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element187 commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

@SethNintendo Agreed, and this applies to PS4 and xBone owners. If you think your game will look like the PC version in any way shape or form, be prepared for downgradeton... luckily it will look better then a PS3 game, but only marginally so. A 1080p, 30fps PS3 game.



element187 commented on Preview: Exploring Black Magic in Bayonetta 2:

@Ralek85 killzone isn't a hardcore franchise, it is a casual franchise. It has auto assist aiming as well. New Super Luigi brothers has a higher difficulty curve. Therefore it's more "hardcore". Art style and content is not a measure of how hardcore a game is. You could say Killzone is more "mature" than Mario (I hate that term as well), but a Mario game is way more hardcore than a Killzone game.

The shooters without auto assist aim didn't sell at all on the subhd twins . Why? Because they are too hard for the masses. Hard games do not sell. The masses want easy games because easy games makes people feel like they are good at a game without much effort. Making a game difficult makes the general audience feel inferior and therefore they tend not to buy the game, because nobody wants to feel like they are no good at a game... When a developer talks about accessibility, it's a red flag that they are dumbing down a title so it sells more copies.

This is why Platinum games under perform every time. They refuse to dumb down their games. Even their "normal" difficulty option is more difficult then most games set to "hard" or "very hard"



element187 commented on Preview: Exploring Black Magic in Bayonetta 2:

It would be great if Wii U owners would go out and buy this gem even if it is just to support Nintendo's attempt to grab exclusive third party content. If the game sells well enough, Nintendo could be interested in getting another Platinum Games on Wii U. If the game bombs, it is probably the last Platinum Games exclusive on Wii U, sadly

@sinalefa I wish more people were dying to get this. P* deserves a hit.



element187 commented on Preview: Exploring Black Magic in Bayonetta 2:

@Ralek85 I don't think ps360 owners are hardcore... In fact they tend to be more casual gamers... Every shooter so far on the subhd twins has auto aim assistance enabled. Then we have games where you continue exactly where you died with no real punishment for death. Endless press A to awesome QTE events, which practically turning gaming into a spectator sport instead of a game. Hand holding is the norm.

I consider games with brutally high difficulty like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Monster Hunter, Zombi U and Wonderful 101 to be more hardcore than COD, GoW, Uncharted could ever be.

Who knew at the beginning of the generation that Nintendo would end up having the most hardcore games?



element187 commented on System Update 8.1.0-19 Now Available on 3DS:

"By enhancing the user experience, Nintendo may mean "blocking the latest attempt to mod and hack the system".

That's pretty much what they mean. Enhancing the overall user experience. Meaning the user experience is enhanced when your not pirating games.

Stay stable, my friends.



element187 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Delay in Europe...:

"As the fiendish isometric puzzler "


Its not isometric, its a full 3D camera control. Isometric would imply you are at a locked distance/angle

Isometric platformers
"Arguably a subgenre of both 3D and 2D platformers, isometric platformers present a three-dimensional environment using two-dimensional graphics in isometric projection. Although not the first isometric games, the earliest examples of isometric platform games are the arcade game Congo Bongo and Ant Attack for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, both released in 1983."

I'm having trouble fitting Isometric into this Platformer Puzzle game.



element187 commented on You Won't Need To Track Too Much Treasure To B...:

It's easily more than worth $40... People just want something to complain about. $8 eshop game? Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen an eshop game with this much production value? If you look closely they even improved the visual fidelity over SM3DW. This isn't just a quick cash grab.



element187 commented on Curve Studios Is Bringing Spooky Puzzle Title ...:

"According to Kotaku, the Wii U version is a closer match to the PC original than the PS3 edition."

I love when developers aren't lazy by just porting the subhd twins version. The Wii U has quite a bit more horsepower and supports modern GPU effects (OpenGL 4.3 and shader model 4), something the ps3/360 can't do.



element187 commented on Wii U Download Developers Preparing to Host a ...:

@midnafanboy 3rd party's are any studio not owned by a platform holder, making content that is not IP owned by a platform holder... Indies would qualify under that definition.

