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Male, 22, United Kingdom

I'm an obsessive game collector, and I tend to want to know everything about the games I play. I thrive on useless trivia. :P My top favourite series is Castlevania.

Fri 16th April, 2010

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EarthboundBenjy commented on Guide: Building the Perfect Team in Pokémon X...:

My favourite Pokémon is Galvantula, and unfortunately, he isn't exactly the strongest out there. I have a team of Heat Rotom, Weavile, Ludicolo and Gliscor that I think work pretty well, but I'm not completely serious about the competitive side of things, so they're probably not going to do well in a real tournament. I also refuse to use Pokémon I dislike... Garchomp is one of my least favourites!



EarthboundBenjy commented on Month Of Kirby: Minigame Mania:

Canvas Curse (Power Paintbrush?) Has some of the most difficult minigames. You needed to get pretty dang good at them to be able to get the medal for completing them.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Feature: The Castlevania That Konami Doesn't W...:


Hmm. you're right. The video clearly shows a full-health Belmont getting an instant Game Over. I can only think that maybe my experience had something to do with the fact that I turned everything to the easiest settings?
In the Oretachi Ge-sen Zoku version, you can get up a menu by pressing R1 and L1, and you can and mess with the difficulty settings.
It's been a while, and I don't really feel like experimenting with this game, so I'll take your word over mine. Apologies!



EarthboundBenjy commented on Feature: The Castlevania That Konami Doesn't W...:

The worst Castlevania is BY FAR Castlevania Legends on the Game Boy.
Then afterwards Castlevania The Adventure on Game Boy.
This is only the third-worst Castlevania.
I played the Oretachi Gesen Zoku version on PS2, and I could only beat it by turning the difficulty way down. I still like it somewhat, though I know it's baaaad.

Also,an inaccuracy in the article: Yes, if you expend your credits you will game over if you die once, but falling down a hole does not kill you. It just removes a chunk of life and puts you further back.



EarthboundBenjy commented on GameSpy Shutting Down All Online Servers on 31...:

Would it be possible for dedicated fans to set up online play by themselves for the DS and Wii games?

I mean, when the DS is sending out its wireless communications, it expects to receive certain data back, right? Would it be possible to use a specifically-constructed wi-fi signal that makes the DS connect to a fan-run server instead?
Purely hypothetical... I really have no idea what I'm talking about, but I want to know if what I'm saying makes any sense at all.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:


Funnily enough I had been thinking about this by myself maybe just a little too much.
Lloyd, Luke, Cress, Asbel, and Emil are pretty much the only possible characters from Tales, as they are the only ones to appear on Nintendo systems. Though I guess Tales of Hearts and Tales of Innocence (And Tales of the Tempest) were on Nintendo DS, but it's so unlikely characters from them would get picked over Lloyd that they're practically impossible anyway.

I agree that Lloyd, Cress and Luke are the only potential Tales characters, with Lloyd being waaaay far ahead as being the most likely.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Hardware Classics: SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color:

I got this thing from eBay because there was one Sonic the Hedgehog game on it. That's it. I don't really have much of an interest in much else that was made for this machine, though I will say it's a pretty cool device.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Game Boy Advance Games On The Wii U Virtual Co...:

Does anyone remember the Game Gear games included with the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure DX?

They supported multiplayer. They just had two GG screens side-by-side and emulated a link cable between them.
Come on Nintendo! It's obviously possible!



EarthboundBenjy commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I want to point out the poll doesn't really cover every perspective.

There's a "Yes because it's purely for male gratifaction"
There's a "No, I like it, but it's fine"
and there's an "Undecided".

