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Thu 24th November, 2011

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Donjwolf commented on Review: A-Train 3D: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

@SuperWiiU Other than the people, the game isn't 'cartoony.' SimCity 2000 from way back had very similar graphics for the buildings, making the cities pretty colourful, and that game sure wasn't 'cartoony,' unless you're talking about something else entirely.

@notchucknorris As a sim fan I liked Civ DS actually. Also have the PS3 version. It's not very indepth, no, but it was still pretty fun. My only gripe was the size of the world. It was pretty dinky. SimCity DS was horrible though. I'll stick to the PC versions.

@Spoony I don't understand why non-fans of a genre would want to review genres that they don't care for either, but I'm pretty used to it by now. If someone cites 'slow paced' or 'too much work' or something similar in a review, then I'd say it's probably a good game :3 Reviewers who don't understand a genre does the same for hunting games (the good ones anyway) and first person dungeon crawlers. I actually saw a review for a good hunting game say the maps are 'too large' for a negative. What? It's a big plus for fans. Who wants to hunt on a dinky map? In fact, the maps were actually kind of small compared to other games, actually. It wasn't dinky, but it wasn't huge either. The bigger the better! All these things people say are negatives are actual positives to fans, it's a positive. It'd be a lot easier though if actual fans reviewed games instead.

If The Witcher 3 wasn't coming out this year, I'd say A-Train would be my GoTY, but I can still say it's my handheld GoTY though.



Donjwolf commented on Review: A-Train 3D: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

If you've played similar games before, it actually doesn't have a impossible learning curve. In fact, the tutorials teach you stuff in small batches, not all at once so it will help you learn faster if you're brand new to the genre.



Donjwolf commented on Review: A-Train 3D: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

@World While I like Air Traffic Controller Hero Hawaii too, it's hardly considered a simulation game. The air chatter may be authentic, but the gameplay is basically a slow-paced puzzle game with planes.

A-Train is an actual simulation game. Although a Japanese company made it, it plays exactly like any Western made simulation game that has done very well on PCs, like the SimCity series. If you've never played this genre before, and you don't have access to a PC and it's bajillion simulation games, then A-Train is a good starting point! It has extensive tutorials that tells you everything you need to know in small batches, so you're not terribly confused all at once.



Donjwolf commented on Review: A-Train 3D: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

@AndymanMessiah @TheWPCTraveler I just finished tutprial 2. You're never going to believe that this game is actually as complex has a standard PC simulation. There's -loads- of info and features in this game that you won't believe is on a handheld. Believe me when I say there simply isn't any other game like it outside of a PC.

The game actually has a ton of customization and helpful features that I wasn't exactly expecting, such as the ability to colour-customize your vehicles, changing the trackbed, bridge and the piers (the support structures holding up these bridges) adding catenaries, fences, guardrails and street lights.

You can copy a vehicle's schedule/colour/etc to another vehicle for convenience.

You can make elevated tracks and even have "highway" intersections with on/off ramps. Not sure what to call those, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

You can put the 3DS in sleep mode and the game can still run (and earn you money) while you do other non-gaming things.

See, THIS is what SimCity DS should have been. That game was horrible. A-Train actually has a lot more depth and you can fully customize how your trains run.

As a simulation fan, I highly doubt you're going to be disappointed in this game. I've always wanted a game like this on a handheld, and that game has finally arrived. Maps are huge too, BTW!!



Donjwolf commented on Review: A-Train: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

@MitchVogel Oh, you misunderstood me. I don't actually have an issue with the review. I know the genre isn't for everyone with its slow pace, so having it as a 'negative' isn't a knock against the review, as it's to be expected. Pretty much all first person dungeon crawler and hunting game reviews generally say the same thing too (unless it's a cruddy Cabela title), and to fans of those genres, it's actually considered a good thing that it's slow.

This type of game is barely on handhelds/consoles, so A-Train may actually get some people interested in this title, which previously can only be found on PCs. I already said action-oriented people aren't going to get any fun out of A-Train, but people with a lot of patience may find a lot to like.



Donjwolf commented on Review: A-Train: City Simulator (3DS eShop):

I figured points would be knocked off for being slow-paced. Only people with patience (helps if they'ere fans of the genre too) will get a lot of fun out of this game. Definitely not for 'action-oriented' folks.

Also, talk about devaluing a product. £3? Really? This game is basically on the same depth as a PC game. 20 is a steal actually, for all the mass amount of content you get with it. There is NO OTHER game (in this genre) of this magnitude on a handheld/console. Saying it should be worth only $5 is rather insulting to be honest.



Donjwolf commented on Video: This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Gra...:

I lost all my puzzle pieces when my 3DS got stolen from me on Christmas Eve, and I had every puzzle completed except for the three latest ones too. I doubt I'll be doing this exploit though. While I'd love to get back all the puzzles I lost, this sounds like a really time consuming method since you're only getting one piece at a time.



