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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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DragonKawaii commented on Review: Zoo Resort 3D (3DS):

"Can you possibly detail the photography portion? Like, are you judged in any way by the game on your photos?" -You get more AP (the in-game currency) for photographs that are close up and show the animal's face, so yes.
"Is there any sort of challenge like in Snap or do you just sit in front of whatever animal you choose to photograph?" -I haven't played Snap, but you can feed the animal to lure it into a good position for photographing. The animals walk around in their enclosure on their own as well and you can photograph from multiple view points.
"Also, do you have any idea how many different animals there are to obtain and how big a variety of pictures you can get of them?" -There are over a hundred species, and there isn't a limit on how many pictures you can take, I'd only say how much system memory you have?
Hope that helps!