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Drac_Mazoku commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

There's nothing much to talk about really. It was said enough times already anyway. We all feel sorry for him, but if he breached his contract, then he should expect to get fired. That is life in most big company. We're really just making it a big deal because this is Nintendo.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

@Sforzando Yeah, I've downloaded it at my job, ready to play at home, now I'm just sad to know it will be par for the course for Nicalis. Miiverse is exploding already, and I heard about it on Gamefaqs first, with tons of people already reporting glitch and bugs everywhere. You got me Nicalis. I should have done my research more before buying. Would have I known it was you on the publishing (porting???) side, I would have not bought it. Congrats on stealing my 20$ Can.

How I wish now that Nintendo would have a way to get refund for digital Steam now has.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

Dont buy Binding of Isaac (on 3DS at least). Nicalis is publishing, and as we could have guessed, there's already bug reports. Music stopping, things not appearing. Wait for the patch, which may also never come (1001 Spikes).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (3DS):

@khululy I agree, but they tried to change things up with what I call the "overhead" trilogy, which was Marvel Super Heroes, Movie and The Hobbits (also the first Ninjago, but this one was meh).

With those games, there was...wait for it....ACTUAL DIFFICULT CHALLENGE!!! And even more...YOU COULD DIE! LEGO The Hobbit was surely one of my favorite LEGO games of all time. A big quest with Mario World map with branching path to access optionnal area, tons of side stuff to find to reach 100%, and 10 challenges in every stages that finally got fully optimized to be at the top of what they could be. There was even a basic loot and crafting system. BUT what did they do for Lego Batman 3? They returned to the old formula. Surely because this is not what people REALLY wanted.

Mind you, I still love the current LEGO games. But they tried to change for the better once, and people ditched those games. I'm sure I must be the only one following the evolution of handheld LEGO games, but still, I feel that this "The problem is that they never change" speach is completely wrong. They tried, it's just that in the end, most people didnt wanted that. Now, like an artefact of those changes, we get 5 easy challenges to complete in every stages, but they dont compare to what they did with Marvel, Movie and Hobbit.

PS: I don't believe NL is the best source to know indeed if an Handheld Lego games is a good one or not. They always seem to get a very bad score, even amazing one like the Hobbit on 3DS. I predict that LEGO Avengers will also get a 3 or 4 out of 10 from NL, even if the game end up being good and fun.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (3DS):

Mind you, I quite liked this handheld version of LEGO Jurassic World. Has tons of fun with it, would give it a 7. At this point, I'm even preferring a lot of the handheld version to their console counterpart, because I love the more bite-sized approach, and the multiple goals they put in each level.

Though, at this point, I'm always expecting NL to give a bad score to EVERY handheld Lego games, even if they're good. Me, I will continue to buy them, because they're my guilty pleasure, and I can't get enough of them.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Final Fantasy Wasn't Named For The Reason You ...:

It seems just so random to let people know that fact now almost 30 years later and when not working for Square Enix anymore. That story about the last game for Squaresoft is such a known story that I don't think that the words of Sakaguchi will mean much now. I prefer to continue to believe the previous story, it makes the whole thing more beautiful.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America):

Nicalis, before doing any sales, you should...I don't know...PATCH YOUR GAMES!!! One year later, still no 1001 Spikes patch, and my game is still bricked (I keep it that way as a reminder to NEVER buy again from Nicalis until they hire someone at quality control). Please people, don't give them money. Giving them money is just showing them it's ok to release buggy mess like they do.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

My god, people really acts like it's the end of Konami, or like Konami owes them something.

Yes this is a sad news. Like many, I've spent my youth with Konami games on my NES, SNES, Genesis. BUT you know what? Konami does TONS of money since a looooong while now, and not thanks to video games, but with their pachinko machine, and their fitness center. They don't need video games to be profitable, nor do they care about what "hardcore" gamer want. This is a business, out to make money, and if they can't make it with you, well, they don't care one bit. Right now, mobile is profitable for them. But imagine that it only last for 1-2 years, or worst, that they don't make any money from it from the get go. Well they will just drop gaming altogheter, and still continue to make money

Like I said I'm really sad to see my beloved gaming franchise dies or turned into pachinko machine. BUT Konami will survive that's for sure since they decided to continue working on what is getting them money, even if it may not be video game. And for a company, that's a good thing! So stop posting things like "RIP Konami" because they're FAR from dead, except maybe in your own heart, which doesnt matter.



