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Fri 22nd Mar 2013

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Doctor_Opossum commented on It's Autobots vs Decepticons in the Upcoming T...:

A tough choice in terms of which side to choose. The Autobots do have the whole defending humanity thing going on. But the Decepticons have my old faves Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Ravage, plus most of them can fly. I think I will go with the Decepticons.



Doctor_Opossum commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

There are a number of games coming out for other systems first or exclusively that make me wish the WiiU were more in demand as a platform. But Watch Dogs isn't one. I don't doubt that it plays well, but the look (more dark and gloomy aesthetics) and plot don't seem special or fun to me.



Doctor_Opossum commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

This doesn't seem like a big deal to me. If anything, it is quite fair to both parties - the people posting the videos get to show off their moves and use Nintendo's content without legal issues and Nintendo gets some profit out of thier properties.



Doctor_Opossum commented on Nintendo’s Bill Trinen: 2013 Is The Year Whe...:

@RonF In an odd way, I think that the rise of mobile gaming could help handheld sales in the long run. I was infatuated with mobile games for a time, but the clunky controls (and, admittedly, a Super Mario Land demo at the mall) drew me to the 3DS. Good God, I hate those mobie gaming arrow keys for movement.