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EdEN commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

@ricklongo To be fair, Lobodestroyo had a $35,000 main goal (Extra $9k over AG), Earthlock was at $150,000 (looking forward to playing this one!), Shovel Knight was at $75,000 and Mighty No. 9 had Wii U as a $2.2 MILLION stretch goal.

On the other hand, Animal Gods is set at $26k with Wii U along with the main goal.

And I've seen other projects with Wii U as the main goal but not as part of the "just the game" reward tier. Warlocks comes to mind as a recent success story that was set like that.

And I'm a console gamer as well, so for me the extra PC copy will be used as a gift. I see it as getting the soundtrack for $10, so it works for me. Sure, I'd always like it to be lower, but after backing so many projects I know how much it costs devs to develop a game and how much it costs to create the extra rewards they offer on a KS.

Anyway, Animal Gods has 5 days to go and is $4,700 away from funding so hopefully it makes it. The more Wii U games, the better!



EdEN commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

@ricklongo As stated at the KS, the game will retail for $15.

And as you've said, the $25 isn't just for the Wii U copy, since it also includes a PC/Mac/Linux copy copy AND a download for the soundtrack. Out of a $25 pledge, $2.50 is instantly gone thanks to KS and Amazon fees, so they're down to $22.50 from a $25 pledge. Add the cost for getting a Wii U code to a $25 and higher backer, and you're down to waaay less than $20 to develop the game.

$25 gets you two copies of a $15 game and a copy of the soundtrack. Having backed as many KS campaigns as I have, the $25 tier offers great value (and I'm already at a higher tier than that at Animal Gods in order to get several physical rewards).

Btw, which KS campaigns have you backed where Wii U is at the same slot as PC/Mac/Linux? Can't remember many that did that.



EdEN commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

@vonseux Well, if you don't back the project there is a chance it won't fund and therefore it might never be released at all.

As for the Wii U being included at $25 and higher, well, Wii U download codes cost devs money, and if there is no money left to develop the game after that cost and KS and Amazon fees are taken...



EdEN commented on Review: Turtle Tale (3DS eShop):

@vonseux: Not really. I've played the game to review it over at 4cr, and it's a fun platformer (obviously developed on a low budget) with around 3-4 hours of content. When you complete the game after collecting all the fruit, a second quest is unlocked, and this features no checkpoints, a higher difficulty and a new set of 15 levels.

Definitely worth the $3.



EdEN commented on Sword 'N' Board Confirmed For Wii U:

I did a feature on Sword 'N' Board and I was very happy when Robert finally announced that the game is coming to Wii U. There's still time to reach the stretch goals for the campaign!



EdEN commented on Review: Cloudberry Kingdom (Wii U eShop):

@odd69: Get it on Wii U. The Wii U gamepad's Dpad is perfect for the game. I've completed 5 chapters on PS3 and 3 on Wii U, and the game is easier to get into on Wii U because of the superior gamepad.



EdEN commented on Boxed Copies of Mutant Mudds May Be Possible:

@Everyone: There is no way to manufacture 1,000 3DS cartridges ad sell them for $20 each. This is an expensive process, and a Kickstarter makes sense since it would be an "all or nothing" scenario. Doing a regular pre-order campaign would mean we'd al have to wait a year for the 1,000 cartridges to be bought.



EdEN commented on Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Wii U eShop):

That's odd, I never had a problem with being able to tell where a platform was between the 3 layers either when playing on TV or on the GamePad.

I played Mutant Mudds on 3DS for review, and just did the same for Mutant Mudds Deluxe (while also obtaining every all 80 water sprite from all regular, secret, Grannie and ghost levels).

For me, the game is a 9. Definitely not perfect, but a very fun and tight platformer on Wii U. You're looking at 5-7 hours for $10 which is a lot of content for a small investment. If I found the game to be fun on Wii U even after obtaining 100% on the 3DS version, then I don't think the score should be a 7.



EdEN commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

@ThomasBW84: Most of the updates for Kickstarter projects that reach their goal are marked "backer-only" and only backers can read them because that is part of the reward. You're giving a dev money to create a game, and you are then given a look at how things are done and how the project is coming along.

That is part of the problem with how some people view your post because if a project has, say, 20 updates after reaching its goal and 18 are "backer-only" updates, you can't get the full picture of what is going on.

Thanks for getting in touch with Pwnee. Always interesting to see things from both perspectives.



EdEN commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

@rjejr: Amazon takes a 5% cut from what you earn in Kickstarter, and Kickstarter takes another 5%. After that, all money left is taxable and must be reported to the IRS. If you are registered as a business, you can declare the manufacturing of rewards and the shipping costs as expenses to run said business and would pay taxes on the actual profit left.

Some States also have special rules in place and you could end up paying half the taxes if you're a newly created business, employ X number of people, and so on.



EdEN commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

@ThomasBW84: From my perspective, it doesn't really change the dynamic at all. In the case of Cloudberry, people that backed the project are getting their rewards, just as they would have if Ubi didn't come into the picture. Having Ubi come along for the ride means that the game could potentially sell more units, thus bringing a profit to Pwnee and Ubi, and allowing the indie studie to develop another game (or pay of debt) and Ubi would take a gamble again on publishing another indie game.

