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Fri 28th March, 2014

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Dubbin675 commented on Review: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop):

@Dark-Link73 wrong, the game does refresh itself as long as the other person is playing live. My friend and I played the other day. He has the 3DS version and I own the Wii U version. He would make a move and we would watch it transition over to my gamepad. What does happen is that it goes to a black loading screen while it waits for the move to happen. My friend made the joke that my Wii U loading screen has the board so you can see where the pieces are where the 3DS version does not. Also the mobile one is full of microtransactions, so I just use it as a notification window or to make moves (you are only allowed one game unless you pay for the ability to have more games at once) with a friend. Its a great game though