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Einherjar commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

@Kaze_Memaryu YOU are the reason why i hate the fact that NL doesnt have a follow feature :P Couldnt have said it better.
The problem isnt the game per-se, its the massage it sends.
If this gets popular and profitable, the message is clear that such games are an easy way to score big on the eShop, that the consumer base falls for the same tricks the mobile market consumers fall for.

Games dont need to be blockbusters all the time, especially not with a more open consumer base like Nintendos where silly stuff like Tomodachi Life can become a huge sucess. But as a developer, as an artist, shouldnt you strife for more ? This one went from the pioneer of Web Frameworks games that are generally well recieved to the one who made the shameless ripoff.

Thats how you commit career suicide in a nutshell. I think that very few people will take you and your "tongue in cheek" attitude very serious in the future now.



Einherjar commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:

If nothing else helps, try unnecessary fanservice.
Like many said before, i can understand the nods in Bayonetta and co. Those are homages to Nintendo, the onew who made these games possible.
But with Capcom, who basically bops back and forth between shunning and embracing nintendo is clearly trying too hard with this.

"Animal Crossing is a big hit, shoehorn it in so we can reach more people" How about reaching more people with creating a well known and loved image for yourself ? You know, like you had back then...



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@MailOrderNinja Absolutely ! And thats exactly the reason why im for the strict exclusion of characters, that wouldnt work on the 3DS only. This way, its fair game for everyone, everywhere. No "but my main isnt in this version" or "its unfair that you pick them, i could never train against them".
And i also love the addition of the 3DS as controller. If you get into the series with Smash 3DS, you grow acustomed to the handhelds controlls, and although the button layout will be the same on every regular controller, the familiarity with the piece of hardware in your hand plays a huge factor.
That way, you really dont exclude anyone, which is. in my eyes, absolutely fantastic. A very organic setup :)



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@MailOrderNinja From what ive heard so far, it actually seems to be the opposite :D
But oh well, we have people here, that would want the portable version to be scratched entirely because of teh Ice Climbers :P
Again, if you ask me, you cant favour one over the other since both offer different things. The "definite" experience would be to own both games. And since both use the same safe file, its a "hand-in-hand" experience.



Einherjar commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

@Emblem I havent had the chance to test it out yet, but whatever it is, it cant be any worse than DW7 Empires.
For everyone who complained about the half second stutters in Orochi 3: DW7E came to a complete halt in local co-op, froze for a second or two, and snapped back into slowmo action.
Orochi 3 on WiiU ran beatifully compared to that. Also, i recently got the PS4 rerelease of Orochi 3 and let me tell you, even THAT version stutters.
And worse, if a player in co-op use the tripple rush special attack, EVERY entity on the other players screen will vanish for the duration.
The original version made is so, that the special just slowed characters around that player, and the other player could go on. But on the PS4, they needed to clear the second players screen xD
So much for Co-Op being a necessaty for games like that. Its a tacked on afterthought at best.



Einherjar commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

@arnoldlayne83 Your loss. After playing HW, i have to say its pretty much one of the best Warriors games out there (comming form someone, who owns EVERY single title, some even imported).
Simple things like the skill crafting, the well done bosses, the Samurai Warriors-esque combo system and Kens Rage dodging system elevates it to a pretty high standart overall.
Also, the overall mission flow has hints of Zelda games in it (find an item to proceed, look for a hidden chest etc) which isnt totally reinventing the wheel, but its a nice change of pace.

So, for everyone just looking at its graphics: Your loss, not mine :P I simply love the ability of appreciating a game without giving a single wet goomba about its technical aspects. It makes gaming overall so much more enjoyable :)



Einherjar commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@WiiUExposed The game is out for quite some time now. You cant go by western release dates. And from the size you can see, that its actually content, that wasnt on the disct beforehand. Day one DLC is 90% disc locked content.

Koei ist often really quick when it comes to DLC for their warriors games. The reason is, that they keep on developing the game past its initial deadline. So. they finish the game that was initially planned, and trust me when i say that there is no lack of content even without DLC. And everything they can think of during development, that cant be added before the initial deadline, or that falls out of the initial financial plan, gets added as DLC later on.

