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Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: 50 Pinch Barrage!! (3DS eShop):

The game is really fun for the first time. BUT upon beating it, I just wish there was something else to do besides restarting all over again and climb your way up the leaderboard. Like maybe give us access to each individual stages, and make us go through Time Trials (perfect for these kind of games). Anything. Because for me, after my initial playtrhough (3:05 for 661 deaths, so I had my money worth), I was done forever with the game.

The only cool feature upon completion is that you can watch your ENTIRE playthrough and even play with the speed of it, skip between stages. It's really funny to watch. But gameplay-wise, you're really done (and also, beware, restart also mean deleting this replay. You're starting from scratch).



Drac_Mazoku commented on All Theatrhythm Dragon Quest DLC Set to be Free:

What I wrote on another forum:

"It's great, but the way I read it is "We're not planning to release a lot of DLC, so we will release them as free instead". We will see if I'm wrong. But, I don't believe they will release 50+ DLC songs like the past two games, and NEVER charge for one song."



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: OlliOlli (3DS eShop):

CAUTION: Just bought OlliOlli for my 3DS this morning. In the first 10 minutes of gameplay, it managed to crash 3 times already. 2 times in the Tutorial, and 1 time in the first level. 3 crash in 10 minutes is not a good sign of quality control. Too bad, since the game seems cool. But I would say avoid at all cost if you're planning to play it on the 3DS!



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Adventure Bar Story (3DS eShop):

Well, I just finished the game. About the "more boss" thing, know that once you reach Rank 10 and win the Master League, the game become 100% JRPG, and you get tons of boss fight one after another. There's also a post-game where you fight other secret boss.

Also, know this, at Rank 10, an adventurer come to your bar talking about a Nest Drake. Farming Dragon Egg there is your key to get tons of money of XP. Once you have this farming spot, all other recipes become useless.

Anyway, it was a really fun game. I'll try to boost Siela to 99 and then move on to something else.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Adventure Bar Story (3DS eShop):

Yeah, at first I was not sure about this game, now I'm 15 hours in and totally hooked. Just reached Master Rank (10) with my bar, with a full party at LV51, and the game just keep going. For a little eShop game, this is definitely great!



Drac_Mazoku commented on Series Producer Ichiro Hazama Says Theatrhythm...:

I see what they did there. First Theatrhythm title about Final Fantasy only having 50+ songs at first, so they decided not to aim too high and release also a TDQ:CC later on.

Still, the first Theatrhythm gave me 175 hours of gameplay, so even with that song count (which is quite standard as far a japanese rhythm goes, it's just curtain call that went crazy), I will buy it Day 1 if it's released here.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Rumour: Upcoming Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Cu...:

I'm almost done perfectig those 12 new songs (10 currently). I will be done with all 307 songs with all SSS & TC, so yeah, new DLC is always welcome :)

EDIT: Scratch that, I'm done with all the 12 new DLC. I want more NOW!! (currently at 375 hours of gameplay).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Fairune II is Adventuring Towards the 3DS eShop:

Will buy it day 1. So far, every Circle release on the 3DS eShop were really great (Witch & Hero, Demon King Box, Legend of the Dark Witch, Fairune). With their low price, there's no way I'm not giving them my money as soon as possible.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (North America):

And the winner for me this week is: Game & Watch Gallery 3. Weirdly enough, I was waiting for this as I've enjoyed the first 2 games.

I wish I had interrest in Moon Chronicles, since I love Renegade Kids 2D stuff like Mutant Mudd and recently Xeodrifter (where's Treasurenauts?), but quite frankly, Episode 1 was pretty meh. So I'll pass on those...



Drac_Mazoku commented on Details For The New Langrisser Title On 3DS Em...:

Had a hard fangasm on Gamefaqs when the news came out a few days ago. So I will not go in détails again. Let's just say this.

-Langrisser is my favorite TRPG of ALL TIME (Der and IV in particular for their multi-path stories)

-If they don't screw this up, this is now my MOST WANTED game on the 3DS, I WANT IT NOW!

-We need Atlus, XSeed or Nisa to confirm a localization NOW even if the game was just announced.

Nothing come close to Langrisser when it comes to TRPG, be it Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emble, Shining Force, name it, Langrissser IS the KING! I think I'm about to scream like a little fan girl again.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

With my 4200 coins, I think I can buy a lot of things.

My dilemna is, do I buy all the physical Zelda stuff, even though I don't want it, just to resell it (which I would feel bad to do), or buy tons of digital game for my Wii U which I don't use much, if not at all, these days.

The problem is, I'm 100% focused 3DS right now, and almost all the game offered on the 3DS, I already have them all, with a few exceptions here and there in the small games (like some Radar Mission or 3D Xevious, which I don't want much anyway). So I'm stuck with physical stuff I don't want but that I could resell, or digital Wii U stuff I won't really play...



