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United Kingdom

Mon 4th Aug 2014

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EchoPark commented on James Pond: Robocod Reboot No Longer Coming To...:

The problem with Sobers and Gamewares Kickstarter was they had nothing to show. It was all talk but nothing they could show off to grab folks attention. Plus would he been able to call the game James Pond? I thought System 3 now owns the rights to the game series?

I would actually love to play James Pond 2 once again, still a great wee platformer but the problem is folk like myself don't make up a lot of gamers these days and the title will be lost on the generation. It will get compared against other platform games and it won't do well. That's what happened with Putty Squad and Superfrog, the old retro folk loved it but the new generation .. not so much.