@AJWolfTill I am insane enough to have bought every piece of DLC Dynasty Warriors 8 (XL) had to offer, and trust me, it pretty much tripled the initial cost. On the other hand, it also quadruppled the content the game had to offer. The same goes for Orochi 3. If you get the stage packs alone, you end up with the same amount of stages (if not more) the game had to offer initially, which was a lot to begin with, so you end up with double the amount of content.

But their prices for DLC arent always consistant. For some of their games, DLC prices are rather tame, ranging form 1-2€ per pack, 4 for something bigger, while other games (Kens Rage 2 for instance) charge 4-5€ for a single character. Personally, i can live with that for the reason, that they are already struggling to find a decend audience for their games and yet, push as hard as they can to get the games to the west. The money has to come from somewhere, and if thats the price to pay to get the game, im willing to support them.
They could just go the Square route and simply refuse to release their games outside of japan.



Einherjar commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@jedisquidward If every player picks the Ice Climbers, you basically have 8 full blown characters in one match. Its simply not possible.

@Lalivero It would seriously help if you could point out my whiny and ridiculous posts youre refering to. No one said that its a problem to be a bit miffed about their exclusion, but some arguments on here are, like always, just far and beyond any reason.



Einherjar commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

So, lets break it down:

  • Remove a character for performance issues on the handheld.
    This is the scenario we have now, if thats so bad, here are the alternatives, with a slight hint of what the outcome might be
  • Reduction of framerate and frametime to leave computing power of the fith character = FPS whining, unplayable in the eyes of MLGs, timing difference between home console version: Verdict: SMash Bros forever ruined.
    Ice Climbers become a solo character = Its not the ice climbers anymore, not original anymore, character change too drastic. Verdict: Waste of a slot
    Ice Climbers are console exclusive: But they said the roster is the same, they favor the pooooooooopy WiiU, competetive training ruined on 3DS. Verdict: Smash Bros forever ruined.

And i could go on with that farce. It makes me wonder how games like Street FIghter 3 are still considered one of the best in the series, when the whole original roster was omitted, when people cry their eyes out about the omission of a single character here.
The game offers so much new content, so many great and innovative new characters, and people boycott it about the missing ice climbers...
What a sad sight, really...



Einherjar commented on Review: Super Mario Ball (Wii U eShop / Game B...:

Pretty much one of the most annoying and frustrating pinball videogames ive ever played :D
When it comes to deeper mobile pinball games, i always go with the pokemon ones, or Metroid Prime pinball, that one was great too.



Einherjar commented on First Image Of Wii U Wipeout-Beater FAST Racin...:

@McGruber For me, "triple A" implys a mass produced game (franchise) that mostly consists of content created to cater towards mass appeal tests results.
Shin'en on the other hand is known to put MUCH more effort and love into their titles, pay close attention to little details and often derives from what the masses cry out for.
Just look at their shooter series. Instead of following the trend of just putting together a flashy twin stick shooter that simply looks gorgeous, they went several steps ahead and created a love letter to arcade enthusiasts, with deep scoring systems and difficulty thats beyond brutal if you want to achive anything past "stage clear".
For me, thats pretty much the polar opposite of "triple A", a term, that has long lost its initial meaning and status :)

But thats really nitpicking on my part, please dont think that im picking on you or anything :) Thats just my weird way of saying how freakin great Shin'en is xD



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@KeeperBvK I never said anything about the 3DS here.
And we europeans are at least missing out on MMX3 and MM7.
Not to mention that theres a plethora of Battle Network titles to release.
And then, there are capcoms other "promised" VC releases, like Demons Crest and such.
When it comes to capcom, im rather nervous, even ebout a one week break.



Einherjar commented on Carbon Fire Studio Launching Frenchy Bird On W...:

Its like ants: "Where there is one, there are many"
Probably all banking on the "lol, its cheap, i buy it just because its so poooooooooooooooooooooooooooopy and it pisses off others" people.
With such an atitude, even "games" like that are lucrative. Just be prepared to see lots and lots more in the future.



