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Einherjar commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

@Kasplat No one is hating about him in person, but the attitude of the scene in general. Hes not the only one who brough the edge grab thing up for instance. If they interviewed someone else, the same reactions would have happened.

Thats why i said that i generally adore the professional player scene, but i cant stand their collectove attitude against "the casuals".

As for Mac, just because people can use him well doesnt mean that hes good, thats right. But just because you cant doesnt make him bad either.

Rosalina is a good example of why the meta game is so important. Lets say we put Mac against her. Mac himself is a very close range fighter. Therefore, every Rosalina player know what to do: Extend the range using the Luma shot, do fight him at a safe distance. Macs retort ? Side B. Jump over the Luma shot and hit Rosalina. That way, the Luma misses its target and gets send too far, creating a pocket in which Mac is safe to throw in a couple of punches.
The Side B dodge is Macs strongest answer to pretty much every projectile. If your opponent learns your pattern, blocks your Side B approach go in for the Down B counter.

Even thopugh Rosalina has probably the biggest, most smash effective reach, there are plenty of answers to that.

If you ask me, the game itself is way to situational to call any character flatout good or bad. It all comes down to luring your opponent into thinking in patterns. And the moment he thinks he got you figured out, change your playstyle. Change said patterns.



Einherjar commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I got my controller adapter with the game and a complete wave 1 collection of Amiibos with the help of my verry dedicated mom :)
I got all in stores except for trainer and villager, which i had to order online. Got trainer for the retail price and villager for 17 instead of the usual 13-14€

But i fear i wont have the same luck with wave 2 if these lousy stocks keep on going. Its the same with the WiiU launch.
And Nintendo should really think about discontinuing some figures at least untill they had a good run with a proper stock supply.
The best course of action would be to stop the production once a certain shipping threshold was reached and dont make it a timed deal.

I think we can all agree that infinitly producing the figures isnt the best business decision in a long run. But the talk about them vanishing while the stock was already low was pretty bad for customers as a whole.

@Grumblevolcano Can we just stop calling them GameStop and start to call them by their real name already ? They are real life pirates. Not the "illegally download stuff" kind of pirate, but the one who plunders and holds things ranson and sells it to the highest bidder.



Einherjar commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

@Larryislife, @TheRealThanos, @ricklongo
First off, i never said that difficulty equals fun. That way, games like Animal Crossing wouldnt stand a chance at all, wouldnt they ? ;)

Now, in all seriosuness though, a games needs to be at least a tad challenging. Thats the whole point of the medium, or else i could be watching a movie.
To elaborate on my point with Final Fantasy XIII: First: Its NOT a blatant hater comment, for everyone whos wondering. I dont hate it for the sake of hating it ;)
I own the game twice, and have finished it several times. An this is the basis of my comment: I finished the game without the use of weapon crafting, without equipment changes and solely using the auto battle command ("pressing a single button over and over) several times.
The game offers no challenge what so ever. Worse, it doesnt even offer gameplay. All it does is look good and present a nice, japanesy story.
If you ask me, it was a fine movie, constantly interrupted by mandatory button presses.

This is what i mean by games need a little challenge. To be honest, lets take Dark Souls for instance. Highly popular and praised and tough as nails. Frankly, i grew up in th egolden age of gaming and can play MegaMan with my feet (no joke) and yet, i cant play Dark Souls as its to hard for my taste.

Difficulty is highly objective. It all comes down to hand - eye coordination, logical thinking, twitch reflexes etc.
You may master Ninja Gaiden, but you may fail at a slow paced strategy game. Thats perfectly normal.

But were talking about games, that get rid of these challenges for the sake of luring in more and more players, not realizing that they are alienating everyone else. And even worse, they are training people to not enjoy harder challenges.
You know why people from "the golden age" cherish challenging games ? Because they grew up without an alternative. Either you learn to play it, or you dont play at all.
So we know its doable. But with games getting more and more easy, you create a whole new audience that never learned to overcome any sort of challenge (physical or mental). The end result: No challenging game will be profitable anymore, since the the golden agers are the minoroity now.

