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Drac_Mazoku commented on Jools Watsham Wants to Know if You Want a Deme...:


And then, don't blame us if you do it and realize no one is buying your game on 3DS.

You know which game people want??? Treasurenauts. Forget your 3D game that almost no one care about and go back to the retro 2D style. This is what will sell on 3DS.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@ap0001 Hey man, when I feel your pain about getting 4 stars. But I've managed to get all 4 stars after I've made a really great find about this mini-game, which I've shared here (spoilers alert for what the mini-game is, in case some of you want to find out yourself):

Just go read that, it will help you getting all 4 stars quite easily



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@ap0001 If there's a part indeed where I feel the second game took a hit compared to the first one, it may be indeed in the stage design, which feel indeed more straight forward. Though, the better boss pattern compensate for that IMHO, since its the heart of the game.

As for the special weapon, maybe it's because of how much you can upgrade yourself to god-like level which could make you feel like you don't need them. But otherwise, they're still as useful as in the first game (or any Mega Man game) to take down the boss more easily. Like in any Mega Man, you can learn the pattern of a boss and just go with your buster, but it would be more efficient to use their weakness obviously. The game upgrades fortunately allow all play style. If one want to focus in only upgrading the special weapon and ditch their normal shot, they can also do so.

Finally, I can't speak for the music, because of THAT mini-game soundtrack which makes it better than the first one by default for me

But great least we can see you've fully experienced the game before giving your opinion.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@HexNash As I am, I just went and check the review for the first game. It was made by the same guy, and he gave it a 7/10 (a score that I fully agree with for the first game). As such, there's no logical reason this game gets a 5/10. Maybe if the reviewer was different. But this is not the case here. When a game improves in every way indeed and is objectively better, how can it gets a lower score?



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@tsukipon It's a sequel. A new story that happens sometime after the first game, with some recurring characters from the first game. The reviewer really got lost with all his thoughts about episodic content. It's a full sequel, both gameplay and story wise. You won't be replaying stages from the first game, and the recurring boss from the first game (3 of them) actually got all new patterns, so they're 100% different.

In other words, the terms "Episode" in this case is more used like in Xenosaga Episode II, or Star Wars Episode VII. It's a full new sequel that follow the story of the previous game.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@Captain_Toad Nah, the translation is still bad. At that point, it's something I don't expect anymore from Circle. Even Harvest December, a visual novel, that should be all about translation, have some bad mistakes that even I, a non-native english speaker, found atrocious. So you should not expect quality writing for a platformer game (I even skipped the entire dialog for the second character game. I was not here to read text anyway ).

If anything, it's still better than Demon King Box at least



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@maceng I've went and check for you. My in-game timer in the Records section is now at 24 hours. And I didnt feel like I was doing anything tedious during all my playtime.

Also, I feel that the enemy pattern are more elaborate this time, the boss in particular, who feels to have better pattern that relies less on RNG. And standard enemies inside the 8 first stage are mostly thematic to that particular stage.

Of course, everyone should have their opinion like I've said. But I don't think this game is deserving a 5/10 from someone who have clearly not fully played the game from what I've read in his text.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@maceng I don't think you'll be able to beat it in 1 hour, except if you play it in Casual or Very Easy X2 (which I suspect the writer played, since those are the only mode where you can finish the game easily without upgrades and using only the main weapon). Casual is like Casual in the first game (so easy mode). Very Easy X2 is even easier, putting actual platform above hole or tricky part. The difficulty above Casual is actually what is Normal mode in the first game. And then there's Lunatic of course.

7$ is a steal for the amount of content you can do in this game.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@james_mueller Yes, take this one. Like I've said previously, think the first game like Mega Man 1, and the second like Mega Man 2 & 3 combined in terms of improvement. Between Playing Mega Man 1 or Mega Man 2&3, which one will you chose?

PS: I'm glad people take time to read the comments. It's just so sad it will be recorded on Metacritic as a 5/10 from NL



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@sinalefa If you have played the first game, when you play the second one, you quickly realize the developper really took all the critic about the first one to heart, and really corrected everything he could. You indeed now have magic spells for healing, plus many others, like a Syega finder, an emergency platform (to reach higher place or save you befor you fall in a hole), etc.. The upgrade shop is at least 20 bigger than in the first game.

