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Sat 7th Apr 2012

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drunkenmaster76 commented on EA Executive Repeats That The Company is "Plat...:

@sceptic your talking f -ing nonsense there pumping millions of dollars into the development of games for 2 consoles that aint even available yet on the basis that they think they are going to sell better than wii u. The only reason there going to sell better is because they have put the money into developing for these other 2 consoles and not WII U. Thats why there's a slow install base because of the lack of 3rd party new games.



drunkenmaster76 commented on Nintendo "Feels Good" About How It Stacks Up A...:

I was dissapointed with the games they had on show, mario kart was the only one im really interested in. i was expecting a more mature metroid and maybe some new ip's, i still love mario, DK and all the rest of nintendo's gang but they need to start making games aimed at a more mature audience.



drunkenmaster76 commented on Nintendo Deal With O2 Adds Thousands of Ninten...:

I don't think theres a lot of people in the UK who take there 3ds on the road with them, ive been in manchester city centre at the weekend on quite a few occasions and i always take my sons 3ds with me to see how many streetpass hits i can get him and guess how many i usually get? most of the time none exept for on a few occasions when ive had the odd 1 or 2 but thats pretty rare



drunkenmaster76 commented on Talking Point: The Perils and Positives of a P...:

Wii u needs more exclusives like lego city know one wants to play games they've already played on ps3/xbox or hd remakes of games they played a couple of years ago and games like pikmin/wonderfull 101 don't appeal to the genral public especially in the UK all they want to play is cod, halo or any other fps that's churned out nowadays.

I guess Wii U's just for the cool kids.



drunkenmaster76 commented on Nintendo UK Promises to Meet Retailers, Share ...:

I saw my very first wii u advert today in the UK showing off lego city undercover, i dont think wii u will have a problem once they start showing a few more advertisments and a couple of more exclusive games, maybe they should get a few celebs in on the act like they did with wii



drunkenmaster76 commented on Codemasters Producer: Wii U is "The Future":

I also think wii u is the future, it was 420 time earlier on today and i started dreaming about a 3D super mario bros game with two screen multiplayer where one could be mario and one could be luigi, where both could be in the same world but doing seperate things, this would be amazing and would knock anything fony or micropuff do off the planet, but maybe im a dreamer