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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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Duffthemonkey commented on Nintendo Unveils New Trailer and Details For T...:

Awesome. I also love the names Hilda and Zelda ,reminds me of Sabrina the teenage witch haha.

But Is that a girl Gannondorf-like figure? I'm almost a little sad the Hilda figure isn't like the prince of that area instead of another princess that needs rescuing, but whatever, it still looks awesome.



Duffthemonkey commented on Let's Get Ready to Super Pokemon Rumble on 3DS:

I really wonder if they'll add any sort of simple level up system. Nothing sucked worse then getting a Pokemon I loved that was strong for a level, that was then completely obsolete by the next stage, so I could never use it again. They don't have to evolve, but just gain some strength for at least every level you win.