...Where's the "No, it's fine, but I'm personally not interested" option?
And where's the "No, though it's obvious that game was made to appeal to,men, I don't think there's a problem here" option?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

The characters in this game are very well-developed. I can very much see this game appealing to many people, male and female, and not just boys looking for cheap titillation.
It's very obvious that the game is intended to provide said titillation, but it comes off as funny just as much as it comes off as sexy. I say it's fine that there are all sorts of games, stuff like this included.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Capcom Is Aware That We All Want A New Mega Ma...:

I got these two collections from America for PS2. I then got X1, X2 and X3 for Super Famicom and a Japanese Saturn disc of X4 because I guess I wanted them separately (And in Japanese) because I liked 'em so much. :D This is my own kind of idiosyncrasy when it comes to game collecting though.

I would indeed like a collection like this to be released anywhere outside of America though.
I love how in the NES games, you can use the shoulder buttons to swap through items without pausing. This isn't possible on the virtual console versions of the NES games, obviously, so I definitely recommend these collections!



EarthboundBenjy commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

Despite this being a pretty rare game, I have two copies. One is a proper cartridge with this game's label, while the other is a nondescript casette from the "Nintendo Power" Japanese download service with this game on it.

This game is also hard as hell and I've never gotten very far at all.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Valve's Gabe Newell Thinks Super Mario 64 Is J...:

Mario 64 is okay. I never thought that this game had good controls though. Every Mario game after this had much better controls. Many other N64 games such as Banjo-Kazooie have better controls than this as well.

My favourite video game is Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, and my favourite Nintendo game is Metroid Prime followed closely by Majora's Mask.



EarthboundBenjy commented on New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Ava...:

I'm a bit of a game collector, so if I want a game, then I don't really mind spending a lot for it, because I'm not going to be pleased until I own it.

...I spent £300 pounds on a single NES cartridge and a similar amount of money on a GBC game. I've never regretted my purchase of any game. :D



EarthboundBenjy commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

I always thought this game was very cool, but it's just so...not very good. I like the game, but I'm not going to say that it's anything special. The awkwardness of the controls is the main problem, because I often found it next to impossible to dodge boss attacks. I'm thinking mostly of the bone dragons at the top of the castle in Stage 2, and the fight with Actrise on top of the clocktower. ... I actually prefer the jumping and exploration sections much more than any of the combat sections, because at least I don't feel completely helpless.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Hardware Review: Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio & ...:

I always wonder how these machines handle PAL games, because they run slower than normal. I have PAL Castlevania 1, but I play it on the region-free NTSC top-loader because it runs at normal speed on it. However, Castlevania 3 had its soundtrack sped up for the PAL release so it sounded like it was normal speed when played on the slower PAL machine... so I have to play it on a PAL NES so it doesn't sound off.
Do these retro clone machines have options and settings for this kind of thing?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

Things that need to happen:

The ability to choose which screen to show on the TV. Just top screen (for things like New Super Mario)....Just bottom screen (For things like Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow)... both screens (For things like Sonic Rush). Some games take into account the space between the screens, and some games don't. For example, when aiming eggs in Yoshi's Island DS, the egg will travel through the "blank space" between the two screens. This needs to be an option to set as well, because some games don't do this.
The GamePad should also have these options, but its touchscreen should obviously always act as the DS's touchscreen.

Also, I would love for DS games that I already own to be streamed to the WIi U, possibly through use of a 3DS... but I will likely not even touch this service if I have to buy all my DS games again.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder (3DS eShop):

I just recently bought on eBay the third Chibi Robo game (Happy Rich Cleaning) from Japan, and I was thinking about getting the second game (Park Patrol) from the US at some point too...this one isn't in the European 3DS eshop at the moment... I wonder why they decided there shall be only one Chibi Robo game for Europe?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Speedrunner Alert - Majora's Mask Glitch Allow...:


He's not saying that every player should use a glitch to skip parts of the game. He's purely talking about the speedrun's route optimisations. And in the any% category of Majora's Mask speedruns, it seems that this glitch removes the need to go to Ikana in order to beat the game. Nothing more, no need to get upset over a comment like that.
In general, I find it fascinating that people can play games in different ways. Speedrunning a game like this takes a completely different set of skills than a regular playthrough, it in no way invalidates the game as it was intended, as Majora's Mask is a fine piece of art in and of itself.