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Wed 11th Nov 2009

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El_Deco commented on Electronic Arts Less Than Happy With Wii Sales:

I think (in my freedom of thinking) that, first of all, EA has built a reputation for themselves with all their yearly updates. I also think that it's rare to find a truly good "on-rails" game, I think they're mostly too repetitive.

So when I found out that EA was making an "on rails" version of Dead Space, it smelled to me like "yeah, let's capitalize Dead Space on Wii with a game that's easier and quicker to develop". It made me dismiss the game entirely.

Now that I see you ppl speaking so good of it, I might give it a try. But I think that if third-parties want to compete with Nintendo's own, they should really spend the time and money, both in development and marketing. Nintendo's games aren't just our favorites, they're actually great to play as well.

And, IMHO, I think that if we have to point an "on-rails" game as EA's best effort in 2009, something must be very wrong with them.