Drac_Mazoku commented on SEGA and M2 Are Happy to Continue 3D Classics ...:

I'll buy ALL Sega titles Day 1 at full price as long as they keep doing them, so I hope EVERYONE will do the same, eve if for the titles they have less interrest in, just so we ca make the 3DS the official Retro Sega handheld.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- (3DS eShop):

That's so sad. I saw that Circle was publishing it, and so far, they always selected great game for the eShop to bring over. I might still buy it, only to support Circle in their effort to bring so many great games that would never leave Japan otherwise.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (3DS):

This seem rather harsh. YEs this may be just "another" Lego games, but I found it one of the better one. This is the same engine as LEgo Batman 3, so no overhead people seemed to hate. And the gameplay was really smooth for me, with enough diversity between standard level to not make it a boring experience. IMHO, it at least deserves a 7/10 if not a 8/10.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Working on Patch for Mewtwo Glitch Th...:

@VeeFlamesNL Oh no, I just quickly realized that I'm just not a competitive guy in Smash. Ever since Melee, I always bought the games for the single player content (unlock everything), and the occasionnal local multiplayer with a friend on a couch while we talk about anything (not really focusing on the actual game).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Working on Patch for Mewtwo Glitch Th...:

Oh well. Already beat Classic and All-Stars on 3DS to get the trophies But at least, I never play online, so I don't care much. In fact, my total online time so far is 2 minutes, when the game was released, just to try it. Never went back after those 2 minutes.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Fantasy Life 2 Is Skipping 3DS In Favour Of Sm...:

I've started playing the first one not too long ago, and I'm so addicted, I just can't stop playing, trying to do everything possible in the game (currently at 120 hours of gameplay and still a long way to go). SO when I read the news of a second game coming, I was overly excited because I knew that once I will be done with this one, I will be sad, wishing to do more. So this news really killed my mood for the day. I really wanted MORE Fantasy Life action on my 3DS. I guess I should move back to Rune Factory IV after it (and Xenoblade Chronicles too this week. This should help me pass time after Fantasy Life).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: 50 Pinch Barrage!! (3DS eShop):

The game is really fun for the first time. BUT upon beating it, I just wish there was something else to do besides restarting all over again and climb your way up the leaderboard. Like maybe give us access to each individual stages, and make us go through Time Trials (perfect for these kind of games). Anything. Because for me, after my initial playtrhough (3:05 for 661 deaths, so I had my money worth), I was done forever with the game.

The only cool feature upon completion is that you can watch your ENTIRE playthrough and even play with the speed of it, skip between stages. It's really funny to watch. But gameplay-wise, you're really done (and also, beware, restart also mean deleting this replay. You're starting from scratch).



Drac_Mazoku commented on All Theatrhythm Dragon Quest DLC Set to be Free:

What I wrote on another forum:

"It's great, but the way I read it is "We're not planning to release a lot of DLC, so we will release them as free instead". We will see if I'm wrong. But, I don't believe they will release 50+ DLC songs like the past two games, and NEVER charge for one song."



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: OlliOlli (3DS eShop):

CAUTION: Just bought OlliOlli for my 3DS this morning. In the first 10 minutes of gameplay, it managed to crash 3 times already. 2 times in the Tutorial, and 1 time in the first level. 3 crash in 10 minutes is not a good sign of quality control. Too bad, since the game seems cool. But I would say avoid at all cost if you're planning to play it on the 3DS!



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Adventure Bar Story (3DS eShop):

Well, I just finished the game. About the "more boss" thing, know that once you reach Rank 10 and win the Master League, the game become 100% JRPG, and you get tons of boss fight one after another. There's also a post-game where you fight other secret boss.

Also, know this, at Rank 10, an adventurer come to your bar talking about a Nest Drake. Farming Dragon Egg there is your key to get tons of money of XP. Once you have this farming spot, all other recipes become useless.

Anyway, it was a really fun game. I'll try to boost Siela to 99 and then move on to something else.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Adventure Bar Story (3DS eShop):

Yeah, at first I was not sure about this game, now I'm 15 hours in and totally hooked. Just reached Master Rank (10) with my bar, with a full party at LV51, and the game just keep going. For a little eShop game, this is definitely great!



Drac_Mazoku commented on Series Producer Ichiro Hazama Says Theatrhythm...:

I see what they did there. First Theatrhythm title about Final Fantasy only having 50+ songs at first, so they decided not to aim too high and release also a TDQ:CC later on.