Thats where the panic of "easiy games" come from.
It has nothing to do with easy games being bad. Its that challenging (not hard) games are dieing out.

Thats also why i die a little inside, if a big RPG is announced, with overpowered gear as pre order bonus...
Thats like "order now, and we finish the game for you"

Nothing is more satisfying than overcomming a challenge for yourself. A thing, that has been lost since the day of "oh, i just look it up online" ;)



Einherjar commented on Video: Today's Teens Simply Cannot Handle The ...:

Hand - Eye coordination = Zero, zilch, nada, none
Im sorry, but thats what happens if you let people play video games that probably never left the comfort zone of a smart phone endless runner :P

@Larryislife Not quite. A short, hard challenge is not the same as a long, drawn out breeze.
Content alone isnt the point here. But if a game boild down to 40 hours of mashing a single button, say, Final Fantasy XIII, then where is the point of even playing it ?
Playing a game is to overcome a certain challenge. If there is none, i might as well not play it in the first place.



Einherjar commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

@Tsurii897 Yup, exactly that.
Another thing was their attitude about the selection of stages that was first introduced. They ban everything with stage hazards in official tournaments, so you had guy screaming "BANNED !" while stages were shown on a Nintendo direct.
Thats basically like saying "Lets play this game professionally, but ban the one factor that makes it unique"

And guess what, they even found a way to complain about Omega Stages... The one thing they were looking for basically.

I love the fighting game scene in general, the passion they have for their hobby is something to look up to.
But its turning into an exclusive elite golf club. Youre either on the top tier or youre "casual" and dont even matter.
If you ask me, thats when the "fun for everyone" part of the game goes to die.



Einherjar commented on Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Ta...:

I second that the new edge mechanic is way more fun and fair than the previous one.
Preventing your opponent from returning by grabbing the edge is just cheap.
This way, yiou have to ensure your KO, you have to keep them away much more skillfully.

And to @ZBomber I too dont like the overly competetive players. Not because they take these games way more serious, but because of their general attitude. All this "catering towards casuals" as if this is a bad thing really rubs me the wrong way.

Its ofthen the case that everything changed in their disliking is talked down emmediatly, although they should be the people to adept to these changes the easiest.

And to be perfectly honest, all this "tier talk" is highly annoying too. Weve seen it in Mario Kart. As soon as some people talk about some characters being superior, online is swarmed with them.
It sucks the fun out of the game.

And ive seen people own with so called "low tier" characters just because they know exactly what they are doing.
Smash is highly situational. Take Little Mac for instance. Extremely powerfull, fast and his dodge capabilities are great, and yet, it depends on the stage and his opponents if he can use all that potential.
Gaur Plains and hes history. Opponents that can float and his potential crumbles. Everything else, he simply smashes away.

And yet...ive seen people dominate the match with Mac on Gaur Plains with a bunch of floaters.



Einherjar commented on Video: What if... Smash Bros. Had Announcers F...:

@BLPs This site has always been more of a blog than a die hard news site.
BUT if the NL staff brings news, they are the best at doing it. Unbiased, no drama, not afraid of letting people comment on the article.

Im glad that NL isnt just about the news. All the whacky side stuff makes this site unique, fun and entertaining.

If you just want to get cold, hard news, why not just subscribe to Nintendos own news feed ?



Einherjar commented on 3DS Brawler One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X I...:

@SCAR392 Thats a freakin big if there...
Were talking about Capcom, who basically are going to rerelease Street Fighter 4 again but are just calling it 5 this time.
I doubt that they will bring out anything meaningfull where Amiibo support would be usefull :/



Einherjar commented on Video: Don't Feel Bad If You Self Destruct in ...:

My most hilarious SD so far:
Online stock match with friends, everyone is down to one life and well above 100%. I get a beetle item, throw it and basically went "yup, case closed, i won" only to realise that you can just hit that stupid thing mid flight to turn it around (i didnt know that) so, the beetle turns around and casually picks me up and carries me off the stage....while i sat there in silence, contemplating life....



