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Chicago-born, Denver Gaymer.

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What is "Love" known by? When it hurts to say goodbye.

Sun 4th August, 2013

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DiscoGentleman commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

"Controversial"? Please. Anybody saying that is someone with whom I disagree. Nintendo has always had product placement in games since NES days, and so have all major have companies.

AND it's free, post-release, optional DLC. How can you complain?
Not controversial. I disagree with those people with their wrong opinions.
Please, let's be civil and refrain from insulting other users — TBD

Will do! — DiscoGentleman



DiscoGentleman commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@Tops exactly. And that's why Nintendo isn't saying the will or won't do it- they have to ask the family's permission to use his likelihood or whatever needs to be done legally speaking, and they're basically saying they aren't going to ask the family any insensitive requests just a few days after his passing.
I think it's a very good statement.



DiscoGentleman commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

@May_Nyan @Catlish Thanks, Catlish. It's a bit easier to read.
It really doesn't say much interesting, it reads:

This is the girl version of the hero, Link. We wondered what would Link look like if he were female. (That sentence is a little too blurry, but I'm pretty sure that's what it says)

But then, what I find way more interesting is the two fairies below Linkle. One is the concept art for the white fairy, which was Lana's past life. The black fairy is the concept art for Cia's past life.



DiscoGentleman commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

@JSaario lol I know... that's why I said "interesting".
There isn't much other way to translate that into English, either. It could be "Linker" but really... it probably isn't. It could also be Rinkle/Wrinkle or Rinker, but really... it definitely isn't that.
Oh, that joys of a phonetic language.



DiscoGentleman commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

So, it says in Japanese on the page that "This is Link, if we imagined him as a female." Some of the rest is hard to make out because of the blur. But they did name her: Linkle. Interesting name.

Also, it shows the two white fairy and black fairy below her. It says that these are concept art for Lana's previous form and Cia's previous form. So, I guess Lana & Cia are sisters or somehow connected, as they were both fairies in a previous form.



DiscoGentleman commented on Weirdness: Ocarina of Time is a Lot Less Legen...:

@Chubblings Death is a part of all life. Shielding kids from it like it doesn't exist only makes them fear it more.
But, imo, it doesn't belong on this site really because Robin Williams has hardly anything to do with Nintendo other than having a daughter who was named after the Zelda series.



DiscoGentleman commented on Dan Adelman Formally Launches New Independent ...:

Glad he's trying to dispel some of the negativity, but overall this is gonna have a ridiculous backlash on Nintendo from single-issue opinionists and bloggers.

Good luck in his endeavors, and perhaps he'll be working with Nintendo again in some manner.