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Thu 24th November, 2011

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Donjwolf commented on Soapbox: Nintendo Soundtracks - Where Are They?:

It's too bad video game soundtracks (not just Nintendo) aren't so prevalent/popular in the west. I'd buy some if there were. I was lucky (in the old days) to be able to snag some official CDs from Nintendo such as Donkey Kong Country (from Nintendo Power) and Star Fox 64 (online store). All the other CDs I have are from non-Nintendo games.

I may be in the minority, but when it comes to artbooks and music, it's physical all the way. I'm not too fond of getting either of these things digitally.



Donjwolf commented on Updated Zelda and Animal Crossing 3DS Card Cas...:

I got the older case when they were 250 coins. I thought of getting another one when they appeared again, but I don't often buy games, and I still have lots of space in my first case so getting another case would be a waste. I don't even have 400 coins anyway even if I wanted one.



Donjwolf commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

If a game doesn't have online multiplayer, I wouldn't be able to play with anyone -at all-. I have no friends here that plays games and my family certainly doesn't play games, so local multiplayer is a definite no-go for me.

Nintendo is still stuck in the olden times. There's absolutely no reason why they can't do local AND online multiplayer.



Donjwolf commented on First Impressions: 3D After Burner II:

@retro_player_22 Are you saying you're happy with Nintendo's lineup of 3D Classics then? I wish they went the SEGA route and give us button mapping, etc. I'm just saying that they're giving us barebone options in their 3D Classics on their own system, yet SEGA gives us a wealth of options and more love.



Donjwolf commented on First Impressions: 3D After Burner II:

Must...get!! I never played any of these games when I was a kid.

I find it a little sad that SEGA currently is doing a much better job at making these 3D Classics than Nintendo on a system that Nintendo owns. Get with the program, Nintendo!



Donjwolf commented on Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Discounted...:

This is my 2nd fave handheld HM game, so definitely buy it. It's great and I love the trenches and the alpacas (so cute!!). I like the villagers and how one city is Asian style, something never seen in an HM game before.



Donjwolf commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

This is stupid. I sometimes draw stuff in Art Academy or take photos of my stuff (and outside) to show my friends on Swapnote, but I can't do that anymore. I never once used it to draw 'naughty things.' What is the use of the app now? It's worthless!!



Donjwolf commented on Namco Bandai Appears Impressed By Demand For D...:

Digimon is loads better than Pokémon. They're nothing remotely alike other than having monsters so they're not 'rivals.' Nintendo didn't seem to mind when Digimon appeared on the DS too if they were in fact rivals.

I'll buy this of course if it comes here.



Donjwolf commented on Review: Pinball (Wii U eShop / NES):

Weird comments in here. Just because it's an OLD pinball game doesn't mean it can't be just as good as more modern pinball games. The Pro Pinball series, arguably one the best pinball games ever, is now almost 20 years old, yet they still manage to play and look just as good as today's pinball games. Yes, that includes Zen. You'd never believe they're old games.

Revenge of the 'Gator is also just as good as I remembered it, and that's even older than Pro Pinball. The classic Amiga games, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions, etc, are still pretty good.