Einherjar commented on Developer of Retro City Rampage Explains, Agai...:

Which is still a stupid reason if you ask me.
A WiiU version would not only profit from a second screen map, it would also be far more conveniant to play, since you dont need to hook up additional controllers everytime you want to play it.

Then again, the game didnt quite hook me as much as i wanted, so its not a huge loss in my book really.



Einherjar commented on AI Program Can Learn To Play Game Boy Games, N...:

Im still a bit hesitant to call it "An AI learning to play a game" and rather a script executing random button prompts checking for emulator code changes.

But nonetheless, by deciphering code and looking for, lets say, teh goomba object, its proximity to the player character (which is discovered by reaction to button prompts) and looking out for the kill state (in which button prompts are disabled) it could be able to learn of the hazard that is the goomba.

The problem is, that there is no event flag for pits and high obstacles. Thus, its back to random button promts untill scrolling is detected again.

But untill a program is capable of "seeing" the screen and able to comprehend what its seeing, were pretty far off of having a real AI playing games.

But its an interesting thing, i admit that.



Einherjar commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

The answer to "should they ?" is easily found:

  • Name a dedicated gaming phone that was remotely sucessfull.

Next question:
-Name the producer of some of the best selling handheld gaming devices, that were sucessfull without any smartphone-esque features

The answer to both questions is: No, they shouldnt.



Einherjar commented on Digital Foundry Praises the Performance for Su...:

@Iggly This is simply the result of a game being in development for more than just a year.
And you can see that this was a love project and not a quick cash in. Basically, this is why im generally biased towards Nintendo. They simply havent abandoned the concept of polishing a game, even if it might take a bit longer.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@Goginho The Mario 64 comparison isnt half bad. The Marios franchise did that for quite some time now. Its relatively easy and short if your goal is to finish the game and see th end credits.
But then there are the collectables, which are sometimes devilishly hidden away, that unlock additional content for the more hardened players.

You see, in some ways, these collectables act as some kind of test.
As if the game first wants to check your talent, dedication and skills, before it decides "yup, your not a casual player, youre a gamer, i guess i can unlock the really hard levels now"
"The perfect Run" comes to mind.

Zelda did something similar, though with much less impact:
It had collectables like Heart pieces. The problem was, that being good at adventuring and puzzle solving granted you heart pieces and thus, more life, which made the game easier instead of harder.
Basically the complete opposite. Thats why people create challenge runs.
The problem here is, you have to purposfully avoid the games main selling point: advneturing and puzzle solving off the beaten track,

I have two ideas that run through my mind that could work with that concept in a way, to "reward" good players with a more difficult game.
People loved the fierce deity mask in Majoras Mask as a hidden unlockable, since it gave you a cool power boost against bosses.
The problem was, at the point where you got it, it was merely a formality to get the repeated bossfights done quicker.
So again, a reward that made the game easier.

Now, "The Binding of Isaac" come sto mind. It has a mechanic, where you could trade in heart containers for more powerfull abilities.
What if there were powerups, that locked away your heart totals (taking them away completely would scare away completionists) for some added benefits ?
Say, you could unlock something similar to the fierce deity mode for one complete row of hearts. You would be more powerfull, but also way more fragile if you didnt go out of your way to get even more hearts.
You want more rupees to buy whatever trinkets the game offers ? Equip this dashing tunic that doubles the damage you take.
A much harder game for the added bonus of getting every item a bit quicker. In my experience, people who prefer harder games are also the ones, who generally look for a complete 100% run.

Or another, more weird idea: Collect every major items (like hearts) and something similar to SMW star world happens. Maybe every enemy gets replaced with a more fierce counterpart. Something rewarding for completionists.

Or, with an open world and a more fleshed out crafting system from skyward sword:
Have big games roam the lands. Extremely tough to take down, but generally avoidable for casual players. They drop exclusive loot for special equipment. What is that used for ? Bonus super monsters, showing up after completing the main game and collecting every heart or whatever.

