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United Arab Emirates

Mon 25th Feb 2013

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dxblord commented on Video: Grab a Sneak Peak of WiiWare Console-Ex...:

Holy poop they have deleted my comments in retro city rampage Facebook page and blocked comments altogether. I told them he can easily fined a publisher to port his game on wii u.( would have helped him) the first replay was
"Retro City Rampage: The game was delayed because the Wii version wasn't going to make a cent of revenue, let alone profit due to how things are set up (see previous post linking to an article from 2009, a year before the game was even announced). I'm putting it on Wii as fan service."
keep your fan charity service to your self. NOTE " HE CANT PORT TO THE WII U DUO TO CONTACTE (MONEY HATING)"
Don't give this indie developer your money. he is ripping you off with a down ported game that started in wii ware.