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Thu 26th Jan 2012

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DoctorWho commented on Dr. Mario and Toki Tori Join the 3DS VC This Year:

Not to be picky, but i've noticed the NES games for general release on 3DS VC don't appear in the "Coming Soon" list of this website. Are they only listing the games that are unique to the handheld medium? I'd rather a full list of games to scroll through given how tedious the list on the actual e-store is.



DoctorWho commented on MYST is Drifting Towards 3DS in Europe:

I love Myst but i'm really worried that this treatment will disappoint the legacy much like the DSi predecessor did. Also, it's concerning that the gameplay takes place on the bottom screen. I know the player needs to "click" on things in terms of item interaction and walking around, but they could have found a way to do that with the controller and the top screen. It worked for Broken Sword which in essence is much the same thing as Myst.



DoctorWho commented on Nintendo Wants to Keep Old Titles Fresh with DLC:

All for it because there are absolutely no limits as to where you can go with this. New maps, characters, modes and for virtually any type of game. This finally means that with genres such as FPS and RPG, we can get dedicated expansion pack releases. Only 1 issue - you'll need a huge SD card if you intend on really getting into DLC releases.



DoctorWho commented on Nintendo Considering Retail Downloads on 3DS a...:

I definitely prefer physical copies only. Mainly for the sake of having a collection on the shelf. Plus it eliminates the issue of having to free up space on an SD card rather than having to delete certain titles once you want to try another one. I've embraced digital distribution a lot more over the years and have come to like it, but it would be nice to see them achieve a balance rather than go down the all or nothing route. The demos are definitely a terrific idea, but they are very large downloads which is very concerning for the full versions. I'm definitely all for physical releases. But, I like the idea of digital distribution for 3DS in terms of DLC, demos, fan made maps & missions for multiplayer and even smaller scale, independent titles for download where budget may not allow for a physical release.



DoctorWho commented on Punch-Out!! is Japan's Next NES 3DS VC Game:

As someone who doesn't own a Wii, quite selfishly, i'm happy that NES games at least seem to be coming to 3DS VC. I couldn't care less about the 3D Classics after the treatment of Kirby given the frame it was presented in rather than full screen. If we're just going to get 3D Classics in the stock standard VC window, then just release the NES games as VC games so we can more of them rather than the 4 per year or so. The Ambassador NES games look great, so I don't see for a second why more NES releases as part of the VC range is in any manner a bad thing. If anything, it could be the right step toward a universal Nintendo Online Store.