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Uhhh, I talk about games more than I actually play them and have an unhealthy obsession with owning them. My backlog... Anyway, I like to dabble with a bit of everything, with Nintendo and JRPGs getting a special shout out! So, yeah, a Nintendo fan, like everyone else here... I guess...

Sat 15th June, 2013

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Duskblayde commented on Five Additional Cover Plates Announced For New...:

21 November 2014 is going to be a very expensive day for me...

New Nintendo 3DS + Wooden Cover Plates (That's right, we're getting the wooden cover plates, too. RRP of $39.95) + Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and/or Pokemon Omega Ruby.

It's going to be awesome, though.



Duskblayde commented on Western Version Of Bravely Default Features Co...:

I think they may have it backwards.

I have the retail version released in Australia, and I just unlocked the "Bravo Bikini" for Edea.

It is the left screen for me.

EDIT: Damn, you must be Ninjas.Corrected it between the time I read it, logged in and posted.



Duskblayde commented on Club Nintendo Australia Receives Luigi Coin An...:

I'm fairly certain I was the first person to notice these items at 7:00 am AEDST.

Luckily for me, I didn't want the Year of Luigi coin.

I have, however, picked up the Hanafuda cards to go with my Golden Nunchuck and Zelda posters.

I'm waiting for that Luigi's Mansion 2 Diorama too...