Also, after you beat the game, you now can play THAT special mini-game to get more Syega currency and unlock all the options in the Syega shop. You now don't have to rely on the Poker mini-game only (or beating the game again and again) to unlock all the content. And if some of the achievements are too hard for you (like beating the game on Lunatic), but still want to see the artwork, you can actually pay Syega to unlock it (think Hammer in Smash Bros.). And speaking of Smash Bros. You also have something close to trophies collecting (in which you can use either Syega or your Play Coins) once you beat the game

The list of things he tweaked here and there goes on and on. I feel really sad this review didnt put any care in playing the game. Just the whole first paragraphe about episodic content really feel out of place and have nothing to do with this game, which is a true full sequel.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

@Stu13 I will defend this game to death. I don't even like moe style, this is just an awesome platformer. If we say the first game was Mega Man 1, the second game is like Mega Man 2 & 3 combined in terms of improvement.

It's FAR from being more of the same. It refined everything that was wrong in the first game, and made it a better, longer, and complete experience that everyone should try if they love Mega Man or platformer in general.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Dark Witch - Episode 2: ...:

You're kidding right? This game is one of the best indie platformer on the eShop right now, amongst Shovel Knight and Shantae for me. This is fun from beginning to end, have tons of options for challenge, loads of unlockable, really awesome secret mini-game (I'm not spoiling it, because it's such a great unlock, which I've played a tons, like a stand-alone game on its own). Everyone has their opinion of course, I would personnally give it a easy 9/10. But what bother me is that unlike a single player like me, this review will go on Metacritic, and when people will search for "Legend of Dark Witch 2 reviews" on Google, this score will come up surely on top of the research, and people will ditch such an awesome game.

I unfortunately also have a feeling you have not even finished the game and just based your review on the first game (from the list of things that unlock which is directly from the first game, while this one offer more than just a simple shop and a second character). I hope people can see beyond this review, and buy it, even at full price. It's almost twice the amount of stages from the original in the main game (13 stages in total), and the amount of stuff to do post-game is really crazy. Plus the upgrades shop in this one is really over-the-top. You can even customize which moves you want on your "Gradius"-style bar, which can totally change the gameplay.

EDIT: Also, no mention on the upgrade on the actual gameplay, where instead of using Tres for your weapon, you actually use a separate energy bar for your weapon, which solve a BIG issue from the first game.

And using Syega Crystal is a MUST if you play anything above casual (easy mode). I don't know why the writer ditch them as useless. The fact that you now use them like you want is really great.

The more I read this review again and again, the more I see so much wrong in it. It's really frustrating to see the game was given to someone who obviously have no interrest in trying to play this game to at least the end.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Radiohammer (3DS eShop):

For a small eShop rhythm games, I had tons of fun with it. I thought it would be too easy to 100% at first, but later stages (starting World 3) ask you to be almost ALL Perfect to get your Gold medals in Track Play mode (And we're talking really strict Perfect timing too, surely something between 1/16 to 3/16). So it was also a fun challenge to get all the trophies. Also, two thumbs up for those crazy boss battles (World 3 Boss was truly amazing!!!). If you're a rhythm games fanatic like I am, it's a no-brainer.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: The Legend of Legacy (3DS):

The fact that it took you so much time before releasing the review shows to me that you also took your time while playing it, unlike most reviews out there who like to dismiss it as a bad game because of how there's no story and explain almost nothing about its system, even though this is what they were aiming for and should not be a negative. Great review.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Stella Glow (3DS):

Great!!! I will buy it for sure...when it will not be 77$ in the Canadian eShop after taxes. Maybe in 2 years, when it will be 10$ in an Atlus sales



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 5th November (North America):

It's too bad about Stinger not being on 3DS though. I CANNOT stand what they've done to NES emulation on the Wii U (dark blurry mess). It's even more frustrating when the Wii VC is still perfect, and the 3DS is good enough (maybe a little too dark, and some pixel stretch, but still good).

Add to that the fact that SNES and GBA emulation is PERFECT on Wii U, it's really sad to see something as basic to emulate as NES looking so bad on Wii U. I will still buy it to support Stinger and maybe future release of old Konami classic still missing on VC...but I'm still really angry to not have this on 3DS instead.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Titles Being Pulled From Th...:

@StarDust4Ever That's what I would like to know indeed. If those removal are only the start of something bigger. There's a tons of cool Genesis VC titles that may never come back in a legal form ever again (I mean, we even got things like Pulseman, Gley Lancer, all Treasure games you can wish for). If they ever do that, I'll be sure to download everything I would want from the Wii Genesis VC section (not missing much to be frank, I've already downloaded a ton).



