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Einherjar commented on Meme Run Disappears from the Wii U eShop:

@MasterBlaster Woah, easy there fido.
First, that guy acomplished nothing ;) If i slam my head on the keyboard, i can produce better code than he did. Actually, everyone can.
You learn that stuff on basic, free "how to programm" courses on the internet.
Second, no i wont. Why ? Because i dont want to rip off people, thats why ;)
If i ever join in on the eShop, i make sure i deliver a quality product.
And i dont have the time to do one.
My dignity prevents me from releasing half arsed garbage like that ;)
Third, what does it have to do with guts ? I mean seriously ? Sure, the guy had guts to release such a game and not bury himself out of pure shame.
Some call it guts, some call it stupidity or an inflated ego.



Einherjar commented on Meme Run Disappears from the Wii U eShop:

Soo, lets keep an eye out for NinjaPigs account on here and how long it takes for it to vanish too :P
This game was a "no effort" scam. Stolen assets hacked together to resamble something remotely "game like" and sold for money.
I just wished that the "buying it for the lolz rofl yolo" money went into my pockets instead though...
People can be so stupid sometimes....



Einherjar commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

@Caryslan "Where is the company that proudly did games that were different from anything on Nintendo or Playstation?"

The answer to that is rather simple, really.
What is the biggest critique Nintendo has to face these days ? Exactly, not making everything exactly like the others.
But other than Sega, Nintendo is really stubborn, probably even "oldschool" not to change their ways in the slightest.
And now look at what the mentioned japanese companies did before they literally fell apart...
They changed...and no, this is no "change is bad" rant. But a japanese company is a japanese company. Pretending to be more westernized then a western company is a sure missfire.
It was for Capcom, it was for Konami and it was for Sega.
The company that still hold their old mascots dear ? The one still being very "jaanesy" ? Nintendo, the only one still being in the game.

In Segas Genesis age, their portfolio was unique and a definite contrast compared to Nintendo. Thats what made them interesting, and thats what made the whole "console wars" thing worthwhile.

The next gen ? Nintendo was THE multiplayer / party / "playing with friends" console, Sony offered new, grand games with the Playstation and Sega ? Sega strived for arcade perfection with the Saturn...and they succeeded !
Be it Shmups, Fighters etc. If youre into arcade games, there is no way around a saturn. But thats not all ! Panzer Dragoon Saga turned RPGs upside down, Shining Force 3 was the most ambitious sRPG up to this point.

The Dreamcast made online gaming accessable and paved the way for things like Xbox Life.
They were innovators, rebels. They aimed for goals, no one else targeted and thus accumulated one of the most dedicated fanbases ever.
Heck, people are still developing official releases for the Dreamcast !

Then, they tried to be the crowd pleaser. To become more "westernized", to appeal to an audience, that would never be interested in them, no matter what.

"Where is the company that proudly did games that were different from anything on Nintendo or Playstation?"

Its right there with Capcom and Konami. Three of the four Kings of the golden console age are dead.
And thats exactly why i can deal with Nintendo being "behind the times".
Because they are still the Nintendo, i loved back then.
Still not doing what others dictate, like the others used to do too.



Einherjar commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

@Caryslan Absolutely right.
But consider the two things: At its time, Shenmue was a highly ambitious title, possibly biting off mor ethan it could chew.
Nowadays, such a game would be half as complicated to make and, depending on the platform, half as expansive.

And Shenmue is some sort of "mystical super game from ancient past" on the Internet. Its surrounded by massive hype.
I never played the series, but i mentioned it, because its one of the most demanded and probably most well known IPs out there.

But youre also totally right regarding their many other IPs.
Phantasy Star, as a strictly sci fi classic JRPG would be a welcome addition to the genre, that is dominated by high fantasy and / or steampunk settings.
Even the Star Ocean series is more oriented towards high fantasy themes than anything.

Panzer Dragoon is an all time favourite of mine. And a well made Sequel to Panzer Dragoon Saga would probably blow some minds.