There is also second party titles which would be 3rd party studios making content owned by a first party..... Hyrule warriors, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Smash would qualify



element187 commented on Areal Campaign Suspended By Kickstarter:

They claimed they built their own proprietary engine..... They showed off Unity... Not only did they shown off Unity, they used all the default assets that came with Unity..... That latest "gameplay" video used 100% assets and animations from Unity.

The kickstarter cash was to be paid out to a Leonid V. In Las Vegas, who is related to Max V, also in Las Vegas, Who was the pay out person for another failed kickstarter called Space Pioneer. Coincidently I'm sure, Space Pioneer used the same lofty promises and goals for very little money without anything to show. Space Pioneer switched to accepting paypal donations as well when the kickstarter failed.

I think it's an entire scam ring to put up as many projects as they can so they can collect money from gullible gamers who really want to believe in them with all their heart.



element187 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Voted for Zelda II... I feel bad for all of you that aren't skilled enough for this game. They introduced some of the coolest elements for this Zelda.... Experience points and leveling up gave the game an RPG feel.

Grants the combat is slow in the beginning but once you get downward thrust the game opens up and the gameplay really shines then.



element187 commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

anything you really enjoy can be addictive for the same reason some drugs are. Dopamine flushes can do that, it's the reward chemical of the brain..... Heroin binds to the opioid receptors which causes the brain to flood itself with dopamine (one of the feel good neurotransmitters). Tasks that we really enjoy flood the brain with dopamine as well. There is lots of tasks that can do this as well, exercise, eating, gambling, video games, sex, car/motorcycle racing.

What makes heroin physically addictive is your brain is constantly flush with dopamine for most of the day, everyday for weeks on end which causes the withdrawal effects if it's suddenly removed...... The question is could all of these seemingly benign tasks cause withdrawal symptoms as well if done for weeks on end, all day long and then abruptly stopped? I can't say I have ever seen any studies on that.



element187 commented on Fi Confirmed For Hyrule Warriors Along With Sk...:

@Peach64 like you, I'm not terribly impressed with Dynasty games either... Some of that is setting/characters. I'm thinking adding one of my favorite franchises to this genre might make it compelling enough to purchase. I would be more impressed if they went the Platinum Games route where each encounter with an enemy requires something a bit more involved than spamming an attack button.

But what really has my attention is Lana. I can say with certainty I have never played a magic caster in a pure action game before. I normally choose the mage/wizard route in RPG's so I'm interested in playing as a pure magic caster in an action game. So that alone has this on my radar.



element187 commented on Tomonubu Itagaki Thinks Gamers Will Buy A Wii ...:

@Emblem the "cuddly" games allows Nintendo experiment and release a wide range of games.... Nintendo releases niche games out of a labor of love not because they think it's going to sell gangbusters.

Nintendo was only expecting a fraction of sales from FE Awakening then what it actually accomplished. They were expecting just about breaking even. If it was solely about profits they wouldn't have even bothered with it.

The way I see it Nintendo loves to release niche games and others games outside of their comfort zone just to provide a wide variety of experiences instead of letting the platform get pigeon holed as a single genre system.... For instance PS4/xBone are going to be pigeon holed as a shooter/dudebro box. 50%+ of the games showed at e3 from these two systems were 1st person shooters, that numbers goes up when you add 3rd person shooters to that list.



element187 commented on Weirdness: The Peculiar Questions of a Typical...:

@sinalefa sounds like every article on the Internet regarding Nintendo..... Every gamer thinks they are a qualified arm chair CEO... "if Nintendo would just follow my brilliant ideas they wouldn't be struggling, no sirree bob.... Qualifications? I don't need any, Iwata just needs to listen to me anyways"



element187 commented on Exclusive: Getting Into Sync With Dead Pixel E...:

@TheLilK98 or maybe you are just terrible at adapting to different control schemes, and that is fine, most gamers aren't skilled enough to adapt. It's why Wonderful 101 got some really lousy reviews complaining about the controls...... A skilled gamer can adapt to the situation instead of throwing their hands up and giving up because it isn't a traditional twin stick game.

