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Thu 16th May, 2013

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DracioKoi commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

These competitive no-so-legit techniques take the fun out of the game. It should be remove since it'll be unfair for players who don't like to use it or never heard of the technique. Would it really be fair you lost a match, rather home online or in a contest, because your opponent was abusing the heck out of a glitch?



DracioKoi commented on The 3DS YouTube App Has Finally Gone Live:

@HMNIM You're saying the Netflix app has poor quality? I used Netflix on my 3DS(original not XL) to watch movies and shows quite often. The video quality of the Netflix is very good, but the quality of the Youtube app isn't at it's best. The developers can and should do better.
I am very pleased we finally got the long awaited Youtube app and that I can watch videos away from my computer(my 3DS is the only portable device I have for streaming), but I hope the developers work harder and improve the app from here.



DracioKoi commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

Where I live the eShop has nothing to download except the Mario Kart 7 update, therefore I set my 3DS settings to USA. It's a shame I don't have the option to switch countries. Miiverse is good and all but it's kinda getting a little too restricting seeing that the messaging feature is also a no-no.