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Fri 16th Mar 2012

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DreamOn commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

A terribly mishandled and unfortunately, an ironic correction of cultural appropriation in a video game. Depictions of other's culture should always be handled with sensitivity and reverence despite the prevailing attitudes throughout history that have reduced such respects to a laughing matter and much worse



DreamOn commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

Complete History of Video Game Graphics According To Comments Sections:

-32 bit... or something, nothing really recognizable, pixel games
-PS2, old, blocky looking, really low texture everywhere
-Everything now, welcome to 2015




DreamOn commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

It looks very nicely done to me. The redone art of the textures looks great and just what the game needed to go onto Wii U. Old games don't need to have their graphics completely remade to justify a re-release, that's just unappreciative of the history of a game.



DreamOn commented on Review: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS):

Ultimately the turn off for me is having to trace the same shapes over and over in battle and I just hate that kind of stuff



DreamOn commented on Sega: Recent Sonic Games Haven't Been "Accepta...:

Yuji Naka? Hopefully he's a part of this equation.

I really enjoyed Sonic Lost World 3DS in spite of it's un-polish and under developed concepts and designs. But for me there was something there that could have been more and much greater. There's just something of a catchy baseline that keeps me replaying that game



DreamOn commented on Talking Point: Five Potential Reveals Coming F...:

Let's be real, #1 is why investors will bother getting up that morning. Every major Japanese game publisher has had it's excitement for the mobile market to bring fresh business and Nintendo's investor's excitement may just top them all at this stage of the game.

Good article, all of it sounds about right



DreamOn commented on The Wii U's Broad Audience Means Star Fox Zero...:

Reads a bit disingenuous as he bulldozes established metrics for positive spin.

Who is he kidding about the holiday sales period being suddenly no a big deal to their business? Perhaps if the Wii U was bigger than Apple products it could do whatever it wanted with the timing of product launches, otherwise I'm pretty sure NCL isn't ever going to release a Zelda in say February.

"On top of this, many of our customers can only afford to buy so many titles a year" He can say this, yes, but it horribly ignores the troubles of a commercially failed console, and again, who is he kidding with that spin?

It's all along the same lines as Reggie's unabashed contradictions during E3: "We never talk about games coming out after the next 6-9 months".

Of course what else can they say? They only got PR spin this home console generation. At least Iwata and Miyamoto enjoyed positions where they didnt have to be thick at all with the PR speak about the Wii U



DreamOn commented on Talking Point: Five Key Challenges Nintendo Fa...:

Iwata said the NX would be starting from zero. It'll be an all new take on their hardware, all new branding, a new, significant level of integration and compatibility with the technology world it must thrive in, new background features that push the user experience to popular places on the web and new business models for pricing and retailer strategy. And of course, new games.

If we ever felt Nintendo was holding back or lagging behind, I'm confident Nintendo has heard it well and seeks put those perceptions and opinions behind them with hardware that is no less forward looking than that of any major tech company selling in stores today.



DreamOn commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

I know there's people out there who don't see the need to award 2D platformers 10/10 in this day and age, especially Mario, as they don't feel the genre pulls its weight anymore compared to the possibilities of other genres and styles of games, but this game and it's execution are a demonstration of how to celebrate a 30 year classic such as Super Mario Bros. I don't see what more they could have done while keeping the core simplicity of Mario the highlight as it's seen here.