Einherjar commented on Little Orbit Bringing Falling Skies: The Game ...:

Well, teh show itself has lots of potential when it comes to game adaptations, but im a little hesitant to root for it just yet.
We will see how this turns out, its definitly on my radar, and thats something i dont say everyday about licensed games.



Einherjar commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

@McGruber Yup, it is, im glad that the Vita showed it whos boss...
As if hardware is of any real importance -.-
If hardware alone is king, tell me why the original Xbox or even the GameCube "lost" to the PS2. Both consoles are superior to the PS2 in many ways.

You have a game, thats pushing the system to the breaking point of its abilitys, so much so, that unimportant features like that had to be disabled. Thats not a sign for messy hardware, is a sign of a game actually being more than it technically could be.



Einherjar commented on Scandinavian Gamers Will be Included in the Hy...:

The way they are handling these DLC packs is quite disturbing :/ Lets just hope that they are all timed exclusives, or only people who robbed a bank and pre ordered the game from everywhere are able to get the full package...



Einherjar commented on Square Enix Temporarily Pulls 3DS Dragon Quest...:

You have two options in a situation like that:
1: You do the above, pull the game from sales to attract ess new customers, recieving an image blemish due to acting irrationally and probably miss out on a lot of potential future consumers
2: You crank that sh+t up to eleven. You ride that insane wave of popularity, maybe even lenghten the sales and use that income to buy new servers.

Whatever it is, i think its time for SE to realize how idiotic it is to think that this game / franchise "isnt popular enough to localize it"
Double or even tripple the servers, bring it out world wide and earn youself a golden hand or two.



Einherjar commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

@TheWeird As far as i know, the "brown box" was actually commercially sold but id have to do more research to be sure about that.
Of course you cant speak of a well known and public home console release with that thing, no matter how you present it laughs
It was just to show "hey, there actually WAS something before you were born" ;)



Einherjar commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

@Sadodi And ? Your overly sarcastic point is ?
Do you need to be a musician to know how Gramophones, record players etc work ? Do you need to be a Movie enthusaist to know how home TVs originated ? Why the shift to HD pictures actually was a big deal ?

One of these kids has an iPhone case in shape of an NES controller, but doesnt know what it actually is. That tells me, that these kids are raised to simply following trends without questioning them. THAT is the problem, not that they never played an outdated system or never owned one themself.



Einherjar commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Will Benefit From Addit...:

@SanderEvers 1st YOU werent meant with pessimistic :P You were the one explaining the whole situation.

2nd They are most certainly not connected via USB internally. But if the OS itself interprets the USB adapter as the native GCN ports of a Wii, the games themself wouldnt need any updates.
They are just looking for input on these ports, if the USB signal is emulated to be the same as these ports, the games would just think its the real deal.
Its merely a OS thing.

The same goes for the CPP. If the N3DS can emulate the additional buttons as IR input, older games would be able to read them, since they are just looking for that port.



Einherjar commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

@torotoid64 Well, answer yourself this question: Are you aware of video game systems that existed before you were born ? When did you know about them ?

When i was their age, i knew where gaming originated, i knew about consoles and computers that werent relevant anymore and i knew about how games have changed over time.
Even as a child, if youre interested in something, you should be curious enough to explore that subject matter a little more, in both directions, past and future.

Heck, at that age, i even knew what a gramophone was and knew how it worked because i asked. If these kids are to blame for anything, then for not thinking on their own and having lost curiosity to explore the world around them. And we should blame the world around them for not teaching them how to do that.

EDIT: "Can you imagine a system being hugely successful these days having that much problems ?"
Well, The 360 was a success, i never heard of an NES breaking down completely from heat issues. And also...THAT many problems ? Problems like what ? Putting the cartridge back in ? Sure, WAY worse than disc reading errors or OS malfunctions.
The fact that this old brick is still running is a testament about it NOT having any problems at all...



