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Fri 16th Mar 2012

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DreamOn commented on Editorial: Considering the Recipe For Successf...:

Here's the issue: When Eiji A. Announced Windwaker he told us it was because Zelda U was going to take some time to complete. A missed launch and scarce details of Zelda U, and another Wii U Zelda rerelease later, people just want the real Zelda for Wii U. Even Majoras Mask was deliberately released after A Link Between Worlds



DreamOn commented on 'Pokémon Reorchestrated' Has Its 'Kanto Symph...:

Remember, corporations don't have 'feelings'. They don't have misgivings about their actions. Then there are the people in a corporation, but don't confuse their humanity and sense of justice with the legal response of the corporation, those rarely ever mix from my experience



DreamOn commented on Soapbox: A Nintendo Fan's Hopes and Dreams for...:

This is why I look forward to seeing what's next from Nintendo, they want to reinvent the wheel, and while that approach would be bad for most every company (which is why playstations can be expected to be playstations and likewise with XBoxes), Nintendo somehow manages it.

This list here is mostly the 'wheel' of consoles today, but let's see what happens when Nintendo puts their touch to it. Nobody can ever really guess it to any satisfying degree, and that's the cool part.



DreamOn commented on Video: Reliving the Memories of the Original A...:

It was an interesting reveal. They certainly weren't going against the grain delivering a trailer that catered to a more mature audience. We certainly haven't seen the word 'bleed' again in Zelda promotion since.



DreamOn commented on Nintendo Outlines Future Plans for 3DS and Pro...:

In other words, legacy support confirmed. Time to prep retailers for new 3DS successor hardware and get it on shelves. Time for a stylish new Mario and Animal Crossing and Pokemon app compatibility. Let FY 2017 results shout for joy!



DreamOn commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

If you look at release dates for new handheld hardware of the last decade, you'll see that it's almost impossible for new hardware to not be in the works for this year. Either another 3DS revision, or a new system. The New 3DS launched in Japan in 2014.



DreamOn commented on Nintendo Is "Looking At" Virtual Reality, But ...:

'Looking at VR' sounds very obligatory in light of the players behind VR at the moment. Its also possible R&D hasn't had any recent experiments in that direction, given Nintendo's familiarity with the concept. Im certain most feel that Project NX will have been developed from some novel concepts as gaming hardware, and I'm sure there's more fresh ideas out there for Nintendo than just VR



DreamOn commented on Talking Point: Learning Lessons From the Past ...:

Animal crossing has been getting a lot of amiibo lately and I'm confident it's also to pave the way for a launch window AC game. A combo of Pokemon and animal crossing would be just the established franchise ticket a new system needs to hit key growth demographics (children, females)



DreamOn commented on IHS Technology Adds to Speculation of an NX Po...:

3DS and Wii U are not new anymore. The way a manufacturing business works is they put new products on store shelves and the old products get cleared out eventually.

If a reliable source says that a new product will come out this year, then that should make all the sense in the world. A new product on store shelves will sell more than the old product. That's how businesses continue with their business.

We should always be expecting a new piece of plastic to buy and with Nintendo's handheld line that is most certainly the case! 3DS, 3DSXL, 2DS, New 3DS/3DSXL. 2016? Either another 3DS revision or a new system entirely. The reasoning is quite sound.



DreamOn commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (Wi...:

The improvement over Phantom Hourglass is understated here almost as if everyone forgot the horrible repetitiveness in that game making it the only Zelda game I probably won't ever play through again.

spirit Tracks definitely a letter of apology for PH and one I was happy to accept. Thank you, Mr Aonuma.



DreamOn commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

Many people are talking as if everyone who will be playing the game will be purchasing it at launch and will have the required amiibo on the shelf at the time but that's not the case. Unlike DLC purchased with credit, this is DLC that depends on factors beyond one's control. Wether distribution didn't supply enough or has been discontinued. That's my biggest gripe. Don't want to have to worry about toy stock just to experience the full game whenever I happen to play it



DreamOn commented on Rumour: Twilight Princess HD to Feature Specia...:

At least with other games with DLC that aren't specifically toys-to-life games, a credit card purchase at any time will always be an option to get the content. Amiibo's are worse than having to enter credit card information.



DreamOn commented on Rumour: Twilight Princess HD to Feature Specia...:

The issue is that the locked content on the game will always be sitting there waiting to be accessed by an amiibo. But will there always be an amiibo sitting on the store shelf waiting if I choose to get it? Sometimes not even the day after release in my town because enough weren't distributed.

People fret over SERVERS SHUTTING DOWN and killing off a game's value, but amiibo are doing that MUCH, much sooner. Can I buy a Metaknight amiibo anywhere for Rainbow's Curse? Nope. No more Metaknight Amiibo's officially for sale. Content gone if I don't want to hunt down a reseller who can't garauntee officia retailer customer service policies.



DreamOn commented on Rumour: Twilight Princess HD to Feature Specia...:

Okay, so what then for those of us who buy the eshop download? Any provision in getting to the content?

See, at least with a toys-to-life specific game series you know what you gotta do to experience all the content. But with Nintendo now, even a remake from 2006 could suddenly mean you have to get into that TOY DLC GARBAGE!



DreamOn commented on Video: Everything We Know About Nintendo NX, S...:

The NX is what u get when the 3DS gets old and needs to be replaced. That's all it is in the most general definition.

Wii U? Home console power? It'll plug in to NX, along with other magical plastic boxes. That's my most general prediction.



DreamOn commented on Editorial: Let's Make 2016 a Year of Nintendo ...:

Nintendo must know they tricked us about a Zelda game coming last year and then also pulled it away from their E3 as well, a double hit really, for the console's most anticipated release. No surprise anything else didn't fill the absence or make up for the delay of it and star fox.

But 2016 is the year, right? Lol

If it is we can grin all day. Especially if Pikmin 4 is 2016 as well



DreamOn commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

Delay of a Zeld game they're pretending to make aside, holiday 2015 and E3 only suggested to me that the Wii U installed base is not worth the budget for titles of the usual Nintendo quality. That's not something they'll want to stretch out until holiday 2017 for many reasons. I expect an NX press event Q1 and launch to follow in Q4 just like the leading home console did back in 2013