They have so many unique IPs under their belt that simply vanished into obscurity. And even the more obvious ones, like Shenmue, are left untouched. In a world, where devs strife for fotorealism, a martial arts "life simulator" could be THE sleeper hit. Im personally not a big fan, but there are plenty out there.

But they cling onto Sonic, as if it is their sole life line, when in reality, it is their anchorn, dragging them down deeper and deeper.



Einherjar commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

@Grumblevolcano Well, come on, one was for Handhelds, the other one was for consoles. I wouldnt be soooo picky ;)
The whole "NEW" series wasnt the biggest hit, i admit that. But having a handheld and a console specific release back to back is hardly overwhelming.
For example NSMB Wii came 2009, NSMB U 2012, 3 years in between two 2D Mario titles. I Think thats perfectly fine.
The same goes for 3D Mario games: Galaxy 2 2010, 3D World 2013, also 3 Years.
And, well, one 2D and one 3D Mario game for Handhelds in between.

Compare that to other franchises, like Ubis AC, which is at a point of releaseing two main games at the same time (!).
I personally have no idea why people think that the market is flooded with Mario platformers to be honest, because the closest gap was back in 1988, when SMB 2 and 3 were released in the same year. Everything else had at least 2 years in between.

And you have to differantiate between console and handheld releases, as there are plenty of people out there that dont own both platforms.

The WiiU launched back in 2012 and has 2 main Mario games so far, the Wii had 3 by its fourth year.
The 3DS is also four years old and still only has two main Mario games.
So i really dont know if that already counts as "too often"



Einherjar commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

@Grumblevolcano Yup, rereleases are absolutely fine, as these games basically work in favor of the franchise.
In regards to Mario: Yes and No. Its certainly overdone, but these games are generally excellent, thats why i dont really mind them at all.
And Mario starring in different games (Kart, Party, Sports etc) is, in my opinion, really a non issue.
I see it as Miyamoto does: Hes some sort of "digital actor", a blank slate for many roles. And it saves time getting to know your characters, making room for a more gameplay oriented experience.

Sonic on the other hand is not only reinvented everytime, the games tend to be sub par at best. Buying a new Sonic game is like throwing a hand of dice: Youll never know is its going to be a passable game or garbage like Boom was. And at a point like this, you can safely say that this franchise has overstood its welcome.



Einherjar commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

Soo, the one thing that lead to their downfall is also the one thing they wont drop ?
Seriously Sega, the Sonic franchise needs to be put on ice. Its pretty obvious that none of your teams, in-house or hired liked to work on stuff like that.
Give it a rest.

Its so hard to swallow that they rather continue a series, that went from being Marios main nemesis to an absolute laughing stock, then to pick up one of their many many excellent other IPs.

How about a new true Shining Force game ? What about your many great racing games like Hang On, Out Run, Sega Rally or Daytona ?
Why not something more obscure, like a sequel to Burning Rangers ?
Or for a more crazy idea, how about freakin Shenmue 3 ?

Nope, it has to be Sonic, the one franchise that is, at this point, as appealing as a pimple.
One of the only franchises, where i could perfectly understand if people just dont want to give it any more chances...

Again, the best course of action in my opinion:
Put Sonic on ice untill the staff REALLY wants to make another one, instead of being ordered to do so.

At this rate, Sega has two ways to go:
The Capcom way: Completely lose their reputation, fanbase and last but not least, a turtle ton of money.
The Konami way: Pretty much fade into obscurity in modern gaming. Just being a footnote of a certain series / developer.



Einherjar commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

@Quorthon The point im trying to make is, that for most of these games, you dont need to invest in a 400 bucks console.
A PS3, which most people own, and those who dont can get one extremely cheap, is absolutely sufficient.

And of course, the PC is no direct competition in that sense, i realise that too. But im strictly talking about "no way around then to get this specific console" games.
With Nintendo platforms, its their own in-house franchises, that generally produce fantastic games.
The same goes for Sony, though their portfolio of games like this is rather small overall. And like i said, for the most part, their "killer apps" are also available on a much much cheaper system.