Einherjar commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Will Benefit From Addit...:

@Galenmereth Well, i remember the interview in which he said that he neglected the CPP snce it "didnt do anything for the game". Seems now that an inbuild CPP suddenly does :P

@shibbyduckegg Well, youve got the detailed and true explaination from @SanderEvers above. But why so pessimistic in the fist place ?
What if the additional NEW 3DS controlls are infact interpreted as a permanent CPP, just pretending to be infrared signal and therefore, also working with CPP enabled games ? Thus RCR would just need an update, that was already in the works but was ultimately scratched,

This might not be the right solution, and it most likely isnt, but it is one way to think about it instead of being pessimistic from the get go.
The same goes to the GC adapter. Whats so implausible about the fact that this adapter will be interpreted as native controller ports ?
Wii mode IS an actual Wii thats running, that is still aware of being a WiiU. The Wii itself supports USB peripherals, so it would be rather easy to update it in a way to accept this adapter as native controller ports.



Einherjar commented on Review: Mega Man X3 (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

That verdict is surprising. X3 is probably my favourite of the first three, at least its the one i come back to the most often.
In my opinion, a 5 is way to low, but then again, im heavily biased when it comes to any MegaMan game.



Einherjar commented on Robbie Lakeman Sets A New Donkey Kong World Re...:

These arcade fanatics are absolutely fascinating :)
While we barely finish a game just to toss it away and cry for the next one like a hungry bird, they keep on playing the same title for decades untill they surpass perfection :D



Einherjar commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

@unrandomsam Pardon me im im not going to explain the whole point again.
You CANT skip localisation, you simply cant. WIthout this process, you cant put up your game on shelves across the globe.
Why ? Because you need someone to put them there. Someone, who organizes the whole manufacturing, shipping and selling process. You cant simply skip that.

About Steam: Steam DOES go against our local laws. Its even quoted on our Wiki Page. Games that are banned here arent available through steam, Valve opened a backdoor for games that arent rated yet to be censored through a forced patch or to be taken down entirely should it get banned (As of yet, never happened)
Also, Steams age restriction system is against our laws. Granting access to 18+ content over here through a mere age prompt IS illegal.

Due to said backdoor AND valve being an US company, operating under a different set of laws, this cant be adressed and is merely gelded.

Steam is, in fact, a legal grey area over here. Thats the reason every form of prepaid card around here, be it for teh eShop, PSN, XBL or Steam is labeled as 18+ to further restrict access.

Also, you cant have a single rating system for Europe, since europe consists of several different countrys acting under several, entirely different law sets.

"If they just put translations into the Japanese release and it was playable then they could do that for more games than doing a full localisation." Again, not possible. Like is said, translating something already is the most costly and time consuming aspect of the whole thing.
And without further localising it, no retailer outside of japan can put the game on shelfes, since it simply isnt available to them.
No store will say "well, we just order them from japan then", that would cost insane amounts of money for them.
Thats were local manufacturing comes into play. Make the games where they are put on shelves to shorten transportation routes. You need the man in the middle for this.



Einherjar commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

@unrandomsam And your point is ? Youre saying that translating a game is pointless since YOU didnt like it ?
And even dowload releases need to be oficially rated, there are no two ways about it.

Youre talking about a minority of games here. Care to play through, say, a full fledged RPG in japanese ?

And if you read my former post, localisation is NOT just translating a game. The translation is the most time consuming aspect, thats why most games these days only come in english and only the biggest titles get the benefit of a text translation.
Even IF you abandon translating a title, the whole localisation process is still a behemoth and still very costly.

And if your point should be "abandon localisation and make importing a default" let me tell you that we, and i guess thats not that uncommon in other countrys too, charge a ceretain tax fee for importing goods.
So you end up with a game you cant understand, but have to pay more for it in general.
Making them available through download only in other territorys would neglect the tax fee at the customs, but the game would still be unreadable for the majority, especially when it comes from japan.



