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Fri 18th Jan 2013

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Dodsangstens commented on Pokémon X & Y Catch More Official Artwork and...:

As I've been reading the comments posted here, I've realized that a lot of people seem to think that x and y were named the way they are because of the way the legendary pokemon look, let me add a different theory to that... Xerneas looks nothing like an X, go ahead look at it. Is it the antlers? Not possible there are eight of them. As for Yveltal, if you look at any big bird, even in real life, with it in flight, they all look like Y's. Take Zapdos for example, Y, Articuno, Y, Molrtres, Y, all of them, Y. Now that we've debunked what everyone thinks, here's what I think they're really going for. We have pokemon X and Y, which naturally will end the series with Z obviously, X,Y and Z. Now what is that exactly? For those of us that are educated we know that those are the axis that make up the 3D aspects of any game. Get it yet? These are the first pokemon games that are exclusively for the 3DS, so, it's not that they look like X's or Y's it's a little deeper than that, not much but, a little.