Using the Wiimote in a first person game requires a faster reaction time and some practice. It's quick and precise. Something that twin sticks lack...... Do you see any PC gamer giving up the mouse/kb in a first person game for the twin sticks? Probably not often, you can find those twin stick PC gamers at the bottom of the leaderboards at the end of every match.

Like I said some gamers cannot adapt to new control schemes. Since they have played twin stick controls for so long that any new idea that comes along and challenges that they flip out because they cannot adapt. But don't let lack of skill force you to say the Wiimote sucks for fps when it's almost as good as a mouse/kb, but certainly better than twin sticks by a mile in a first person game.

Don't believe me? Why does every shooter on consoles have auto assist aiming turned on by default? Because twin stick controls are imprecise, console gamers would never land a shot, which wouldn't be any fun which means no console gamer would ever purchase a shooter that didn't have this option enabled whether they understood the point of this option enabled or not. Yes that's right all of your console shooters use the CPU aim for you, all you have to do is get the recitical near your target and the computer does the rest.....

Call of Duty still to this date will not open up online play between PC gamers and consoles because console gamers would be utterly destroyed as virtually all PC servers running this game force all clients to disable this option when they connect because it is cheating, making players feel like they are good at something they are actually pretty terrible at.



element187 commented on Review: Fit Music for Wii U (Wii U):

What's sad is the developers created Miiverse user accounts pretending be enthusiastic fans who just purchased this amazing game on Wii U.

That type of astro turfing deserves the bashing they are receiving by non-owners



element187 commented on Review: Luv Me Buddies Wonderland (Wii U):

O2 were creating user accounts on Miiverse to try and talk up their game and pretend like enthusiastic fans who just purchased these amazing games.

I'm sorry but astro turfing in that manner deserves all the scorn they are getting from kids bashing their game.



element187 commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

@rjejr TL/DR means "too long, didn't read".... When you add it to a really long rant, you give the cliff notes version immediately after for your lazy readers...... Or you can use it as a rude reply to someone who typed out a novel.

Took me awhile to figure tldr out.. It is pretty obtuse without an explanation



element187 commented on Hands On: Bewitching Bayonetta 2 Brings Action...:

To play a Platinum Games game, you need to learn the combat system,.... wonderful 101 at first plays very frustrating, but as you get the hang of it the game really opens up..

I rented Bayo on the 360 and it's the same deal. You have to put time into learning the combat system. I think once I get to the point where I' m juggling enemies in the air with combo after combo, there is just no better feeling than that in video games........

I say that as someone who doesn't usually like action games and prefers RPG's and Platformers. Don't let this game pass you buy if you are unsure. Pick it up and read some online guides and watch some guide videos on YouTube and try to mimic what you see, you will be a certifiably badass in no time.



element187 commented on Two Separate Bayonetta 2 Retail Releases Confi...:

I hope Nintendo releases Bayo1 on the eshop a few weeks before bayo2 comes out.... I'd like to play the first one again before diving into part 2.... And if they come out at the same time I might not be able to resist playing part 2 first.

So sell the first one on the eshop for $30 and it automatically gives you part two for $30 off... Effectively making two games for the price of one... Get on it Nintendo!!



element187 commented on Bayonetta Wii U Director Shows More of What Th...:

@rjejr I think the reason we aren't hearing much about the story in Bayo2 is because the flack Platinum took over revealing too much of W101's story in the Nintendo direct..... While I absolutely loved W101 from a gameplay perspective, the first few levels I almost had the dialogue memorized and could recite it on my first play through.



element187 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

@Yorumi you are seriously comparing just any platformer with DK or Mario?

This is what I find funny about Sony fanboys. They think because Sony decides to make a platformer as an after thought and gives it a shoe string budget it's the samething as Mario. You can easily tell Sony doesn't give a rip about alternative genres, they toss a few dollars to have them made only to check a box so they can say "we have that too" but the quality shows in spades, or lack thereof.