Einherjar commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

@Wouwter Localisation =/= Translation. Translating the title is only one small step of localization, and because of how costly it is already, its even skipped more often these days.
Localisation is anything from finding a regional publisher, maybe opening a regional branch, producing promotion material, manuals and inlays, getting the rights top sell it in the first place, getting it rated. And all that managed from the other side of the world :P

For instance, our USK (the age rating organization here) only rates games, send to them in physical form. So, whatever you do, you need at least one mastered dist of you game no matter what.
Likewise, if they dont let you pass and youll need to change aspects of your game (also time consuming) youll need to send in a censored copy later on, meaning another master disc for a game, that may end up as an eShop only title.

So, even though games over there in the netherlands are in english, that doesnt mean that the dev didnt have to jump through several burning hoops to get that game to your country ;)

Also, if youre dutch, were basically neighbors ;)

To the store thing: Technically, you can access the stores of other regions on your console.
On an X360, you have to use a VPN tunnel to do it. Should you get busted, your concole gets banned.

On a PS3, you "just" have to make a fake account of that region. The biggest problem here: Sony has a region lock for credit cards and an embargo for online retailers sending prepaid cards to other countrys.
For me, its rather cumbersome to get my hands on PSN$ cards.
Also, fake accouts tend to get banned.

With Nintendo, i heard it has something to do with your regional settings of the device itself, but i have enver tried it. I have also never heard of bannings due to that, maybe because it only worked for a handfull of people.

So, to sum it all up: Of course you can. There is always a way to trick the system. The problem is, you may be able to, but you are not allowed to do it. Its against the respective EULA and as far as i know, still a legal grey area.



Einherjar commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

@Wouwter Localisation is one of the most costly and time consuming aspects of creating a game. Thus, releasing every region at the same time is a real feat in an of itself. Just look how long it takes for Shovel Knight to arrive in the west.

For smaller companys, its almost impossible to do so. And in cases like Rune Factory 4, the localization was the impossible part for the dev. They simply didnt have the money to do so.
Getting the rights to publish a game here in germany for instance is lake teaching a pig to fly. And trust me, that would probably be less stressfull.

To the network thingy: Different regions connect to different servers. Even non multiplayer games might do it for update reasons etc.
So, you basically need every system to be able to connect to every server possible or have every regional server store data from games, not available on that region. Even that can create legal difficultys, as other regions have other laws for server usage.
For instance, thats one of the reasons why most console devs outright ban accounts / consoles accessing servers / stores from other regions.
Normally you would say "why do they care, money is money right ?" bt the legal issues that come with it are the real problem.

Even some import stores had to shut down because of that. In some countrys, its illegal to import unrated media. Importing overgoes these testings of "what your laws think is good for you" and therefore, create legal issues. Outright blocking imported content is one way of dealing with the afterglow of such problems.

Its the same deal why peanut packs come labeled with the obvious warning, that they contain traces of peanuts. Its to prevent lawsuits.

And to be perfectly honest, sure, im also mad for missing out on games like RF4, but there are only a handfull games that hevent been released over here. Not buying a console because of an amount of games you can count on one hand would be unreasonable.



Einherjar commented on Sorry, Contrary to Rumours the New Nintendo 3D...:

@Wouwter There are a bunch of legal reasons to do it, though i have to say that im not 100% up to date on my infos regarding it.
For the consumer himself, there are no reasons, that for sure. For the consumer, such an action only brings negative aspects with it.
But think of it that way: A company produces a game and releases it in the US region. Everyone in the EU region goes ahead and buys this version. A bit later. the localized version gets released and not bought, because people already own the other one.
Then there is always the hassle of online integration, console region, access point region, game region yadda yadda.

With sonys network being a clusterf**k already, i think they had no point in dealing with region locking. Microsoft let developers chose if they wanted to include it or not. Some games had it, others didnt.
Its basically just purchase region controll etc.

Like i said, for us, its a negative point, but it can bring benefits for developers. The problem is, that gamers most often just look at a problem from their own perspective.

Or to put it bluntly: If a developer cuts off potential import purchases, there have to be reasons for doing so other than, going by popular opinion, f**king with the consumer.