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Sun 27th Mar 2011

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Dinglehopper commented on Kickstarter Campaign Launches For ReVeN:

There's paying homage, and then there's total shameless plagiarism. There are enough of these Metroid inspired games on kickstarter that at least bring their own original ideas to the table.



Dinglehopper commented on Tech Site T3 Predicts What The Nintendo Smartp...:

Just stick some Nintendo stuff on the screen of a generic white phone, I don't get it. I don't see anything close to Nintendo's design philosophies. Why is it so thin? They would make it thicker just for the sake of being comfortable in your hand. They would have at least one physical feature or control method that sets it apart from every other identical product on the market. If they ever even went with a capacities touch screen, they would still include a stylus to work with it.