Their overall offering is big and varied, granted, but it doesnt have these "i need THAT console" games im talking about.
Like i said, for multiplat titles, you could very well go with a one or a PC, for most of their in-house stuff, go with a much cheaper PS3.



Einherjar commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

@Quorthon First light is a standalone Add on to Second Son. Valid Point, but still "more of the same"
Resogun is now a Multiplat title, the same goes for Grim Fandango and Rogue Legacy

I was strictly talking about the big, exclusive fishes here, and there are 5 in total.You know, games you buy a new console for, because they are not on any other system.

In regards to SF: The franchise defined the genre, absolutely true, SF4 (especially SUPER) was a loveletter to the community.
SF5 on the other hand, is quite a laughing stock. It looks like SF4, it plays like SF4...its down to the details when its actually available.
And with the "Definitive" edition of SF 4 released at the same time, SF5 has hardly anything going for it at the moment.

The Fighting Game people ive talked to are much more hyped for Guilty Gear and a bunch of indie fighting games comming to Evo and other tourneys.



Einherjar commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

@Superstick If its library excites you, go for it !
Dont take my bad luck streak with Sony as an indicator for something.
Example: My PC peripherals are from a company called Roccat. Amazon reviews are 90% bad, mostly because of faulty hardware during the first 2 weeks !
And yet, my stuff is about a year old now ;) Keyboard still lighted uo, Mousewheel still working like its day 1. Just keep an eye on your warranty, if you have the chance, expand it even.
400 bucks is a big deal and, well, the system IS faulty, just like the gen one 360s were.

@electrolite77 Exclusives dont matter ?`They are the bread and butter of every system !
If only third party multi plat titles matter, the PS4 is a piece of expansive trash. Go for a gaming PC or a One. Less faulty hardware, same games.



Einherjar commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

@Quorthon Nope, 5 exclusive retail games:
The Order

Everything else is available on other platforms too.

And youve got to be kidding me with SF V being a "high profile" title O.o
Wake me up when it has become something more than just another version of SF 4 in disguise...

Youre right with Bloodborne though.
And in regards to their 2015 lineup: Lets wait and see. DriveClub was also scheduled to be a launch title :P

But jokes aside, the current exclusive lineup (especially regarding retail games) is abyssmal.

Also, im pretty mad at the system and sony in general since today, my PS4 died for no reason after 6 months of barely using it.
Let me tell you, a pretty hefty price for a cardboarf box only containing a faulty paperweight.
Aside from teh first gen 360, the PS4 has to be the most faulty "main" system to ever hit the market...



Einherjar commented on Take A Glance At The First Screens From Downto...:

Um, i guess you guys confused River City Ransom with, well, Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zenin Shugo which was a "follow" up to River City Ransom on the NES set in ancient Japan.
This is NOT River City Ransom, Downtown Special was a seperate game which never made it out of japan



Einherjar commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...: i the only one not understanding why "fun factor" isnt the number one pick with any entertainment media device ?
Also, game library on the Ps4 ? Really ? The device that sports a whopping 5 exclusive games after roughly 14 Months ?



Einherjar commented on Former Rare Developers Will Show Off Their New...:

Considering that many of these devs want to work with nintendo again, especially Grant Kirkhope, who mentioned it a couple of times, i think that the WiiU is rather high on their platform list.

Though i have to say, Nintendo should outright buy them as a 1st party developer. Rare, in that position, worked wonders. Their expertise and Nintendos watchfull eye created some of the best games ever made, that are even fondly remembered to this day.

So, its not just that Nintendo would gain another good dev, but theyve already proven that a collaboration like this can result in phenomenal products.

Think about it Nintendo, make them your own, not only would they probably really like that and benefit from a little funding, like Platinum did with great results, but youd definitly score a few system sellers that way ;)



Einherjar commented on Feature: Say Hello To The CPS Changer, Capcom'...:

So, based on its hardware concepts...its basically a console with "infinite potential" as the game itself brings all the hardware with it ? :D

Not all that different to an actual arcade cabinet.
But yeah...the golden age, when Capcom ruled the gaming world.
I miss them so darn much...