In general, incorporate more RPG-ish features, to give the game more replay value and more challenges for people "who already did everything".



Einherjar commented on Rumour: Villager, Marth & Wii Fit Trainer amii...:

Marth ok, maybe no marth game is on the horizon.
Trainer..well, there is an opportunity for this amiibo to be integrated into WiiFit, so its rather questionable.
But Villager ? With Animal Crossing being one of their strongest IPs ? And with the upcomming themes MK8 DLC and already teased Animal Crossing amiibos in the future ?
I highly doubt that THIS is one of the discontinued figures.

Actually, my best guess would be Mario. Why ? Its teased that there will be another mario amiibo in the works. The current one is a distinctive Smash bros one. So maybe, this "pose" will be discontinued, while the new Mario will work just the same.

Who knows, all i know is that its going to be a major pain to colect them all on a fair and decent basis.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@Goginho Its a yes and no answer. Yes, for making it a lot more complex and tricky and no to making it "nintendo hard" tricky.
You see, back then, gaming was something you dedicated time towards.
Meaning, IF you were a gamer, you definitly were a gamer. Playing games over and over again untill you figured it out.
Lets talk "Sierra Quest" games.
Some of them are flat out unwinable if you missed a certain something 10 hours ago. You can only figure it out via many many playthroughs.
And most people dont have that kind of time anymore.
As much as it hurts me to say, but in this day and age, you NEED to cater towards a broader audience and not just the handfull of hardcore people out there.
And seeing just how big this world is, making a "pixel hunt" out of it wouldnt make it tricky, it would make it frustrating and bring back, was almost killed Wind Waker for me: Constant traveling for basically nothing.

So, you need to make a game, thats easy to get into and yet, tricky enough to be a challenge.
The easiest route would be something, you ruled out completely. Go the Dark Souls route and make every single enemy your biggest hurdle.
That would alienate quite a lot of people actually.
Make the puzzles as obscure as the early ones, and you have a bunch of people looking for walkthroughs.

I personally have no real solution for this problem. And to be fair, its one, that the whole series faced for years...



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

Well earned titles indeed :)
And congrats to Yacht Club. Indeed one of the best Indi titles as of late for the simple fact that these guys actually knew what "8bit retro style" meant :P
Remember kids: Pixel Art =/= 8bit

And to top it all off, here is a (clever but awfull) comparison my buddy made the other day regarding the WiiU:
"It was like a slingshot. At first, the slingshot (this gaming gen) moved forward, while the WiiU (the ammo) stood in place...and now, shots are fired...hard"

As stupid as it is, its pretty true. The console had a rough start, but now you see why. Nintendo proved to be one of the last developers to truely finish and polish their games.
Even the often seen as dire situation the WiiU was in was no reason for Nintendo to rush production of games like Mario Kart of Smash and it shows.

And we have a truckload of exciting games on the horizon. Though i have to say, we now saw more footage of Zelda U than of Starfox U...which is supposed to come earlier. About to you show up fox...its quiet, too quiet.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@Tsurii897 Well, ive played Skyrim on consoles and i have no clue why you get the shudders from it.

Other than that, i agree completely. OoTs overworld was pretty much "practical" It was just there to connect all areas and nothing more. Though i have to say, that i really enjoyed each seperate area, like the Lake, the winding paths leading up to the zoras domain etc.
Only the big, empty donut around lon lon farm was pretty lacking.

But then again, i know that empty field like my backyard, i cant even remember anything about TPs overworld, which is quite odd.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

@Kaze_Memaryu Thats what i was talking about. Were still talking about a Nintendo game here. It would be shocking to see if they would just roll with everything other games have done in that particular genre and not add their destictive touch.
So yes, i expect the usual handcrafted worlds with destinctive landmarks, flora and fauna...and cuckos...

