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Mon 16th December, 2013

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EJzelda commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

I was very lucky with the figurine and N3DS. Best Buy had a second stock and I was able to score a figurine with game. The N3DS I was lucky again through Best Buy looking at the site at just the right moment and got one. Now hopefully nothing gets canceled on me.



EJzelda commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

I probably had the most memories with this console when younger, and through my teens into college. The games were just that good for my friends and I, first time booting up Mario and being amazed with Mario in 3D, blasting my way through Star Fox, spending hours upon hours in Ocrina of Time, single-player and MP with Goldeneye. And just a ton more I could go on and on about, I hope this console and myself make it to 64 so I can still be playing it!



EJzelda commented on The Game Boy Color is Now 16 Years Old:

I passed up on the GBC and ended up getting a GBA the years later. Though I have gone back and played some of it's games a while back and surprised how good they still are.



EJzelda commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

Not sure how I feel about this, I like my XL but I love the small things about this new regular 3DS. My hands get a little cramped if using my XL without holding it against my chest while sitting, I can't imagine how this one would be. So it's quite a gamble for me if I don't go with XL version.



EJzelda commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

I was never a FPS player until this game came along in my early teens, this changed everything from the solo missions to the multi-player. This game was played through into the college years, it made FPS a thing to more then just PC gamers. This one definitely has a spot in time that will never be forgotten along with some other great Nintendo games.



EJzelda commented on Nintendo Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary:

I remember playing Mario bros for the first time on NES and lots of other games thanks to my older bro who always kept a gaming console in the house through the years. I've had them all and enjoyed something from each console.