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Mon 7th Oct 2013

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Eden_Valkyrie commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

Thanks for the awful censorship, NINTENDO. I will no longer be buying this game when it's out, unless they give us an uncensored version. Why remove outfits? The character isn't even human and is also a video game character... Even in real life if you go to the beach, you will see plenty of young girls in swim suits so what's the problem?? Why on earth would they remove the breast slider? I just don't understand. Females in real life, like myself, don't have just one breast size. Why can't I make my character have the same proportions as me?? Why does Nintendo discriminate against women with large or flat chests? It's not fair. Another thing, probably the most important, WHY would you rewrite parts of the story and remove religious things from it?? Respect the original creators ideas!!! Stop trying to appeal to westerners and make things 'safe' for small children. Even they know what all of these things are like crosses, or breasts. There are ratings for a reason. Us westerners don't want the story changed! Why do you think we like anime/manga? Not because it's trying to be like western shows or comics, but because it's different! Nintendo has altered and censored many games in the past for no good reason, like Fatal Frame, Bravely Default, Zelda Triforce Heroes, Fire Emblem, etc. Stop altering everything, putting in memes/western culture, rewriting parts of the story and removing costumes and content! This Censorship needs to stop! Give us the uncensored version of this game!



Eden_Valkyrie commented on One Piece: Romance Dawn Won't Be Sailing To No...:

Why does NA never get the good games? Not all of us play FPS games! Do they realize how much more money they could of had? or how many fans there are in NA? They would only need to change all the menus and stuff to English and they can even add in English subtitles to the cut scenes and stuff...since the English version of the anime isn't very far. I like the Japanese version of the show better anyway.