And to your dungeon entrance idea. That would be a mean thing to do (in a good way). Think of it, you find the dungeons map and theres an area that you simply cant find, cant reach but its stock full of treasures.
Now its search time, maybe you missed the entrance inside the dungeon. Maybe its outside of it in the area, or maybe, its a hidden entrance 10 minutes away, offering a conveniant flight pad with upwinds to enable you to glide onto that little alcove to enter the dungeon entrance #2

That sounds pretty good actually :)



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Reveals New Wii U Footage and Details...:

Ok, seriously, the distance on the zoomed out map was a good thumbs width, they skipped a lot of footage in the video, at the end, they still were "roughly 5 minutes away" and they didnt even reach it at the end !
How big is this world ?
Also physics based horse manes, tails and cloth, fully animated and interactive grass fields, supposedly growth cycles for tree fruits. The small details are just lovely and it even looks stunning on a technical level.

I talked about that with a friend lately. We compared the recently released open world tech demo of FF XV with the trailers released for Xenoblade X and to be perfectly honest, compared to X, that Final Fantasy world, although technically superior, looks liveless, dull and boring.

The visuals the WiiU can put out might not reach the poly count of other consoles, but they are still so lovingly crafted and breathtaking, that the system does in no way need to hide behind that.
I mean, just look at Captain Toad, thats a side project game and it looks stunning.

@Kirk I wouldnt hold my breath if i were you to be perfectly honest.
Games like Skyrim ARE popular, the latest console Zelda wasnt.
The last Zelda went with an open world approach and people loved it, this one is an experiment to go in a completely different direction than before, so dont keep your fingers crossed that its NOT like other open world titles.

You see, usual Zelda overworld concepts are basically not open. Certain parts of the maps can only be traversed with certain items, making its progress based. If you want every part of your world available to the player from the getgo, you cant implement such hurdles.

The open world concept has run seriously dry over the last couple of years and basically became a game of checking off lists.
Im pretty sure that Nintendo wont fall for that trope and bring something unique to the table, like they always do.

"Generic overworld" ? Probably, it comes with the whole open world concept. Though i highly doubt that they will leave out classic zelda dungeons, so theres that to hope for.
But to be honest, i can think about it all day and i too cant come up with any new idea to spice up an open overworld concept other than collectables, landark scouting etc.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: Defective Fox and Villager amiibo N...:

I just completed my wave one collection and are happy to announce:
I got every figure before they hit 140+ bucks on amazon...
Its crazy how quickly this has become such a complete hoarder desaster.
I guess theres a way to ruin pretty much everything thats remotely collectable



Einherjar commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

This poor man burned himself out pretty good with this masterpiece.
Give him a long long rest. Breaks between Smash games tend to be 6-7 years. And over the course of these years, things can and will change ;)

So, lets not talk about Mr Sakurais next projects and give him the break he deserves.



Einherjar commented on Kickstarter Project Wants to Turn Your Game Bo...:

Yes, because thats absolutely necessary. I always thought to myself "man, if only my original GameBoy had an HDMI out"

In all seriousness, thats a waste of time, as the GB is the last Nintendo system that needs something like that. What would be MUCH more appreciated is a N64 that is buffed up to work with a modern TV set. And / Or a more relyable source of N64 controllers (original shape) with a proper analog stick.

@Beechbone The thing is, the PSTV actually improves some games, as the Vitas button layout, its wonky shoulder buttons and that abomination of a back touchpad are a pain to use sometimes.
And (if they are compatible, which is the systems biggest and most stupid fault) it lets you play PSP games fullscreen on your TV, instead of the letter box mode the PSP itself put out.
Not to mention that you still have a second analog stick, which makes games like Monster Hunter so much more playable.

This project on the other hand is a waste of recources. Gamecube+GB Player+Proper Cable and youre set.



Einherjar commented on Review: Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue (Wii U):

@Shiryu I talked about that with a buddy lately.
The WiiU would be the only console, where you could actually controll a bomber on the big screen and have your bombing monitor displayed on the controller...
Or have a Wingman setup, where you could draw lines on the gamepad map for flanking manouvers...

I want that...i want that pretty badly...