I guess the system itself is impossible to track down for a mere mortal ?
Even more reasons to finally build my own, dedicated MAME machine :3



Einherjar commented on Reaction: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an Impres...:

Day 1 purchase no doubt.
And in no way would i want to miss out on the english dub for this game.
Fantastic VAs all around, especially Reyns thick cockney accent :3

And like many others, im still a bit baffled that they actually pulled it off to make this game portable.
It was stunning on the Wii, and im sure it will be just as amazing on the go.

Definitly among the top JRPGs of all time if you ask me.
Although i wish that they would have revamped the quest system a little, showing when and where new quests popped up.
The amount of sidequests and the fact, that they are tied to the in game time can get pretty overwhelming.



Einherjar commented on Series Producer Ichiro Hazama Says Theatrhythm...:

I never knew the series had so many tracks :P

But in all honesty, what happened to Curtain Call in terms of DLC was a travesty. You pay roughly 40€ for the game and, if you wantall the DLC songs, another 80+
Sure, a buck per item doesnt sound all that bad on paper, but if you look at the big picture, its ridiculous.
Square should really really get their stuff together...
This amount of DLC, and dont get me wrong, the main game is jam packet ful of songs already, nothing to complain there, is simply insane, made even worse without any form of pakage deals (Game packs etc)

Then there is stuff like not releasing games at all, franchise milking, not unlocking their entire FF PSP library for PS TV use (yes, i hate them for THAT)...

You could say that square isnt really all that "customer oriented" these days...and thats teh friendly version.



Einherjar commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

The Amiibo concept in and of itself is simply spectacular.
Not only do you get small, extremely detailed figurines of your most beloved Nintendo characters, but they can also be integrated into several different games. And the best thing: They are pretty affordable.

But, to even talk about reaching a certain potential, the whole stocking problem must be eliminated.
They will never reach their potential if people desperatly struggle to get their hands on certain figures in the first place.

So, first the stock problems, then potential talk.



Einherjar commented on New River City Ransom Game Announced For The J...:

To this day, i have no clue why this isnt one of the most sought after IPs from a publishers standpoint.
Its extremely versatile, highly exploitable and, lets face it, hugely popular, even though many people dont even know the core franchise behind games like Nintendo Worldcup, Disgeball or River City Ransom.

Kunio and his clique is a one of a kind mascot.They can be both goofy and serious, work with pretty much every genre there is, as long as it involves beating a dude with another dude and are not some kind of animal or fantasy creature thingy (among mascots a rarety)



Einherjar commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Visuals Stand U...:

@liveswired Im pretty sure that it will be noticable, but im one of the few people who would play a great game even if it would use ASCII graphics :P
I dont really care to be honest :)
But yeah, the first things that get hit by conversions like that are audio files, then textures and maybe some polys.
But having seen the model viewer, that doesnt seem to be the case here.



Einherjar commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

I give them the benefit of the doubt for this to simply be a game to test the waters.
From the wy it looks like, its the usual Smart Phone F2P game setup.
Cozy tutorial, unbeatable mid to late game without spending Oktoroks of cash on it.

Again, this is something im not overly offensed by for the simple reason that the "game" itself doesnt cost a penny.
Seeing stuff like this already show up in retail games is far far more frightening.

So, Nintendo, test the waters, see if it works out, i personally highly doubt it, but well see.
If the reactions here are universal, i doubt well be seeing something like that ever again, at least not from Nintendo themselfes.



Einherjar commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has Shipped Over 3 M...:

@shigulicious Absolutely. The C-Nub is a real pain in the goomba and takes some serious getting used to....
But it works, its not comfortable or easy, but it works.