Drac_Mazoku commented on AeternoBlade 2 Confirmed for the 3DS eShop:

The game was awesome, one of the best eShop title I have played. Unfortunately, most people got turned off by the terrible demo that was almost showing nothing of what the game can truly offer (it's only stage 1, which is only a short and bare tutorial level, as soon as stage 2 begins, so does the fun). I've played almost 40 hours to 100% the game (, and was never bored with it, and never encountered one bug during all my time with it, even with heavy time manipulation, that was screwing the rooms so much, that you tought something would break, but no, everything went smoothly from beginning to end.

As such, I am BEYOND excited about this news, and will buy it day 1.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Video: Try to Keep Up With This Dragon Ball Z:...:

WAIT A MINUTE! How can I pre-order it on the eShop if I live in North America. There's no pre-load available anyway right now. Is it already possible, or will it be available later this week? Because I dont want to miss on that offer at all cost!!!



Drac_Mazoku commented on 3DS Exclusive Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Slips Int...:

Quite frankly, I really enjoyed Shattered Crystal, it was a fun collect-o-thon platformer, and just think it needed more polish, length and boss. There was nothing wrong with the game per say, and all the bad press it received was almost like a side-effect of the Wii U game and how horrible it was.

So all the extra time they can take to make the game a better experience is good news to me. I'll be buying this game when it comes out.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Next Sega 3D Classics Retail Collection Includ...:

I hope they release it here, and I hope they release it digitally, but still as a compilation. I have a first world problem, where I have reached the 300 apps limit MANY times in the past, and I'm forced to purge some of my games every time I reach the limit (and with only 30 back-up save slot available, at this point, purging a game also means deleting ALL my save data with it). A compilation like this allow for my 100% digital 3DS to fuse many games together as a single entry (I'm waiting for the Mega Man Legacy collection only because it will allow me to delete the 6 spots taken by the NES VC games).

It will never happen, and I know I must be one of the only 3DS owner that have a real problem with the 300 games/apps limitation, but I really wish they would release those compilation digitally in the west. I would be ready to double dip for it (since I already bought ALL the Sega 3D titles).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

There's nothing much to talk about really. It was said enough times already anyway. We all feel sorry for him, but if he breached his contract, then he should expect to get fired. That is life in most big company. We're really just making it a big deal because this is Nintendo.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

@Sforzando Yeah, I've downloaded it at my job, ready to play at home, now I'm just sad to know it will be par for the course for Nicalis. Miiverse is exploding already, and I heard about it on Gamefaqs first, with tons of people already reporting glitch and bugs everywhere. You got me Nicalis. I should have done my research more before buying. Would have I known it was you on the publishing (porting???) side, I would have not bought it. Congrats on stealing my 20$ Can.

How I wish now that Nintendo would have a way to get refund for digital Steam now has.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

Dont buy Binding of Isaac (on 3DS at least). Nicalis is publishing, and as we could have guessed, there's already bug reports. Music stopping, things not appearing. Wait for the patch, which may also never come (1001 Spikes).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: LEGO Jurassic World (3DS):

@khululy I agree, but they tried to change things up with what I call the "overhead" trilogy, which was Marvel Super Heroes, Movie and The Hobbits (also the first Ninjago, but this one was meh).

With those games, there was...wait for it....ACTUAL DIFFICULT CHALLENGE!!! And even more...YOU COULD DIE! LEGO The Hobbit was surely one of my favorite LEGO games of all time. A big quest with Mario World map with branching path to access optionnal area, tons of side stuff to find to reach 100%, and 10 challenges in every stages that finally got fully optimized to be at the top of what they could be. There was even a basic loot and crafting system. BUT what did they do for Lego Batman 3? They returned to the old formula. Surely because this is not what people REALLY wanted.

Mind you, I still love the current LEGO games. But they tried to change for the better once, and people ditched those games. I'm sure I must be the only one following the evolution of handheld LEGO games, but still, I feel that this "The problem is that they never change" speach is completely wrong. They tried, it's just that in the end, most people didnt wanted that. Now, like an artefact of those changes, we get 5 easy challenges to complete in every stages, but they dont compare to what they did with Marvel, Movie and Hobbit.

PS: I don't believe NL is the best source to know indeed if an Handheld Lego games is a good one or not. They always seem to get a very bad score, even amazing one like the Hobbit on 3DS. I predict that LEGO Avengers will also get a 3 or 4 out of 10 from NL, even if the game end up being good and fun.