Still, the first Theatrhythm gave me 175 hours of gameplay, so even with that song count (which is quite standard as far a japanese rhythm goes, it's just curtain call that went crazy), I will buy it Day 1 if it's released here.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Rumour: Upcoming Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Cu...:

I'm almost done perfectig those 12 new songs (10 currently). I will be done with all 307 songs with all SSS & TC, so yeah, new DLC is always welcome

EDIT: Scratch that, I'm done with all the 12 new DLC. I want more NOW!! (currently at 375 hours of gameplay).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Fairune II is Adventuring Towards the 3DS eShop:

Will buy it day 1. So far, every Circle release on the 3DS eShop were really great (Witch & Hero, Demon King Box, Legend of the Dark Witch, Fairune). With their low price, there's no way I'm not giving them my money as soon as possible.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (North America):

And the winner for me this week is: Game & Watch Gallery 3. Weirdly enough, I was waiting for this as I've enjoyed the first 2 games.

I wish I had interrest in Moon Chronicles, since I love Renegade Kids 2D stuff like Mutant Mudd and recently Xeodrifter (where's Treasurenauts?), but quite frankly, Episode 1 was pretty meh. So I'll pass on those...



Drac_Mazoku commented on Details For The New Langrisser Title On 3DS Em...:

Had a hard fangasm on Gamefaqs when the news came out a few days ago. So I will not go in détails again. Let's just say this.

-Langrisser is my favorite TRPG of ALL TIME (Der and IV in particular for their multi-path stories)

-If they don't screw this up, this is now my MOST WANTED game on the 3DS, I WANT IT NOW!

-We need Atlus, XSeed or Nisa to confirm a localization NOW even if the game was just announced.

Nothing come close to Langrisser when it comes to TRPG, be it Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emble, Shining Force, name it, Langrissser IS the KING! I think I'm about to scream like a little fan girl again.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

With my 4200 coins, I think I can buy a lot of things.

My dilemna is, do I buy all the physical Zelda stuff, even though I don't want it, just to resell it (which I would feel bad to do), or buy tons of digital game for my Wii U which I don't use much, if not at all, these days.

The problem is, I'm 100% focused 3DS right now, and almost all the game offered on the 3DS, I already have them all, with a few exceptions here and there in the small games (like some Radar Mission or 3D Xevious, which I don't want much anyway). So I'm stuck with physical stuff I don't want but that I could resell, or digital Wii U stuff I won't really play...



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Breath of Fire (Wii U eShop / Super Ni...:

Uh? The game was more a 7/10 for me. I have a tons of good memory of this game. The soundtrack was excellent (better than 2 IMHO), the day and night cycle was something I never seen done like this in a standard-RPG back then. The Dragon transformation were really fun. The fact that your character had active skill while on the map gave this RPG more interractivity than other at the time. And the art design was really unique, so was its battle design, with isometric view, lot of animation, and actual life bar that goes down when you were hitting enemies. This make battles feel more alive. Quite frankly, I can't see how this could even go below 6/10 when you take all that into consideration VS the time it came.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Ready to Kick ...:

I'm not following this series one bit, but everytime I'm watching those screenshots or art from the game, I'm always wondering: Is this really about soccer/football??? This almost seems like a Shonen show with superpower, almost sentai-like...They all look so crazy, and I wouldnt think it was about soccer if there was not a soccer ball in the picture...



Drac_Mazoku commented on ​Video: Latest Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Cu...:

We now have a list of 295 songs if we count DLC (221 standard + 74 DLC). People who are just starting this game will be busy for a looooooong while

In any case, I know what I'll be doing tonigh. 6 new songs to perfect. After 350 hours with the game, I don't know when I will stop...

Finally, this mark the last batch of DLC that was in the initial leak (and that was 100% true). Right now, we are in the dark about the future DLC. I guess we'll see in 2 weeks...



Drac_Mazoku commented on A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Mu...:

@Vineleaf But we don't know if they will still base their choice about bringing the 3DS game on the performance on the Wii one, even if indeed, it came out of nowhere. Nintendo only seem to be seeing number, and if we're talking about Rhythm Heaven Fever, that's no good for our chance of a localization of the 3DS one.



Drac_Mazoku commented on A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Mu...:

I know the Wii game didnt sold at all outside Japan. Still PLEASE, GIVE THIS TO ME!!! I will be praying everyday for it!!! Even if it was digital only (which I am with my 3DS anyway) to cut the chance of them making loss on a physical release. Rhythm Tengoku is one of my favorite series. I have so much stuff from it (GBA game, japanese guide, 3 versions of Rhythm Tengoku Gold: Japanese, English, French and obviously many OST). With the way NOA is actinv since a while I fear the worst, but I SOOOOOO want it!!