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Tue 4th Aug 2009

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El_Piantissimo commented on Review: Wario Land: Shake It! (Wii):

I have to disagree. This game was pretty mediocre. I'm amazed how overrated this title is. I give it a 6. The hand-drawn graphics are great, but they aren't THAT amazing. The music is dull, and the gameplay is too slow and clunky. It doesn't even feel like a Wario Land game. The previous games were refreshing each level, but on this one it was very repetitive.



El_Piantissimo commented on Miyamoto: Have Confidence in Us:

Well, the MotionPlus is the real deal of all those you listed. The Wii Wheel is 2nd best. Balance Board is cool, but barely any games use it. The Zapper altogether sucks.