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Breath of Fire (Wii U eShop / Super Ni...:

Uh? The game was more a 7/10 for me. I have a tons of good memory of this game. The soundtrack was excellent (better than 2 IMHO), the day and night cycle was something I never seen done like this in a standard-RPG back then. The Dragon transformation were really fun. The fact that your character had active skill while on the map gave this RPG more interractivity than other at the time. And the art design was really unique, so was its battle design, with isometric view, lot of animation, and actual life bar that goes down when you were hitting enemies. This make battles feel more alive. Quite frankly, I can't see how this could even go below 6/10 when you take all that into consideration VS the time it came.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Ready to Kick ...:

I'm not following this series one bit, but everytime I'm watching those screenshots or art from the game, I'm always wondering: Is this really about soccer/football??? This almost seems like a Shonen show with superpower, almost sentai-like...They all look so crazy, and I wouldnt think it was about soccer if there was not a soccer ball in the picture...



Drac_Mazoku commented on ​Video: Latest Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Cu...:

We now have a list of 295 songs if we count DLC (221 standard + 74 DLC). People who are just starting this game will be busy for a looooooong while :)

In any case, I know what I'll be doing tonigh. 6 new songs to perfect. After 350 hours with the game, I don't know when I will stop...

Finally, this mark the last batch of DLC that was in the initial leak (and that was 100% true). Right now, we are in the dark about the future DLC. I guess we'll see in 2 weeks...



Drac_Mazoku commented on A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Mu...:

@Vineleaf But we don't know if they will still base their choice about bringing the 3DS game on the performance on the Wii one, even if indeed, it came out of nowhere. Nintendo only seem to be seeing number, and if we're talking about Rhythm Heaven Fever, that's no good for our chance of a localization of the 3DS one.



Drac_Mazoku commented on A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Mu...:

I know the Wii game didnt sold at all outside Japan. Still PLEASE, GIVE THIS TO ME!!! I will be praying everyday for it!!! Even if it was digital only (which I am with my 3DS anyway) to cut the chance of them making loss on a physical release. Rhythm Tengoku is one of my favorite series. I have so much stuff from it (GBA game, japanese guide, 3 versions of Rhythm Tengoku Gold: Japanese, English, French and obviously many OST). With the way NOA is actinv since a while I fear the worst, but I SOOOOOO want it!!



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

@Caryslan High-Five That's exactly what I would REALLY want. A N2DS. I had in my possession all 3 models, and the 2DS is BY FAR my favorite. Since I don't care about 3D, for me it's the best form factor, I love how stable it is (I don't like all the wobble of the clamshell), and it's just so crisp...But I was real, there was no way a N2DS would exist, so I was ready to buy the N3DS Day 1, anything as long as its not an XL.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

@TonLoco Yeah I have already a good list of games I want to play on Vita. The only reason I was not buying it at this point is because I was 100% focusing blindly on my 3DS and nothing else, and already have a backlog with it. But at this point, might as well do it since the money was already saved for the N3DS, so using it on a Vita instead of a N3DSXL I don't want seem like a better choice no?



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

@Mus1cLov3r Oh yes, I was REALLY willing to buy a N3DS. I want to play Xenoblade. I want the faster CPU. I just don't want another XL ever. I had 2 XL in my life. Both of them looked really ugly compared to my previous OG and my current 2DS. The screen is not as sharp and bright, and with such a low resolution, it's really painful to watch on the XL. Also, my first XL got a cracked hinge after one year of EXTREME but normal usage. My second one, after only 1 month have become REALLY wobbly, and made an horrible clicking sound, like my first one did before one day it got the cracked hinge. So when they released the crystal blue 2DS, I sold my XL once and for all, waiting for the N3DS to be released. A smaller model was the only thing I was willing to buy. So yeah, I'm pretty sure I will keep my 2DS for now instead of upgrading to something I don't want. I will miss Xenoblade, but just one game will not make me buy another XL model, sorry.

And my personal view is really beside the point. Not relasing both model, giving less option to begin with is a stupid move from Nintendo, no matter if you care or not because you always wanted an XL.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Sega Confirms Global 3DS Release For Hatsune M...:

Most wanted game for the system ever since the first game was released in Japan only (almost made me purchase a Japanese 3DS just for it). I was a BIG player of Project Diva back on the PSP (I kinda stopped on Project Diva F, but still), so it's a must buy for me, no matter the price. Here's all my money Sega.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

My reaction: I went from Day 1 purchase to no purchase at all. It's their loss not mine. In fact, it opened my eyes. I think my money would be better spent on getting a different system (the Vita, also at 200$) instead of wasting money on something I already have, only a little bit superior. To think that if Nintendo would just have released both model like....EVERYWHERE ELSE, I would still continue to throw my money at them blindly, but oh well, it's for the better. Thanks Nintendo for screwing it up :)



Drac_Mazoku commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

Yeah, the overall Direct was great. But yeah too, the whole thing about no announcement about the regular N3DS in NA really killed all the joy I had. It went from a 9/10 Direct to a 5/10 one. It was THAT important for me. I was watching the direct only for this, and now I cannot even buy the model I wanted. I'm not even sure I want to buy the N3DSXL since I hate that model. Which is a shame, as I was ready to give my money Day 1 for the regular one. Their loss it seems, not mine. I may just end up buying a Vita instead of a N3DSXL with the money I was saving for it.