I seriously hope that a future OS update will bring a sensetivity slider for the C-Nub with it.
So yeah, especially for newcomers, the CPP is the definitive way to go.
Veterans probably dont even need a second stick from the good old PSP days anyways :P



Einherjar commented on Eiji Aonuma Admits That Remakes Such as Majora...:

@Sean_Aaron No Offense, but youre a little dense, arent you ?
First off, Pullblox is not a multi plattform title, Pullblox World on WiiU is a standalone game and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong will probably also be less of a direct Port, but that is to be seen.

And regarding the VC games...let me guess...maybe because they cost 8€ instead of 45€ ? Maybe because people know, that they are up to 30+ Years old and not newly made games...
Maybe because there is a destinct difference between a 16bit game and one, that is stretched from 400 × 240 to 1920 x 1080 with the same texturing work.

Maybe its, that these games cant simply be emulated, but need to be made to run natively on completely different hardware, which takes time and effort.



Einherjar commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

Went to the stores around here this morning...sold out everywhere...
Why ? Because its the first system ever where the street date was broken.
That literally never happened before. With games, regularly, but with systems it has been rather strict.
So im a know....



Einherjar commented on Review: Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ (3DS):

@Shiryu Youre definitly not the only one feeling like that.
Its the perfect blend of classic, old school Ace Combat gameplay with a few modern touches that dont mess with the core gameplay.
This game is simply pleasing everyone, from old time fans to new adopters.

And to be brutally honest, the 3D tracking and the additional buttons would have been enough for me to double dip on this one.
Its such a fun and fantastic title



Einherjar commented on Eiji Aonuma Admits That Remakes Such as Majora...:

@Sean_Aaron Name these releases on both Platforms then.
And the answer for why shouldnt they: Development time / cost.

They would need a boost in textures to look remotely decent on the WiiU. WIthout that, there is no way people are going to pay the retail price for them.
Retexturing these games would cost additional money, time and workforce that is much better invested into new products.



Einherjar commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

@ylitvinenko Huh ? So whats the 10€ pricetag for ? The Framework ? Or do i simply get a nice Title screen to look at ?

@Pod I never questioned that. They produced some of the most technical stunning games out there. One of my favourites being the GBA V-Rally, which is still impressive.
What i was questioning is, why "shoehorned in DLC" is necessary. A solid game doesnt need to hide behind a bargain pricetag. Sure, it might be bland and unimaginative, but that could be said about the entire top 10 software sales charts too.
Nowadays, DLC comes with a very bitter aftertaste. So why go that route ?
People waited quite some time for this game, its technically impressive and its genre is totally underrepresented on the system.
There is no need to hack the game apart.

Dont get me wrong, this doesnt make the game bad or anything. Thats not what im trying to say. For me, its just an unnecessary thing to do. Nothing more.

@unrandomsam Same answer as above, except that your comparison is entirely opinion based. Wether or not Moon is more enjoyable than Ironfall is up for debate. Fact is, i think both business practices, meaning th episodic release and unneccesary DLC, are utterly unneccessary and rarely do the product in question any favours.



Einherjar commented on Eiji Aonuma Admits That Remakes Such as Majora...:

@Sean_Aaron Well, to be honest, why should they ?
Ocarina isnt there, because it came out at a time, when the WiiU wasnt released yet. Making ANOTHER port would be ridiculous.
Majora ins on the 3DS, because Ocarina is there.
And you can get both games from the Wii Shop Channel if you want to play them on the big screen on your WiiU.
There is no reason to make yet another port of these games, as they add nothing more than a slight, graphical overhaul (and minor gameplay tweeks in Majora).
And should you argue with "but we also got Wind Waker HD":
The original game isnt playable on the WiiU and it greatly benefited from its enhancments.
It was a very polarizing game back in the day, and im not talking about its graphical style.
Many many players (in fact, pretty much all of my friends) quit the game halfway through once the Triforce hunt was on.
Coupled with the originals ridiculous sailing speed, it simply turned many people away from it. With a few distractions more on the ocean, and the enhanced sailing speed, its much more enjoyable.



