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Thu 24th November, 2011

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Donjwolf commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

I don't dislike the movie because it's popular. I dislike it because of various other reasons, and it is nowhere near my 'top 10 Disney movie' list. I used to worship Disney back in the day, but they're basically dead to me now. Whatever magic they had disappeared IMO.

I'm also not the type of person that tends to dislike anything even remotely popular. I'm not that kind of sheep, following the crowd. It'd be for other reasons.



Donjwolf commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

@MoonKnight7 Don't worry. I didn't like the movie either, and so did 2 of my friends. It wasn't even, IMO, the best movie of 2013. Ernest et Celestine should have won the Oscars, but the bias people have against foreign movies/subs (unless it's from Miyasaki (sp?)) is probably why it lost. You should watch it if you haven't already. I also don't like the Frozen songs at all. People say it's just like the older songs, but IMO the older songs are still a lot better.

Frozen had too many plot holes and 'things that don't make sense.'



Donjwolf commented on Review: Game & Watch Gallery 3 (3DS eShop / Ga...:

If it ever comes to NA, I may get it. All I really want in that list is classic Mario Bros., as it's my favourite G&W game that I've played.

I doubt the GBA game (Gallery 4) will ever come to 3DS VC, and Nintendo never made a DSIware version of it (like they did with several others), so I guess I'll have to stick with G&W Gallery 3 for Mario Bros. fun.



Donjwolf commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

Aw man wish I could get the DVDs but they're so expensive in Canada. I rewatched it several months ago by using Youtube and I also downloaded all the Warners and PaTB shorts from seasons 1 to beginning of 4. I converted them all and placed them in my 8GB Vita card to watch on the go (or in bed) whenever I wish :3

I think the greatest cartoons came from the 90s. At least, that's where all of my favourites came from :)

As to your answers to my question, you're wrong on both counts :D Want me to tell you? If you're going to watch the eps though, do you want to find out yourself? The ep in question is one of the more popular ones if that helps you.



Donjwolf commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

@yuwarite I'm over 30 and don't have a Smartphone either. There's no reason for me to ever use a phone or a tablet, so I don't get one. Not everyone -needs- such a device, just like every other object you can think of. If someone doesn't read much books, then an ereader won't be of much use to him/her, would it? There's no need to go around belittling people for not owning something you think is necessary.



Donjwolf commented on Zen Studios States That Wii U Pinball News is ...:

Why haven't they released any DLC on 3DS? I've pretty much switched over to the Vita at this point since that handheld actually gets updated with new pins. The Pinball Arcade is the better pinball game though. I have both on my Vita and couldn't be happier.



Donjwolf commented on Steel Empire Blasting A Path To The North Amer...:

What's the issue? SHMUPs commonly were sold for full price alongside all the other games back in the day, alongside pinball games (sometimes with ONE table too) and nobody ever complained, but the same genres released at full price today seems to be 'too expensive' for some reason. What makes pinball and SHMUPs less worthy than say, FPS or adventure games? Is it because of their arcade "get the best score" nature? It never made any sense to me. Fans of the genre would think it's a steal, honestly.

Yes, it's an update of an old game, but I don't see how that means anything price wise. Old games doesn't automatically mean low prices.

Too bad I'm rather poor at the moment. This game looks great to me.



Donjwolf commented on Ubisoft Confirms Exclusive 3DS Mode for Tetris...:

Is Tetris DS going to be the only game that has Push Mode? That was the best thing about that game. I no longer have the cartridge but I wish a newer game would have that mode.

I'll just stick to GB Tetris then until a future game comes out has Push Mode.



Donjwolf commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Re-Tools Its Ite...:

@LUIGITORNADO Buy Farming Simulator or Farming Simulator 2014 then.

I dunno why people don't like these updates. It makes farming loads more convenient, with a bigger backpack holding 255 at a time, and being able to chop trees and mine without selecting the tool first. I find these changes awesome, and sure beats wasting time getting the tools out just to chop ONE log, or running back and forth from site to your house just to drop off stuff for storage because there's no room.

I'd get things a lot faster in a day with these changes. Right now the game sounds way more appealing to me than Story of Seasons.



Donjwolf commented on Review: Farming Simulator 14 (3DS):

@Windy, the first game was digital only in NA (I assume you live in NA), but FS 14 got a physical release too, hence the price increase. I'll get this game sometime (on the Vita) but I'm rather broke right now and I need to save for other 3DS games that's coming out this year.



Donjwolf commented on E3 2014: Super Smash Bros. 3DS Confirmed For O...:

Everyone on the GFAQs forum all said it'd be coming in July/August. I was the only one who said Sept or later and nobody believed me. It's a good thing too for me because there is another game I want coming in Sept so this will give me more time to save for Smash.



Donjwolf commented on Natsume Confirms A-Train: City Simulator For 3...:

Here's the official website to A-Train!

Here's some videos on the website!

Here's an example of the music:

Looks neat but it may look too complicated for me. Oh, and it better have an Undo feature. It was so annoying in SimCity DS where, if you messed up building a road and destroyed your police're screwed.



Donjwolf commented on Mario Kart Month: The Developers Who Tried To ...:

I've only played a few of those. Blur was blah, but the WipEout series and Sonic Racing: Transformed are awesome games. Sorry, I'm not a big Mario Kart fan, and these two games (well, one series and one game) are better than MK for me. Props for giving these devs the inspiration though.



Donjwolf commented on Meet Sticks, The New Member of Sonic Boom's "C...:

@kamifox1 Did you delete your reply to me? I don't see it here. I wanted to say that I think honey badgers live in rainforests, not jungles. Besides, honey badgers aren't actual badgers. They belong to their own subfamily and more closely related to martens, not badgers. They sure have the fierceness of a badger though, but their 'real' name is the ratel.



Donjwolf commented on Photos With Mario Official Website Launches Wi...:

@JaxonH That's not really the point though. I don't like leaving virtual money sitting on an account for a long time, and that can very well happen if there's nothing else I want to buy on the Eshop. It just seems a waste when the only thing you want right now is really cheap (say, 2 bucks) and nothing else interests you for months. When I buy a card, I make sure there's loads of other stuff I want that would make me spend the majority of it.

Also, the Eshop doesn't really interest me much, except for a little game here and there. The PSN and/or Steam usually has the games I'm looking for so I'm more inclined to buy cards for them.