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Tue 3rd Jul 2012

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Dusktail16 commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance...:

@ymmas626 Not trying to be too rude, but if you are going to hate an amazing series all because you're that big of a fan of something else? AGain, not trying to be rude, but that sounds stupid. KH is amazing, and either way, it's just a movie/game. You don't have to hate kingdom hearts because of...whatever reason you said. (forgot)



Dusktail16 commented on Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty:

My stand on this:
I need a case, and I wanted a better one then a simple case that only protects. So with this, it works perfectly as a case, and (if i ever were to get the CPP) you can have both the Circle pad and the case on at once as they are built into the case. The extra battery life built into an all-time case is awesome, and the fact that i'll have the CPP all the time is awesome. alot of people say "i would buy if theres a game i want that uses it. Well, for me, KH3D uses it, but besides that, there's nothing. So i say, it's worth having there if any more games come out that i want. I won't have to worry about buying the CPP, as it will be right there, in my 24/7 case. Awesome, if you ask me.