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Male, 24, United Kingdom

I'm an obsessive game collector, and I tend to want to know everything about the games I play. I thrive on useless trivia. :P My top favourite series is Castlevania.

Fri 16th Apr 2010

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EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (Wi...:

If there was a button (ZR or ZL?) that immediately toggled the television between displaying just the top screen or just the touch screen, then the DS virtual console would be so much more palatable.I'm mostly thinking about Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon when I say this. ... in regards to Spirit Tracks... I dunno, the control scheme is just too weird for this to work on anything other than an actual DS.



EarthboundBenjy commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Looks Set to Hit Eur...:

I hate how you can't use a classic controller.
I wish I could play this game without the need to shake a stick whenever I want to spin.jump. NSMBU, NSLU and Super Mario Maker all have a button to press for spinning, why can't NSMBWii? Really hampers my enjoyment of this game significantly.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Delays Continue in the UK...:

same thing happens when you scan an amiibo for an unlockable charatcer you haven't unlocked yet - it appears as a figure player and works just fine, despite the character not being present in your character select screen.

The data for every character is indeed in everyone's Wii U after receiving the update - you just have to pay to unlock them.
They do this because you need to have all the data on your system in order to be play online - if someone online selects Cloud, but your Wii U doesn't have him, your Wii U still needs to be able to display and animate and do everything for him correctly, even if you haven't paid for him yourself.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Shovel Knight amiibo Delays Continue in the UK...:

why is co-op locked under this thing. i don't get how an entire gameplay mode absolutely requires you to smush a piece of plastic on your controller before it deems you worthy of playing. I can understand when customisable data is saved to the figure, but keeping an entire co-op mode locked? Why?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Video: New Mighty No. 9 Trailer Aims to Bring ...:

Trailer seems just like the rest of the game - trying too hard to appeal to its fanbase. ...This doesn't exactly look like a comedy game, so such a 'wacky' trailer doesn't seem appropriate at all. Just seems like it's trying to emulate "youtuber" humour.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Video: Learn a Little About Pokémon Snap and ...:

They didn't mention one thing regarding Snap: The N64 cartridge version uses Jynx's original black-skinned design, but the Wii Virtual Console of the game uses Jynx's modern purple-skinned design. This makes sense, except they didn't change it all the way - they only changed her face purple - Jynx's hands are still black. Weird inconsistency.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Titles Being Pulled From Th...:


Saturn version upsets me because the sound effect when curling into a ball from running is the wrong one, in both Sonic 1 and Sonic 3 (though it's okay in 2).
And Sonic 2 mistakenly uses Sonic 1's invincibility theme for whatever reason (but it uses the correct theme while in 2 player versus mode). ... For these reasons, I would not consider the Saturn versions the most accurate.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (3DS eShop):

I can understand this. I'm just disappointed, since this version of Sonic 2 is already available on Mega Drive, PC, GameCube, DS, PS2, Saturn, Wii, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, etc, and the version with Hidden Palace is on mobile ONLY. :/ Sonic 2 was one of my childhood beloved games, and I am so desperate to see the new content, but I just cannot use a touchscreen D-pad for the life of me. I've been waiting and hoping that the new version of Sonic 2 would come to a machine with real controls for the longest time, so seeing that the latest release of this game is yet again the original version is just a bit disappointing.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Custom Range Blaster And Custom E-litre 3K Sco...:


The difference between Splatoon and Super Mario Maker are the scope of unlocking.

In Splatoon, for instance, Camp Triggerfish was "unlocked" on July 25th 2015 7AM. So the criteria for having Camp Triggerfish available to play is "be alive after this date", which is true of everybody who will ever try to play Splatoon in the future.

With Super Mario Maker, though, the elements are locked on a per-person basis. It wasn't just the world at large that had to wait a week for the locked tools, it was you personally. So somebody who had the game earlier could use Munchers and Chain Chomps all they wanted, but you had to wait because the game arbitrarily decided to make everyone wait a week first.

It was a bigger backlash because it was a more problematic system.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Custom Range Blaster And Custom E-litre 3K Sco...:


While this is true, it was found out that the Slosher and Splatling weapons were not on the disc, so these ones at least were actually added to the game with the update. The last of the maps that was on the disc from the start was Camp Triggerfish - so Flounder Heights and Hammerhead Bridge were added via the update too.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Patch Will Make Did...:

Just in case people are getting the wrong impression from this article - the Diddy Kong grab bug was introduced into the game from the patch that was just released a while ago, the one that introduced Pirate ship / Mario Maker DLC. This bug fix has no relation to Diddy's controversies from before.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Wii U eSho...:

Problem for me is that there's no real way to orient the screens comfortably on the Wii U, Dialogue in the top, gameplay on the bottom. And having the orientation with the gigantic picture of a DS Phat on the telly doesn't make it better either.
I have the game on DS, so the only purpose of getting the Wii U version was to get it showing on the big screen, which is unfortunately terrible. Boo!

I want the option to toggle the TV's view between JUST topscreen or JUST touchscreen with the click of a shoulder button. Why isn't this a thing?



EarthboundBenjy commented on Download: 'Photos with Animal Crossing' for Ni...:

i got a code, which is cool, but i don't understand why they don't just let anyone have something like this.

also, I never heard of "Photos with Mario", and searching the eShop turns up nothing. Is this app lost forever? Seems like a huge waste.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Two New Weapons Are Heading to Splatoon This Week:

a new Nozzlenose? Hmmm. When I first tried the L-3 Nozzlenose, I was at first wondering who the heck would want a rapidfire weapon that requires so much button mashing to keep firing. But if you actually stick with it, it has great range, pretty good rate of fire and uses up little ink. I was surprised how effective it was since I dismissed it entirely with my first impression.
I imagine this new Nozzlenose will be largely the same, but with different subs. Will be cool to try out!



EarthboundBenjy commented on Double Dose Of Sin & Punishment Arrives On Nor...:

I can assure you that the European Virtual Console versions of Super Mario RPG and EarthBound are, for the most part, directly the USA versions. They are not converted into PAL, and they run at 60hz NTSC . There are no additional translations done either - these two games come in English only.

Despite what I just said, though, there was one line of dialogue in SMRPG that WAS in fact altered for the EU VC release. In the original, Croco says "You're a persistent bugger!", which was changed to "You're a persistent pest!".
"Bugger" is definitely not an appropriate word for small British children, so it makes sense.
But this does show that Nintendo aren't just throwing a game up on the service without a care - they are actively looking at each game to see if anything needs to be changed for the new audience, even if they aren't doing MUCH extra work.



EarthboundBenjy commented on Flowers Will Apparently Factor In The Future O...:

so why is Flabébé not a Grass type anyway.

Ehh, I know we already have a Grass / Fairy with Whimsicott, so no worries about missing out or anything...
But still kinda weird that a Pokémon so closely associated with plantlife is not a grass type, especially when the "pile of eggs lol" Pokémon Exeggcute IS a grass type for whatever reason.