Donjwolf commented on Review: 3D Out Run (3DS eShop):

I've been waiting for this game for a while now. I've never played any of SEGA's arcade games, so these are a brand new experience for me! I have GF II and Afterburner II and both are mighty impressive!



Donjwolf commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:

I think every other PC digital storefront is better than Steam. People love Steam cause it was the first digital store and has achievements, trading cards, badges, a chat system, etc. I think all those stuff are useless, IMO, and I'd rather just play the games I buy than care about worthless badges, etc.

I prefer GoG, GG, GMG, even Origin, to Steam, since they don't have all that stuff and you don't need to load up a third-party program in order to play the games you buy from them.

Steam doesn't always have the best sales anymore too. Even Amazon has amazing deals now that beats Steam. Despite what people think about EA, I've had good customer service from them, and I can talk to them through livechat. I've heard nothing but horrible customer service from people who had to go through Steam support. Origin even gives you a complete refund for games within 24 hours after you buy them, and that goes for brand new games too. They have Game Time too, which lets you play the game unrestricted for 48 hours so you can judge whether you want to buy it or not, and once you buy it, you can continue from where you left off. I played Sims 4 using Game Time and I discovered it isn't as horrible as people say it is.

Too many people worship Steam, which baffles me. If I didn't already have a bunch of games on Steam, I'd ditch them a long time ago.



Donjwolf commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

I told you, I don't HAVE a Wii U so how can I check the Eshop? -_- The only page I CAN check is on Nintendo's website, and how would I know that it's 'outdated,' especially if it's on an -official- website.
It's good that Wii U has most tables then.

I think you're seriously underestimating the power of soccer though. In EU, soccer (football) is mega huge, whereas in NA it's not as popular. It probably sold tons in EU. There's no need to buy every single team either. I just bought the skin that had the wolf mascot since I love wolves. I don't even watch the sport, but it's by far the best table I've played in Zen Pinball 2.



Donjwolf commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

@rockodoodle Really? I do have ZP2 on the 3DS and I played just fine on it. The 3D effect actually made it easier to see everything on the top screen if it was cramped with stuff. I switched to the Vita for pinball though since the 3DS was barely getting any tables in a timely manner and because it was too weak to run The Pinball Arcade on it.



Donjwolf commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

@mystman12 While it's true most of Zen's pins are 'video gamey' with their rule sets, they have also made tables that are more down to earth. There's nothing in them that can't be done on a real table. Try pins like Street Fighter or Super League Football (my personal fave from Zen).



Donjwolf commented on Feature: The Heartwarming Tale of a Missing 3D...:

I lost my 3DS right in the lobby of my very own apartment and no good samaritan (sp?) ever returned it to me, yet this guy lost his thousands if of miles away and he gets it back. He's a very lucky guy, but it doesn't make me feel any better :(

All the work I did on Tomodachi Life was wasted since it was in the slot, and my poor 3DS case and my Digimon cell phone strap. I'll never see them again :(



Donjwolf commented on Review: Best of Mahjong (3DS eShop):

I've got a couple of questions for you, Alex. I am very picky about solitaire mahjong games and they have to have specific features before I'd even consider getting one.

My first question has already been answered as the only layout I usually ever play is the traditional Turtle. LOTS of new Mahjong games these days apparently don't have this layout (WHY?) which annoys me greatly. EVERY OLD game I've played has Turtle, which makes it more baffling why new games don't.

Secondly, I really hate how tiles that can be removed (whether they can be matched or not) are highlighted (at at least appear much brighter than tiles that are not) on the screen. It's one of the many features in newer games that I despise because it's essentially considered cheating (much like shuffle) in my eyes. Does this game do it too? If it's an OPTIONAL feature, then that's fine, just as long as it's not mandatory. Some of those screenshots you've posted doesn't bode well though, cause I see tiles that are clearly darkened in several screens.

Does the game tell you when you've ran out of matches? Normally this would be a standard in any game, but I've actually ran across one game that -didn't.- I never shuffle (it's cheating) so if a game tells me there's no more matches, then I can simply start a new game.

Thanks for answering my questions (if you do anyway).

@Kirby_Fan_DL3 Just 'cause you can play it 'for free' on a PC doesn't mean all the other 'non free' games aren't worth playing, or aren't as good, if not better. I can play Space Cadet on PC for free, but then I could also play The Pinball Arcade on PC (it's not free) that's 1000% better than Space Cadet. I can't bring my PC with me when I go out too so being able to play a similar game for free on another system is hugely irrelevant and not a good argument. Portability matters to me.



