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Mon 22nd Aug 2011

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DogNut327 commented on Get Down With The Hip Hop Dance Experience:

All the sings suck IMO, although I kind of expected that. Either way I'll still have to listen to them all because of my sister :/

Also, isn't "Gettin jiggy wit it" the name of a song about what's inside some very bad mens' pants?



DogNut327 commented on Titanic Mystery Sails Onto Wii and DS:

You could take control of the Olympic and and earn money by crashing into other ships. You'd have to replace the ship's crew if they die and pay to repair damage to your boat. It could be a 99 cent game for phones. I'd buy that
I have no idea for a Britannic game though.



DogNut327 commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Over-Reliant on Sup...:

If you have a winning formula, why would you ditch it? Mario is system seller, that's why they overuse him. I just wish they wouldn't do annual releases. A console game one and a handheld the next is fine, but two releases on the same system isn't, IMO.



DogNut327 commented on Capcom: "No Plans for Resident Evil 6 Wii U At...:

If it's like RE5 and/or CoD, then I'll read the plot online. Like RE4, rent and if I like it, not retu- I mean buy. But it's probably gonna end up on Wii U.
Look at RE4. They say it's gonna be GCN exclusive. Then they turn around a year later and release an enhanced port for PS2.



DogNut327 commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games so Far:

Right games, wrong order, IMO.
12. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
10. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
9. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
8. Dead or Alive: Dimensions
7. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars 3D
6. Mutant Mudds
5. Mario Kart 7
4. Pullblox — Pullblox
3. Super Mario 3D Land
2. Kid Icarus: Uprising
1. Resident Evil Revelaitions

Honourable Mentions:
Pilotwings Resort
Star Fox 64 3D



DogNut327 commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

^^ Why you would skip out on a game that doesn't have online, Idk.

I like how everyone is so certain that there will be a revision with a second circle pad. For all we know, they might remove the one in the system. Also, I don't think it's possible to keep the 3DS the way it is without making it bigger. I personally think Nintendo will package the CPP with the 3DS.

I'm gonna pick this once I get MGS3D.