Einherjar commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

So, they make a new IP with a rather bland single player portion and think its a good idea to load the game with multiplayer DLC ?
Not the wisest aproach if you ask me...
How about raising the games prise by a fiver and sell the full package, to avoid the inevitable sour aftertaste ?



Einherjar commented on 3DS Flashcard Users Playing ROMs Online Report...:

@Monado_III take an 8th generation console as the sole example why it isnt the case ? Not even the president knows why the system sells that well, nobody does, as there is absolutely no reason for it.
No noteworthy features, next to no exclusive games.
Beats me why this brick is selling so well, but it sure doesnt serve as the one argument to debunk mine ;)



Einherjar commented on 3DS Flashcard Users Playing ROMs Online Report...:

@Monado_III Youre not misunderstanding me, and since ever.
The PS1 got its biggest boost in sales once the Mod Chip came to life.
The original Xbox got second wind after it was discovered, that you could install games on it and boot them without a disc, and even the 360 got a giant boost in sales after it was modable.
People tend to buy consoles that are in some way modable to play pirated copies.
The best selling consoles are also the ones that were "cracked" pretty early.
Heck, it was the only lifeline the PSP had for most of its lifetime.
One of the biggest, most dedicated mod scenes ever.
Just look at Lumines for the PSP. Once the word was out, that it could be used as an exploit to softmod the system, it was sold out everywhere.
The modding scene was so big, talented and quick, that sony actually took the game down, instead of fixing the exploit in question since they couldnt keep up with them.



Einherjar commented on 3DS Flashcard Users Playing ROMs Online Report...:

To be fair, im a big fan of such flashcards under very specific restrictions:

  • The system must be "out of production"
  • No Roms of games that are easily available to me
  • No online interactions what so ever

Its a blessing for things like Fan-Translations or "Hacks" improving games like enhancing the soundtrack of FF VI Advance.

But piracy, although often heavily overdramatized as it literally is the number one system seller out there, is still a major problem.

Hackers and pirates should always be punished, no matter how.



Einherjar commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

As if the "install base" excuse is still valid...
The point is, and even though mainstream media loves to disagree, the WiiUs current Library is the strongest this gen so far,
And Nintendo plattforms are most often bought by people, who specifically want to play these high quality titles.
To stand up against them, its needs quite a bit effort, that less and less peopel are willing to put into their games.



Einherjar commented on Review: Moon Chronicles: Episodes 2-4 (3DS eShop):

Renegade Kid gets way less credit than they deserve in my opinion.
They deliver solid games. Their business practices are a little wonky though.

And id love to support them, but they dont seem to know that we europeans exist :/



Einherjar commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Visuals Stand U...:

Its very close, but the Wii version obviusly is still quite a bit above the N3DS remake.
Though mostly in terms or texture resolution, which is perfectly understandable, considering how much landscape this game renders all at once.
Handhelds will always have their limitations, even the fabled "portable PS3" Vita pales in comparison to an actual PS3 in many many ways.

But i still think that porting this game over to the N3DS is still quite a feat.
And like a few people already said:
The trailer isnt a perfect representation either. Its stretches the visuals, doesnt display them in 3D etc.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

@Donutman Id love to have a feature to upvote you post !
Very very nice read, and i agree completely.
And yes, as long as there is this safe haven for games to be just that, games, i dont really care how many other kind of games there are.

Funny thing: This is exactly why i never even started playing "The last of Us" because i couldnt stand its melancholic "oh, maybe we are the real monsters" philosophical tone.
BUT i love "Uncharted", made by the same people, basically the same gameplay and yet, its overall tone is completely different and much much more fun.
Adventure Dude finds a new clue, goes out to find it and shoots a couple of other dudes.
Thats all it takes to entertain.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: This Video Uses Super Mario Bros. 2...:

How about we keep politics out of Video Games and simply play them to have know, like in the old days.
There are more than enough games out there weighted down by whining about real world issues, wars, political schemes and concepts etc.
Nintendo games are a safe haven from all of this, lets keep it that way...