Einherjar commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

@Guitardude7 Exactly, an arcade stick isnt 80 bucks, its around 100+
And a racing wheel is also not 80 bucks. The newest one, for the Xbone is around 400.
Also, nintendo outrules quite a lot of things and changes it by demand. Dont poop your pants over such a novelty item. Buy it or dont, no ones is forcing you.
Heck, this thing only exists because of fan demands, so people wanted it "only" for smash.



Einherjar commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

Got mine with the bundle edition as i figured the Mario Maiibo would be far more wide spread.

So, what about arcade sticks and racing wheels when you get bored with fighting and racing games ? Also just a hunk of plastic ?
And its said that the adapter is not backwards compatible, no one said that future games wont support it.
Just look at the Amiibos and the games that start adding them as an afterthought. There is no telling which game might use this thing.
Though, its unlikely, since the GC controller is missing quite a lot of buttons compared to the standard ones.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: Samus amiibo Literally Opens Doors ...:

Ok, Samus amiibo opens electronic doors in the most famous modern tunnel system, the russian metro :P
Thats almost too good to be a coincidence.

What would be even better: A Master Key Amiibo doing that :D
Making the puzzle solved sound whenever it connects :P



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: The Dual Wielding Samus amiibo is C...:

I can see the whole amiibo thing traiwrecking pretty hard.
With Nintendos early statement, that some figures will be discontinued after a while and the exclusives deals in place, hoarders are going on a shopping spree, making it almost impossible to get some of the figures due to ridiculous price inflation.

So, from a collectors point of view, Amiibos cause quite a lot of sadness :/



Einherjar commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

@Action51 Thats basically whats going on with the whole industry at the moment.
People rely on "facts" rather than play games themselfes. They focus solely on technical spects, if they affect the game or not, and judge the game accordingly.
The whole FPS / Resolution debates really sicken me to no end.
Weve played games with 30FPS for ages, and all of a sudden its "unplayable" ?
The same goes for resolution. If it doesnt affect the game, i dont even care if its 720, 900 or 1080. The differenece is so marginal, if i get a clear, clean picture, thats all i could ask for.

If the drop of a single frame per second is such a big deal (MK8), then there are bigger problems among gamers than that.
Fun and games are over, its now a technical arms race. Its not important how great your game is, whats important is how many FPS it renders on what resolution....

Meanwhile, im having fun playing games, not paying attention to these things in the slightest. And trust me, its much more enjoyable and fun that way



Einherjar commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

Let me borrow my 5 reasons already posted here:

  • The games
  • The game library
  • The currently available games
  • The fantastic selection of games
  • The diverse offering of games

Got that ? Games !
There is no way around the WiiU if youre a:

  • Fan of local multiplayer partys with friends
  • Fan of games you can enjoy with casual friends and family members
  • Fan of a game library diverse enough to offer entertainement for both, hardcore and casual occasions.

In short: The WiiU is a fun system without any bells and whistles atached. Add a few friends, and youve got one hell of a blast.
Seriously, i got y free copy of game & wario, a game mostly tossed away as a gimmicky "demo" title.
I had a few friends around and filled an entire day playing this and nintendo land. Its pure and simple fun.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: A Fox amiibo Placed Rather Well in ...:

Things i wished for in the next generation of gaming (being PS4, Xbone):

  • Using their horsepower to boost AI instead of just graphics
    What did we get ?
  • Graphics, of course

Nintendo waddles by unnoticed and creates a toy figure that can best tournament aces due to a self teaching/learning AI.



Einherjar commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Production of the P...:

@Kaze_Memaryu So, basically: Bla bla destiny bla bla prophecy bla bla predestination :P
So, the poor guy is pretty much the ultimate puppet, possesed by an unquenchable thirst for power. I guess i should finally finish Skyward Sword :P
But now i kinda wish the series would take a more story driven approach for once. Maybe Zelda U, with its new open world formula, will give us a bit more elder scrolls esque backstory and lore.
The Zelda universe as a whole is so rich and full of potential, that tapped into every time, but could use some more fleshing out once in a while.



