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Sun 4th August, 2013

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DiscoGentleman commented on Trailer Shows Off Today's First Batch of Hyrul...:


Nowhere near finishing the original gameplay- so excited for all this dlc. I was mega hyped for this game before, but it's gone beyond my expectations, even. Having so much fun with local co-op with the fiancé.
Love this game.



DiscoGentleman commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

@SahashraLA It's the official English title and a perfect translation of "Nure-Garasu no Miko" in my opinion.
I didn't like that fan translation that was floating around about something like "Black-haired Shrine Maiden".
Nure (soaking wet) Garasu (crow/raven) wasn't properly conveyed, and Miko is too ambiguous of a word to pin down in English without knowing the context, and "Shrine Maiden" is a wordy translation.

Honestly, the translation is like linguistic porn to me: Oracle of the Sodden Raven. Umf. Sexy.



DiscoGentleman commented on I Had No Idea If I Was Fighting Demons, Dragon...:

@WinterWarm I agree with you, but I have to play devil's advocate and say that the majority of users here make it a (heterosexual) boys club, so it's bound to happen, as much as it sucks that it does.
If the roles were reversed, (girls club, interview with a handsome, well-spoken, seemingly intelligent guy) I'm sure there'd be plenty of comments on his looks, too.

Being a gay guy, I admit that if there were a very attractive guy who sounds smart in his interview and has talent to boot, I'd probably comment about how attractive he is (though, personally, it wouldn't have to do solely with his looks).

Just my two cents.



DiscoGentleman commented on You Can Now Purchase Select Digital Titles on ...:

Sounds like automatic downloads to me. Haven't tried it yet, though.
Two quotes from site:

"Check out with your Nintendo Network ID, Make buying games super easy with a Nintendo Network ID. Save your information for next time, Send your game directly to your Nintendo system"
"Downloading is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Buy your download code below, Send the code to your Nintendo system automatically OR enter the code manually later. Download and play!"



DiscoGentleman commented on You Can Now Purchase Select Digital Titles on ...:

@rjejr yesyesyesyesyes this so much! My external just got an error last week when downloading Bayonetta 2 demo. Long story short, I was able to salvage the ext HDD, but I had to format it, losing all of my save data for games like Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, DKC:TF, Pikmin 3...
We need a way to backup saves. Even a cloud feature. Just for saves. Redownloading games would then be a nuisance, at best, if situations like yours or mine would occur.
The saves (which are tiny, tiny files) are the important part.



DiscoGentleman commented on The New Nintendo 3DS Web Filter Does Successfu...:

You can't shield your child from everything. It's the parents' job to talk to their kid and be like, "Yes, there is porn and inappropriate stuff for your age out there, but you have to understand that this is not normal sex nor is it the way you should treat another personally regularly," or whatever. There's always crazy stuff in the world, and the answer is not to shield them from it like it doesn't exist, because it does, and when they eventually figure it out, it'll be a shock to the system; imo, the answer is to teach them how to act/be receptive of it when they inevitably do come into contact with it. Then it won't phase them and they'll just take it as another part of this crazy life.
Also, eventually, pretty much everyone looks at porn at least a few times- the majority of people have looked at porn quite a lot, with how accessible it is, and they're not all corrupt. It's human nature and sexual desire and curiosity and all those normal things. Sex shouldn't be condemned.

Mind the rant. I'm tired. Just woke up.