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Mon 16th Dec 2013

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EJzelda commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

3D Mario like Mario 64, none of that globe stuff like the Galaxy games, not a fan of that. Another 3rd person Metroid, no Prime stuff. Obviously a Zelda game is already being made for Wii U so that will just be ported, so lastly either a Luigi's Mansion game or a Wave Race. All the other stuff I'd be somewhat interested in could wait. If this happens to even be a console....



EJzelda commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Super Scope:

My friend still has his packed away somewhere. I remember playing it a little bit when we were young, but not very much. I on the other hand still have the Virtual Boy, and had a bit of fun with that maybe even almost blinded by those screens, ha ha. They sure did come out with some odd devices back then. I loved it.



EJzelda commented on Talking Point: The Easily Forgotten Hardware R...:

I picked up one of the newer Zelda editions of the New 3DS, the only thing I find useful is the speed, other then that I just use the stick for Majora's Mask and then sometime I just forget about it. It really needs more games that utilize the stuff.