Einherjar commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Production of the P...:

@Kaze_Memaryu That pic is simply amazing !
And you know what ? I really want a triforce teamup. A bigger bad to bring these three triforce bearers together.
And now my Dynasty/Hyrule Warriors mind runs amok, picturing a collaboration army of Hylians lead by Zelda, the forces of Nature lead by Link (Pretty much like Lana did) and Gerudo FOrces lead by Gannondorf....

Ok, enough drooling, i stop :P



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (Europe):

That Breath of Fire 2 arrived first isnt all that odd.
You see, the first one was actually localized and translated by Squaresoft, while 2 was completely made by Capcom.
Thus, BoF 1 required 2 partys to agree with the release as one party owns the right to the base game and another owns the right to the localized translation.
This has been todays lesson in: Archaic rights management ruins everything.

But this will be one heck of an expansive week...



Einherjar commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses Production of the P...:

They are going all out with the themes right now, its amazing :D
Though i have to say, id be more interested in WiiU themes, as i spend way more time with it :)

@Kaze_Memaryu Yup, i love that too. Just shows that the stuff he creates isnt just "another money making IP" but something important to him.
And i feel thats what teh industry is lacking overall. Projects made with love and passion in the first place :)

Also, its that Ganondorf teaching archery to Link in your Avatar ? O.o Thats awesome !



Einherjar commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

@ikki5 I cant second that. I also never had any lag, nor did i have any connection loss.
To be fair, im from Europe, Germany. We tend to have a very solid internet connection overall.
So yeah, everything i played online so far, had a perfectly stable connection.
Monster Hunter for instance would have bombed if the WiiU couldnt keep up with online play !



Einherjar commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Well, i read reviews of games, im not sure about getting. So for smash, i dont really need a detailed "whats it gonna be" since its already bought :D
Therefore, youre pending rating is one of the biggest troll moves :P
I just wanted to sneak in at look at the beatiful 10/10

Also, why are people so afraid of this game being laggy online ? MK8 for instance is absolutely flawless online. I have yet to have a race with a single lagging player or a connection loss, both local and global.
Why should smash suddenly be different ?



Einherjar commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Well, i read reviews of games, im not sure about getting. So for smash, i dont really need a detailed "whats it gonna be" since its already bought :D
Therefore, youre pending rating is one of the biggest troll moves :P
I just wanted to sneak in at look at the beatiful 10/10



Einherjar commented on Nexis Games Defends UCraft's Multiplatform Mov...:

So, they are now directly compeing against Minecraft ? Seriously ?
Let me get that straight: To develop for other consoles, you need to get their dev kit, which costs quite a bit of money for such a small studio.
What in the world are they thinking ? I mean, the game itself wasnt the most brilliant idea to begin with, but having the original at their throat now is just stupid.



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Is it two years already ? O.o
Well, my summery:
One of the best and most entertaining systems i have. Its also the one with the most overall runtime at the moment.
Compared to my recent PS4 purchase, which was a complete waste of money on a system, that i would describe as my worst so far, its an absolute gift.
Im a day one adopter of the WiiU and didnt have a single day regreting it. Like with pretty much any Nintendo system, it reminded me of how much fun i could have with games instead of them being a mere time sink.

It also brough plattformers back to the surface which im more than happy about. Overall, and contrary to mainstream belive, i think its a very worthy console with a pretty good lineup of games compared to its utterly lackluster competitors.

Im happy to have it, and with the upcomming releases on the horizon, it keeps on getting better and better still.



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Ill get it as soon as i change my mind about these games, which will never happen xD
No seriously, enough of these generic open world shooters, that concept went dry long ago.

@KillScottKill Oh boy, how right you are. It gets rid of constant menu switching and thus, never breaks the flow of the game.
But you know the folks around here.
When the gamepad is used in a practical way, its noz gimmicky enough, when its use dto its fullest, its too gimmicky.
There is no middle ground.