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I am short and sweet.

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I'll tell you something about myself in 300 characters or less. Well, let's see. I really like Nintendo, for one. I like gaming in general as well. I like the Internet. I like music. I like writing. I like reading. I like...very few sports. I like friends. I like good food. 300 character limit? Met.

Sun 21st Aug 2011

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Dweeb commented on Editorial: Paper Mario is 15 Years Old Today, ...:

The Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi games are awesome. I agree that the writing and characterization truly breathes life into them. Not to mention the beautiful music; I gotta give a big hand to Yuka Tsujiyoko, Yoko Shimomura, and Hiroki Morishita for what they've done for the series.



Dweeb commented on Atlus Finalises Persona Q Premium and Limited ...:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN Tarot Cards in the Persona series are used thematically to identify characters' true inner selves. Each class of every card represents a person's traits...for example the Chariot Tarot card represent assertion, control, confidence, drive, etc. and a reversed Chariot Tarot Card represents their negative side, which is abusive or domineering. As for the physical cards, they're just something cool to own and have no use for the game.



Dweeb commented on Agitha, of Twilight Princess Fame, Confirmed a...:

@sinalefa Yeah you're probably the only one. I could maybe see an HD remake a few years down the line but I have no idea what else they could do to improve on the game sans making the graphics more HD or making access to certain items easier. There weren't a lot of frustrating elements in Twilight Princess that need correction, unlike in Wind Waker.

Back on topic...Batreaux and Darbus would be great additions to the roster as well.



Dweeb commented on Agitha, of Twilight Princess Fame, Confirmed a...:

HAHAHAHAHAHA this is awesome. Probably not going to buy this game but still, this is hilarious. I hope they throw in Groose, Ashei, and Jolene as playable characters too.


Maybe they could put in Barnes too and have him chuck Bombs and Bomblings as well!



Dweeb commented on Feature: All Of The Vital Super Smash Bros. Ro...:

@SecondServing Yeah, I really see no reason for me to use them. No way I'm spending money on them...unless they're required to unlock things I want to unlock (i.e. characters), which I absolutely hope is a stunt that they will not have the guts to pull. Maybe if it comes packaged with one, or if enough of my friends use them. Highly unlikely though.

On another note, hooray for Pac-Man. Glad he's in, even though I'm not into his character or universe.

Also @zipmon it's "For Mario's standard special attack," not "For Mario's standard Smash attack." Just a moderate error there.