Donjwolf commented on Weirdness: According To McDonald's, Mario And ...:

@Prof_Clayton is actually right, you know. You can make similar looking characters, but as long as they don't look 100% like whatever character they're copying, and don't actually call said characters "Mario" or "Link," then it's not copyright infringement. Parodies happen all the time. It's not against the law. Those guys may resemble Mario and Bowser, but they're not actually Mario and Bowser. There's lots of differences between them and the actual characters.



Donjwolf commented on Ninterview: Learning Retro Secrets With A Form...:

@JJtheTexan I have a similar story! I never called the hotline either, but I sent them (Nintendo Power) a letter (I think it was through fax) how to get past a level in Donkey Kong (the GB game). I got a reply from them with complete instructions and it was personalized too! Sadly, I also lost the letter.

I also drew a pic of Rush (you know, the robo dog) with a mouse and sent it off to them. They said it was 'cool' and 'stuff' and that they were going to forward it to whoever decides what to put in future issues. Sadly, it never did get printed.

Okay, this isn't related to Nintendo at all, but I also faxed Disney Adventures a picture I drew and it actually was printed. I still have a copy of the mag somewhere in my closet...I think. When I emailed them, I've -always- received a card back with a personalized message.

UPDATE: Okay, I guess I was wrong. I don't seem to have the mag anymore.



Donjwolf commented on Natsume Thanks Fans for Strong Launch of Harve...:

@Malachite Well I already know Natsume doesn't own the series. Regardless, I like the direction they're taking with The Lost Valley. Lots of the features/ideas in that game is rather ingenious and makes me wonder why Marvelous never did any of the sort during their long history of making HM games. HM to me is getting rather stale (last game I bought was ToTT), and Natsume is giving the brand a fresh new coat of paint, even if they don't own it. I'm very interested in seeing what else they come up with for future 'HM' games, moreso than the actual series.


I'm glad to see there are other fans of this game too. A good game is a good game. It doesn't matter who makes it.



Donjwolf commented on Natsume Thanks Fans for Strong Launch of Harve...:

Wow at all the comments in this thread. So what if it isn't a 'true' HM game? That doesn't make the game itself -bad- or anything. Natsume is trying something new with the franchise, and after what they've done with The Lost Valley, I'm looking forward to see what else they can offer. The idea of terraforming your valley was an awesome and unique idea, being able to form your land however you chose. I made a huge wall, waterfalls and ponds.

The idea of using just one button to mine/chop/fish, etc, is something I've been waiting a long time for. I dunno why Marvelous never bothered to do this after so many years.

It seems that most of you are basing your opinions from what -other- people have said, which is sad. If -they- didn't like it, it doesn't mean that -you- won't like it either. I can't believe people follow Metacritic like some sort of god. The only opinion I listen to is my own.

I'd still be playing it now if my 3DS hadn't gotten stolen. TLV is a step in the right direction, IMO. The -real- HM series is getting kinda stale.



Donjwolf commented on Nintendo Download: 1st January (Europe):

If my 3DS hadn't been stolen, and it was coming to NA, I'd love to get that NES Bowser theme (I love Bowser), although it also depends on what the theme actually looks like first. The music would probably be Bowser's castle.



Donjwolf commented on Best of Mahjong:

There's not much market for the game out of Asian countries though, compared to other games like checkers and chess. It's just not popular/well known enough to be released in NA. I thought you would've realized that by now.

There ARE Mahjong games on NA PSN though and you can play it on Vita, PSP and PS3, but they're all imports so they're in Japanese. That's one option if you must play Mahjong. I doubt one is ever going to come to Nintendo systems. There's no market for them here.



Donjwolf commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

I'd much rather see a 3D Classics: Star Fox. It's still the best game IMO. I'd SOOOOOO love to play it on the 3DS!!
Also, I don't like all the changes to Fox's design. I loved how he looked on SNES (the puppets) and in that NP comic, but everything after that looks pretty bad.

You're wrong. I liked Command too.



Donjwolf commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

I don't dislike the movie because it's popular. I dislike it because of various other reasons, and it is nowhere near my 'top 10 Disney movie' list. I used to worship Disney back in the day, but they're basically dead to me now. Whatever magic they had disappeared IMO.

I'm also not the type of person that tends to dislike anything even remotely popular. I'm not that kind of sheep, following the crowd. It'd be for other reasons.



Donjwolf commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

@MoonKnight7 Don't worry. I didn't like the movie either, and so did 2 of my friends. It wasn't even, IMO, the best movie of 2013. Ernest et Celestine should have won the Oscars, but the bias people have against foreign movies/subs (unless it's from Miyasaki (sp?)) is probably why it lost. You should watch it if you haven't already. I also don't like the Frozen songs at all. People say it's just like the older songs, but IMO the older songs are still a lot better.

Frozen had too many plot holes and 'things that don't make sense.'