That right there, at least for me, is a Win-Win-Win for backers, the indie dev and the publisher.



EdEN commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

Also, lets not kid ourselves: if Nintendo showed up with a Kickstarter account on Monday telling us they want $5 million to release a limited edition 3DS Box set with a cartridge for Mother 1-3, a soundtrack, 3 small vinyl figures and a big strategy guide (like they did for Earthbound in the SNES) for $150 we would all be praising them for listening to the fans hehehe.



EdEN commented on Talking Point: The Blurring Lines of Kickstart...:

Ok, lets clear something up: having a small, medium or large studio pick up your game for publishing, and having said studio provide funds to DEVELOP AND COMPLETE said game are two different things.

When a studio like Nicalis picks up The 90's Arcade Racer it is probably to get the game in the eshop since they are a licensed Nintendo dev and publisher who has paid for a dev kit and has a history of releasing games for Nintendo's digital service. This way, the developer can focus on finishing the game and not having to worry about requesting a dev kit and going through the approval process, or submitting the game to Lotcheck, or promoting the game before and after the release. This will all be taken care of by the publisher, in exchange for a cut of profits from sales.

Sure, there might be some cases where the publisher provides SOME funds to finish a game, but it probably will never completely fund the development of these type of indie games. If Kickstarter allows us to get more games on the Wii U and 3DS eshops by having us cover most of the cost, there is no problem. I look forward to The 90's Arcade Racer, Another Castle, Super Ubi Land and Cloudberry Kingdom, and wouldn't mind backing new indie games on Kickstarter.



EdEN commented on Developer Interview: Shin'en Multimedia on Nin...:

@3dbrains If you're really going all digital, you should definitely buy a Deluxe. Remember, it includes a 2 year "subscription" that entitles you to 10% back in points for all your digital purchases. Basically, for every $50 in purchases you can ask for a code to redeem in the eshop for $5 in credit. With all your digital purchases, you would be getting a LOT back with the $50 extra for the Deluxe AND you'd have Nintendoland for free!



EdEN commented on Nintendo Targets 5.5 Million Wii U Sales This ...:

They will make that target. The Wii U is sold out in the US, and will be sold out right up to next year. If they can bring enough consoles to stores before Christmas is here, they will sell out of every single one.



EdEN commented on Feature: Nintendo Life's Top 20 Wii Games:

Own every single game on that list, adn then some.

Now, as for games that might be "missing"? Last Story, Zack and Wiki and I'd favor No More Heroes 2 over the first one.



EdEN commented on Rumour: Nintendo Land May Not be Bundled With ...:

Well, the rumor i there will be 3 SKU:

1) $249 - Console and WiiPad.
2) $299 - Console, WiiPad, Wiimote+, Nunchuck, NintendoLand
3) $349 - Console, WiiPad, Wiimote+, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, NintendoLand

Me? I would be between the last two bundles, even if I already own 3 WM+, 2 Wiimote with WM+ Dongle, an 3 Nunchucks. That is a free set of controllers or a free game, depending on how you look at it.

I think Nintendo could also include a 4-8 GB SDHC card into each SKU, as to increase the storage memory right from the start, without increasing cost too much on their end. Heck, they could go to a 32 GB SDHC since those should cost them $10 at wholesale.



EdEN commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Retail Downloads Accou...:

I got NSMB2 as a download since I had money in my account, and the double CN coins were a nice bonus. Since our 3DS are already linked to our CN account, Nintendo just needs to do an update were we can "deactivate" our 3DS should it go bad, and reactivate our downloads on a new 3DS with the new serial number. Simple as that.



EdEN commented on Toki Tori - Game Boy Color Giveaway:

Entered! I panicked a bit as I had submitted without login to the site first, but luckily I had copy/pasted my entry and was able to login and submit.



EdEN commented on Dragon Quest X Wii Lands in Japan on 2nd August:

Looking forward to this. Been a while since I've had to pay a subscription to play, but if any game can make me do that, it is Dragon Quest. Just need to know about the Wii Version since I'll probably get that as it will be cross-play compatible with the Wii version.



EdEN commented on Rumour: Epic Mickey 2 Heading for 3DS:

Well, this makes even MORE sense when you realize they could sell Epic Mickey 2 to all 3DS owners that visit a theme park. They can buy the game and play it right then and there, while in Disney!



EdEN commented on Review: May's Mystery: Forbidden Memories (DS):

Well, when compared directly to Layton the game will suffer. I own the game (Gamestop exclusive in the US) and taken by itself, I would give it a high 7-low 8 rating. It's only $20, and you'll get several hours of fun out of your purchase.



EdEN commented on Ten Minutes of Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage Inside:

The Tron segment looks great! I've bought and played all of them except Birth by Sleep (siting on my games drawer so I'll get there before this one releases), and I'm definitely buying this one as well.