porting to other systems. They would destroy their hardware business dead flat.... Nintendo as a console maker makes FAR more money than any other software publisher in the world.... EA? Ubisoft? Activision? Nintendo rakes in far more money. All of these publishers release lots of games per year. Whats the only difference between them for why Nintendo makes so much more money? Thats right, they are a platform holder. Thats where the money is in software publishing for them.

If you don't want Nintendo to be a console maker, then just say so. But putting their software on another system would destroy their console/handheld business and is the worst possible idea ever floated for Nintendo financially, and that goes to smartphone and tablets as well.

Although I would support Nintendo releasing demos of their games on other systems that are extremely limited and only allow 3 plays before disabling. Get those people hooked and then tell them to get the rest of the game on Wii U/3DS.



element187 commented on Atlus Finalises Persona Q Premium and Limited ...:

I'm not a big fan of premium editions... just give me a copy of the game and the soundtrack (if its good like SMT IV) and i"ll be pretty happy. Although I do have the premium collectors edition of SMT IV, but thats all that was available to me at the time..



element187 commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

@Klinny Devs can give away free game keys.... they do all the time. How do you think reviews for indie games on Wii U pop up?? You don't think these reviewers are buying these game for our own benefit, do you? Have you seen indie-corner with Jason Levine? He gives away game keys for indie games that are given to him by the indie devs as a form of a contest.

And no, PORTING to the Wii U isn't anymore costly then porting to xbox 360, in fact if the game is made in Unity, like 90%+ of all indie games the porting process is even more painless and cost effective... why buy into the nonsense some of these devs peddle? Plenty of Wii U Indie devs have shot down these myths pushed by other devs about the costs of PORTING to Wii U, nevermind developing from the ground up on the system.



element187 commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I despise any project that tosses up a Wii U stretch goal that is 2 to 4 times that of the base goal.... The notion that creating a Wii U port of something is going to cost more than development of the base game is absolutely and positively absurd and despicable, especially a UNITY title for gods sake.... just wish more Wii U owners understood the shell game these devs are playing by playing off the Wii U's supposed "lack of games" meme.



element187 commented on Bayonetta 2 in North America Comes With a Rath...:

@FritzFrapp Europe voted for politicians who enacted things like VAT taxes and extremely restrictive agency rating system... even releasing a "free" game in Europe has to pay some hefty fines to get it rated before its allowed to be distributed.

Its not Nintendo's fault your governments in Europe are "progressive".... ie: socialist/fascist.



element187 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

@midnafanboy Has Smash ever been all that popular in Japan? I played the 3DS demo and wasn't impressed. I can tell instantly as soon as the Wii U version comes out I wouldn't touch the 3DS version again, so it seems like a waste of money.

Also Monster Hunter is a far bigger franchise in Japan.



element187 commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@c1pher_c0mplet Its not up to Platinum Games where the game goes. They stroke a deal with Nintendo paying for the development (literally 10's of millions of dollars worth of development, as designing AAA games is really expensive), plus you have Nintendo paying for the port of part 1, and then on top of that, Nintendo paying for the production, distribution of the game.

Nintendo is laying down some serious cash to get this game on the Wii U. There is exactly .00000000001% chance Nintendo will let this game off of their system, ever. Just not happening. Platinum Games can't port it anywhere unless Nintendo gives permission, and Nintendo wants more exclusives to sell more Wii U. Letting this one go would be detrimental to that end and a collossal waste of money.

Do you really think Nintendo would spend $50+ million dollars for a title just to let it go to their competitors? Common sense says never in a million years.... the only situation I see it movign to another system is if Microsoft or Sony outright buys Nintendo, which probably couldn't happen as Sony is STILL having severe money problems and Microsoft is still waffling on jettisoning the xBox division.

@Punished_Boss You don't understand how IP ownership works.... Sega holds the rights to Bayonetta as a franchise, but NIntendo holds the rights to Bayonetta 2 as a game. Sega can't put the game anywhere but on a Nintendo system. Nintendo would have never in a million years agreed to outright paying for the development (upwards of $50 mil) of this game..... Just not happening.



element187 commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

This is completely BS .... Every Megaman game has sold WAYYYYY more than 2 million. GIVE US A NEW MEGAMAN GAME ALREADY... I don't care if you keep it inline with the 2d sidescroller or reboot it for today's standard of a third person/first person perspective with full camera control......drool



element187 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Sma...:

Nintendo wouldn't have removed it from the Japanese version if that were the case.... The age rating would have only changed in EU/NA.

Btw, this is the reason why Nintendo does region locking, so each region will have a build of the game that keeps the age rating inline with their target demographic in all 3 regions.



element187 commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Kasplat:"even the "next gen" consoles cant handle 1080p 60fps Unity"

@Kasplat I'm not the least bit surprised. Those AMD tablet CPU's are just terrible for gaming. I'm flabbergasted that both companies went with the Jaguars.

The PS3's CPU is 3 to 4 times faster and able to handle FLOPs with ease... the jaguar is an absolute joke for gaming... A run of the mill dual-core CPU from 8 years ago would run circles around these 8 core jaguars.



element187 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Questionable Expo ...:

Uhh.... orrrrr, there really is plans for another Monster Hunter on Wii U, and the only real mistake was letting that info slip early.. usually when a company wants to push something like this out there they want to do it in a formal press release, or in a Nintendo direct.

Personally I want Monster Hunter Frontier for Wii U. It just seems like it will be well suited for console play..... As much as I love monster hunter, I will be skipping the 3DS version as its way too hand cramping... Besides I do have Frontier on my iPad and am able to control it fully using the Wii U Pro-controller (Jailbreak FTW)