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United Kingdom

Sun 14th Feb 2010

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EdScissorshands commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

I'd be horrified if they announced a first person Zelda, I bought a Wii rather than an Xbox 360 or PS3 because I am sick of the amount of FPS after FPS games available for the other consoles, A FPAdventure Zelda would just be a bit like a Medieval Metroid Prime, which might appeal to some of you but I want Zelda not Metroid - I played MP3 for a few hours but couldn't get into it at all. Maybe it'll be a bit more over the shoulder view (but still in 3rd person) like Gears of War or maybe just up a bit closer, like Links Cross Bow Training.

Anyway, hopefully Zelda Wii won't be in first person view just like it's obviously not true that Sonic will be in Mario Galaxy 2, certainly not as a playable character anyway - that would be ridiculous.

I'm hoping the announcement will be Star Fox Wii like many of you out there, I'd like to see a new Ninty console on the way too but I can't imagine it's going to be a new handheld (they've only just updated the DS recently and I think they' will be concentrating on the DSi Store to compete with the iPhone more than anything) I'd love to see a proper succesor to the gamecube - Nintendo have got away with using the technology from the last generation of consoles for over 3 years with the Wii and made a buckload of cash by innovating with the wiimotes etc. so they could be in the position to release a new console soon which is much more powerful than it's rivals, with at least 2-3 years before Microsoft and Sony could respond (especially Sony - the PS3's cost so much to produce they'll have to sell them for years before they can afford to put out a new console), Ninty could then keep on selling Wii's to casual gamers and sell it's new powerful machine to the more hardcore gamers out there and clean up, Here's to hoping anyway but I expect the announcement will be something far lamer...

...Like Mario Paint Wii ha ha ha ha