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Male, 24, Spain

Wed 11th June, 2008

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ElectricSplash commented on Rising Star and Spanish Fans Translate Fragile...:

It wont be a paych, it will only be a downloadable PDF with a text guide, taht's all. Nothing about including the texts in the game, absolutly nothing. Things like this have been made years ago qithout the approval of an editor and nobody cared about then except this time. The only thing that this is making sound is that just RSG said yes to make the fans work for them and DSWii is trying to look cool, but is just the same that people on dedicated sceen forums are doind in the last ten years.



ElectricSplash commented on Mecho Wars Confirmed for WiiWare and DSiWare:

Great news. I've read a lot of favorable reviews of the iPhone version.

Also, Luc if you read this, Are you going to make yourself(Oyaji Games, i mean) the WiiWare version of Eternity's Child? We're still waiting for it.



ElectricSplash commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!!! Only ONE GAME?????!!!!!!! There are plenty of games to be released in Europe and they only bring us ONE GAME?????!!!

Worst week ever.