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Sun 1st March, 2009

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Doskias commented on Guide: Using USB Storage with the Wii U:

@edhe As far as everything I've read elsewhere would indicate, you absolutely do have to plug in both of those in for it to work properly.

The WiiU has four USB ports - 2 on the back, 2 in the front under the cover where the SD slot is.

Edit: And then Zipmon beat me to it :)



Doskias commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

What's interesting to me is that everyone cites how bad recent Sonic games have been. I take it none of you have faith that the developers behind Mario Galaxy could take the character and make something good with him? It's not like Sonic Team would be developing these rumored Sonic sections, y'know.

And hey, maybe Mario will meet everyone from Brawl in their own galaxy. I look forward to playing as Solid Snake in Big Shell Galaxy



Doskias commented on Review: Chronos Twins DX (WiiWare):

Man, I've been waiting for this game ever since IGN wrote up a preview on the GBA game, ages ago. As for people upset about the 1000 points it'll cost you, I think a ten dollar pricetag for a game that we would've paid thirty bucks for on GBA or DS seems pretty sweet.



Doskias commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

You know, if Silent Hill: Shattered Memories sells for crap on Wii, then I'll accept that there's no hardcore audience on Wii beyond our very vocal minority, because THAT is the kind of game we actually want.

And let's all keep in mind that games like Mad World and The Conduit were only published by SEGA. If developers like Platinum Games and (albeit to a lesser extent) High Voltage Software still want to make hardcore/mature games for Wii, I'm sure they'll be able to find someone out there to publish them. So long as they're half-decent, at any rate.