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Re: Review: PAYDAY 2 (Switch)


@FTL It does make it stick out. That's one of the reasons it got a seven. Launching without certain updates and content is an issue. Doesn't mean the rest of the game is bad. Nothing to be confused over.

Re: Nintendo Download: 15th February (Europe)


@KeeperBvK I appreciate your feedback, but I don't think you appreciate how much work goes into collating all that information. Twice. The Downloads aren't designed to reflect the consistent personality we present elsewhere. It's just a roundup of prices and releases.

Re: Switch Now Has Three Times As Many Games as Wii U Did At This Point In Its Lifecycle


@shani Dude, the facts speak for themselves. The 191 games on Switch (at the date quoted) are all, on average, higher rated games. Doesn't matter that some of them are ports - unlike most other machines, many of these titles have never been handheld so being ported to a system that provides that functionality is a benefit no other version has supported. We love Wii U at Nintendo Life, but the fact remains it was the wrong console at the wrong time.

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