Case in point, look at two of Sony's kart racers. Both look like a horrid hot mess and run at slideshow 25-28fps. Yet Sony's dudebro genres of first and third person shooters they dump hundreds of millions of dollars in producing. It really shows you where their priorities lie and it's not in any genres I find interesting.

Sony doesn't want my money is what it is. They want the dudebro market as shown by the budget they give games like Shadowfall and Uncharted. LBP, Ratchet get table scraps. None of Sony's alternative genre games even come close to the amount of production quality seen in Nintendo's top first party franchises. Priorities.

Indies is at an even bigger disadvantage, which is to be expected, they don't have the cash of Nintendo or Sony. I love indie games and I have hundreds of dollars of indie games on my PC, but no offense to indie devs, they don't hold a candle to the sheer inventiveness of SM3DW where every other level a new gameplay mechanic is introduced. That costs money and creativity to fill an entire game with hundreds of new ideas, and so far Nintendo is the only company doing that with platformers.



element187 commented on Armillo Release Date and Launch Discount Detai...:

I've been looking forward to this game for over a year now. It looks like Super Mario Pinball Galaxy.

This was my most anticipated indie game... soon as this releases I'll be looking towards Festival of Magic, Hat in Time, Girl and the Robot and Forgotten Memories. There is some seriously great content coming from indies.



element187 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Innovative E3 Approa...:

@sinalefa The live press conferences of Sony and Microsoft is strictly for the press and gaming media.

The media sees themselves as the purveyors of information in the gaming world. In their world everything must be delivered to them and they will tell the fans.

Nintendo bucks that trend and goes directly to their fans. And the media hates it... hence all of the nasty articles towards Nintendo we have seeing the past 24+ months. I think Nintendo has the right approach, regardless to how intense the spoiled temper tantrum of the games media is.



element187 commented on E3 2014: Intelligent Systems Will Reveal New A...:

@NImH It was in pretty bad form to ask about FE, AW and SMT/FE at this press conference. It was supposed to be all about their new IP.

And the media being what they are had the nerve to go there.... If I was the devs I'd probably throw the towel in.... They get BEGGED to make a new IP. They do, and while the reveal it, instantly the fanboys in the press starts asking questions about remakes and sequels. Unbelievable.



element187 commented on E3 2014: No DLC In The Works For Content-Rich ...:

I'm hyped about getting a free copy of Bayonetta 1. I was one of those people port begging... but I was begging with the intention of paying $40-$60 to have that pleasure. Now I can get it free with my copy of Bayo2? Thank you Nintendo and Platinum for my early xmas present :)



element187 commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

@Tony_342 I want to smoke what Intelligent Systems smoked to come up with this game idea.

With how good Fire Emblem Awakening turned out, I think IS has deserved the benefit of the doubt on this..... Also early development never looks pretty. I rather wait until a game is almost ready for release before criticizing it. But then again strategy/rpg games are not about graphics.



element187 commented on E3 2014: Hands On With Nintendo's New Online S...:

@Kirk TL/DR, can I get the cliff notes?

People are excited because of the new mechanics... Nobody has seen a shooter that is even close to this...... Turning into a squid to swim through the entire map is certainly new.. Its going to open up a lot of new gameplay ideas and strategy to the worn out/boring genre.... plus with that Nintendo charm, its adorable beyond words.



element187 commented on Wii U Reportedly Uses Less Energy to Run Than ...:

@Action51 sorry to burst your bubble but I despise conservatives and republicans almost as much as the Marxist currently in power, so try again.

I find it amusing you think this group is there for the betterment of society and not their own ambitions of power and money. A global tax has been on their wish list for decades, no conspiracy needed, they are even open and honest about it. You should spend some time reading what the UN does and the different resolutions they pass on a yearly basis. Im amazed at the amount of people who don't read and act shocked when they hear this "no way, black helicopters, nerf"

It's even reported in that bastion of radical right wing propaganda (that was sarcasm) known as Reuters