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Puerto Rico

Sun 22nd Jun 2014

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El_Cuajinais commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

Hello everyone. After being a lifelong gamer, I got burned on video games and had not touched a controller for 1.5 years (except for Spelunky, which I purchased a used PS Vita just to be able to play it again). I became jaded with gaming in general, Spelunky being the single breath of fresh air. In fact I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you are a hardcore gamer who enjoys 2D platformers, Spelunky will change your life.

Anyway my hiatus with Nintendo had been actually been LOT longer than 1.5 years. I always loved their games but refused to play them in standard def. Fast forward to early May of this year and a Mario Kart 8 preview article changed everything. I purchased the Mario Kart 8 bundle on release day and have been enjoying the heck out it. I purchased two extra pro controllers and had some old friends over for some 4-Player mayhem. What a blast. I used my coupon for New Super Mario Bros Wi U, we have been enjoying the heck out of it with my son and wife. My wife, who never showed interest in modern video games but had always mentioned she loved Super Mario while growing up. This is the best console for families, it's not even a competition. Wii U is simply the best console to share together and have wholesome fun. (Though I absolutely HATE the motion controls gimmick the Wii U sadly inherited from the Wii). I will be purchasing Super Mario 3D World in the next month or two.

So with my introduction out of the way I want to say I don't like the branded DLC one bit. It does not fit with the mushroom kingdom. I will obviously not download it, but I expect that I will have to live with this DLC abomination when I play online, which makes it less likely I will partake in the online portion of the game. So far I had enjoyed playing online; not terribly since like all online games, I quickly reached my rank and from that point forward found myself always in the middle of the pack. And I enjoy winning much more than I enjoy losing. Especially if I'm in the living room sitting by myself. Thanks nintendolife for expressing what many of us where thinking regarding this worrying DLC. Even if we don't download it, this DLC will likely ruin the online portion of the game for those of us that are not interested in polluting the mushroom kingdom with the real world.