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Sat 28th May 2011

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Dreufo commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

There are too many limitations to making download-only viable yet. The capability of being able to download at decent speeds and the limitation of storage while avoiding piracy is just too problematic. Having both options is ideal for now so we can have cheap 'toilet-games' for a quick download and play and in-depth cartridge based games we can collect or trade-in later.

I'm curious who needs to carry around 20 games at any one time? No wonder you're losing them and stepping on and breaking them?? If you were to have a library of games on your device that would take hours to download and a ton of on board memory forcing you to delete games and content that you've paid for! Ridiculous!!

That being said, the market will decide where it goes next. If the real money is from downloadable games then companies will find a way to pull us in and take our money and will charge more for games that have higher production costs. Then when we step on our phone and lose 20 games all at once we'll be glad for the change??