Drac_Mazoku commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

What were they thinking for North America. Do they thought that not announcing a standard N3DS will go unnoticed? Even more when EVERYONE ELSE in the world has it? I was ready to throw money at them Day 1, not so much anymore. What a waste...



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

@AVahne sure thing. I was just listing the new things on the 3DS to show what you get at least for paying. I can't tell about Android. I have an iOS device, and a HATE playing on it. They released an awesome version of Sonic 1 & 2 on it...too bad it controls like ****. Even a game like Final Fantasy Dimensions, a simple Turn-Based RPG, I can't stand because of touch control. So for me, I will always pay for a 3DS port if I can, even if there's a free version on iOS. Like I said though, I can't talk about android.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

@AVahne Well, on the 3DS, you get Button control (always the main reason why I don't mind paying, I HATE touch control), an extra dungeon, an extra hidden item, and an extra enemy. Meaning it's a more complete version than the iOS one.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Review: Fairune (3DS eShop):

This game was a blast. Got all the achievements for it because of how much I loved it...BUT the first playthrough (without any outside help, just by yourself) is where most of the fun is at. Some of those puzzles can be hard, but the feeling when you beat the game is great!

As for a game it reminds me of, it's not Ys, but more Hydlide on the NES. Overhead square world where you move screen by screen a la Zelda. 3 Fairies to find. No story to move you forward, just item to use here and there. Yup, more like Hydlide...if Hydlide was good that is :)



Drac_Mazoku commented on Bravely Default DLC Set to Play a Festive Tune...:

The more songs we buy as DLC, the more SE will see that we are interrested in Theatrhythm, and the more chance we will have to see a release outside Japan of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, even if as a series, DQ is dead outside Japan. SO if you can afford it, buy all the DLC people, if only to show our interrest.

For me, I'm already at 256 hours with the game and I'm far from finished. So paying an extra 12$ for a game that already gave me so much playtime is a no-brainer (and 1$ per song is a standard in rhythm games, sometimes, it's even 2$. So even if the base game had so much content, it's still not like they're stealing from us with those DLC prices, just that they were WAY too generous with the base game).



Drac_Mazoku commented on Video: This Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Trailer P...:

Yup, saw that this week-end. If it come over here (but this is DQ, so...), I'm buying this day 1, along with any future DLC they might release. Though they also announced a second wave of DLC this week-end too for Curtain Call (with music from Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana), and we're still waiting for the Bravely Default ones....what's up with that SE??? I WANT THOSE DLC NOW!!!



Drac_Mazoku commented on Nintendo Download: 18th December (North America):

I'm getting Fairune and League of Heroes this week. Both seem like cool little Action-RPG :)

Also, about the Nicalis sales, please people, don't support anything from Nicalis with your money, they don't deserve it. Quick reminder about a problem from many months ago that was never solved:

Do you remember when they said they will patch the game quickly after release? Yeah right. So many months later, 1001 spikes is still on my 3DS, unable to go beyond the title screen. They also never replied back to me (obviously). Pathetic.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Br...:

Ah, the Atlus taxe. I can understand for the physical release since they actually give tons of goodies....but for the digital??? Hopefully, Atlus is also the King of the Sales on the 3DS. It will be sold below 20$ at one point, so I'll wait for that instead.



Drac_Mazoku commented on Transparent Blue and Red 2DS Models Hit North ...:

mmph...I went from OG, to the XL (which got a cracked hinge so I went...), to the 2DS, then went back to the XL because reading was hurting my eyes on the 2DS...BUT other than that, the 2DS was my favorite model, and I'm already finding the clamshell design of my second XL to be unbearable with all its wobbling. I guess I will just endure the tinier screen, because this 2DS model is just too cool to pass, so if it comes to Canada, I guess I will be back to the 2DS until the New 3DS is announced in North America.

On a side note, the best model for me would be a New 2DS XL with stereo speakers BUT that actually sound as loud as the 2DS (3DS speakers, even in stereo, sound so tiny). If they could release that, I would throw money non-stop at Nintendo.



Drac_Mazoku commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

Come on, why complaining about internal space. If you plan on going digital on the Wii U, it's obvious you will need an HDD, and Nintendo was kind enough to let us chose the external one we really want. Nintendo may be behind on a lot of things, but really, giving us the option of selecting our HDD without any installation was a great move, so I don't understand why people complain.

Personally, once I decided to go digital only on my Wii U (less load time, no sound from disk reading, no disc swap, Digital Deluxe Promotion which means cheaper than retails on release date....I can't see no reason NOT to go digital except if you like collecting stuff or want to sell/trade back your games), I bought a Seagate 2TB HDD with its own power-source (for less than 100$, so it's not really a big amount of $ if you go for even lower than that, like 500GO), plugged it in the usb port of my Wii U, and after an auto-formatting: Voilà, no more space problem for my Wii U.