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Sun 18th Dec 2011

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Disorientator commented on Review: Perpetual Blast (Wii U eShop):


I'm Yiannos, the developer of Perpetual Blast.

First of all thanks for the review.

I just wanted to clarify a couple of points wrongly raised in the review as issues:
1. To enable gyroscopic aiming, your ship doesn't have to stand still. You just have to rotate it to be level with the horizon. (using the right stick)

2. When gyroscopic aiming is enabled, you can still "fly"/move your ship with the left stick. Movement is in no way limited (only the right stick is disabled as you are aiming using the gyros) and you certainly don't have to disable gyroscopic aiming every time you want to move though space.

3. I'm not sure what the "draw distance is quite low" comment means. All the 3D objects (target boxes and in some levels background objects) in the level are constantly visible. The draw distance is more that enough to show everything, at all times.

4. To wrap to/restart a level, you first have to select it using the right D-PAD direction (which cycles through levels unlocked), and then hit "B" to execute.

Other than points (2) and (3), I suppose the other "issues" could be due the game's inability to communicate their functionality properly to the player.



Disorientator commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Year of Giving:

Nice article and I'm thankful Nintendo decided to compensate the early adopters.

My only complain is the irritating limitation of some 3DS channels to work in my region.
It shouldn't matter in 2011 for god's sake.