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United Kingdom

Fri 14th May 2010

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Dollie commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS):

This is the only Animal Crossing game I've ever played, and it wasn't a disappointment. At first, I found the whole thing rather strange (animals... living in houses... etc.) but I quickly grew fond of all that there is to do and see. Wi-Fi is incredible too, if you can master the stylus typing!

A recommended buy for anyone who takes to the genre.



Dollie commented on Review: Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility (Wii):

Like Taya, I feel this review is strongly unjust. Many long time players of the Harvest Moon series (including myself) adore this game and knocking off 5 points due to a few disappointing factors, some being debatable, is criminal.

The two (and only two) things I have negative to say is about the music/character voice and the loading times. While the tunes in this game are lovely to begin with, they can become repetitive - I'll give the review credit for that. And your players voice does indeed sound amateur and could have been done so much better. Loading screens take a couple of seconds (the longest usually being your home district) but it isn't unbearable. Same applies with the PAL issue - as an owner of this version, I can't say the speed rate bothers me much at all. What you never had (the faster version) you'll never miss, is my thinking.

Everything else is questionable and varies from person to person. Complaining of the chores that would be naturally expected of a farmer might mean farming simulations (or this particular series) aren't for you. Natsume has given players a break in that crop care isn't as strict as before. If you feel lazy or just prefer to play more casually, crops can be left mostly untended at the cost of a slower growth rate. This is not only helpful to different playing styles but more realistic. Animals need a lot of hearts to produce quality goods, but depending on what you do with them, you don't always need to bother acquiring them.

As for the game play and currency system, I love it fine the way it is. It's only traditional to the series that life begins financially and physically tough - I enjoy that aspect. Side chores such as mining, fishing and cooking are all nicely detailed and enjoyable. You'll probably end up favouring one over the rest, depending on your style.

The graphics and residents of the game couldn't have been done better, in my opinion. I really enjoyed exploring the vastness of the island when I started and unlocking the hidden regions made the experience even more pleasurable and long lasting. Residents are unique in themselves and you have a fair number of choices for your spouse-to-be.

All in all, I give this game a high 7/10. Considering the average among user reviews is often an 8/10 (variable from site to site), I find the one given here somewhat misleading.