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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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diablos79 commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

WTH?? I cant believe we've been let down yet again! I was expecting some realLy good games this week because of the festival and all we get is this crap, to hell with nintendo. lol im just kidding, an awesome week, cant wait to DL mario rpg



diablos79 commented on Publishers Remain Tight-Lipped On Black Monday...:

@MaxPlastic: Ive tried to look at the vc as just being an added bonus tacked on to the main console but the problem with doing that is, when you look at it, the wii doesnt really have anything-else going for it. Just look at this years E3 summit, no mario announcements, no zelda announcements, in fact no "proper" software support at all. All there seems to be in the near future are yet more mini-game based software and wii-music shudder. which nintendo have already admited takes absolutely no skill to play whatsoever. I have been a nintendo fan for over 20 years now but the way they are treating their user-base is abhorrent, im not a geek or otaku but i do enjoy playing serious games and im getting fed-up with nintendo sucking up to the casual market, forgetting thats its the hardcore gamers that put the company in the enviable position it is in now.



diablos79 commented on Top 10 Puzzlers We Want To Come To The Virtual...:

Im glad to see lost vikings on there, i was reading down the list and i thought "they cant of forgotten one of the best puzzlers of the 90's surely?" but there it is at the top, well done fella. if i could just add one myself tho, id love to see tetris worlds on there. (i think its that one, were you play tetris on a sphere and you have to spin it around to place the shapes)



diablos79 commented on EU VC Releases - 11th July - Neo Geo Duo:

WTF...we waited 2 weeks for 2 games? how crap is that? screw you nintendo, im sick of you treating us like crap. On the psn and xbl you get new games and content every week without fail and its good stuff too, not the gaming equivilant of breadcrumbs that you throw to us miserable wretches you call your loyal customer base. i wouldnt mind so much but the w(ank)-ware channel has given us nothing but crap as well. i give up.



diablos79 commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

slaps forehead in disbelief i cant believe a staff member of nintendo has implied that they dont care about their installed user base/lifelong fans and the company only really cares about casual/niave customers who they can make a quick profit out of. nope never would have believed that in a million years. (sarcasm FTW!!)



diablos79 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

does anyonelse get the feeling that nintendo still hasnt forgiven europe for making the master system a success over here in the mid 80's? knowing nintendo, it wouldnt suprise me in the least if they still bore a grudge againt us for siding with their competition.
(tho i always prefered the nes personaly.)



diablos79 commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

you know its things like this that really annoy me about nintendo. they assume that we'll all be so bloody grateful for a wiiware title that we'll forgive all other sins. why cant countries have a wiiware title AND a vc title or do they think we wouldnt be able to handle the excitment? ive had nothing but apathy for wiiware since it was announced and now that its here im still under-whelmed. lets face it, its hardly XBLA is it? i know its still in its infancy and hopefuly something good is gona come out of it but why do they have to neglect their pre-existing fan base in the hope they might sell a few extra copies of a god-awful wiiare title?



diablos79 commented on EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid:

SIGH Its as if nintendo think we're all gona be so over-joyed with the wiiware launch that we're not gona care about the v.c. I for one couldnt care less about wiiware and im starting to get a little ***** off with all the crap vc releases lately. Also does anyone really care about C64 games? Im only asking cos they all look terrible to me.



diablos79 commented on Baseball Stars 2:

i agree with the review but i think its a bit harsh to say that punch-out is sub-par. i think its an excelent game, as do alot of other ppl.



diablos79 commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:

Its not that nintendo are listening to us, this has more than likely been their business plan all along. firstly they sell the console cheap (compared to other consoles on the market) to install a big userbase and then bring out all the peripherals for it that people will need to continue enjoying the console later on which equates to more profit. micro$oft did the same thing recently with their new £159.99 360 price drop. you dont get a harddrive or any online capabilities with the console (which are pretty much essential to 99% of the games out there and so they still gain a profit from naive consumers who end up spending more in the long run. sorry to sound so cynical but unfortunatly thats how business works.



diablos79 commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

I would love to see mega-cd titles on the vc. sonic cd is my favourite game of the series by a country mile and there were loads of other very good titles for the system as well such as road avenger, star wars rebel assault, and cobra command. Ok there were some real duffers too, jaguar XJ220,night trap and ground zero texas to name but a few ((shudder)).



diablos79 commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

ive quite suprised to see kirby beating the likes of super mario world and zelda:oot. surely kirby isnt better than those 2 is it? i dont know cos i never played it. Also imo mario world is better than mario 3 cos its basically the same but with better graphics and gameplay and no pointless suits. CAPE MARIO FTW!!!!



diablos79 commented on WiiWare vs Xbox Live Arcade - Fight!:

Personaly i couldnt care less about wiiware titles, it just seems like an easy way for developers to release boring, 5-min games that wouldnt sell or just arent good enough to warrant a proper release. C'mon nintendo, please stop catering to the casual market and focus on the hardcore gamers who have stuck by you for over 20 years and will continue to support you long after the casuals have gotten bored of the mini-games and will-fit accessories. Honestly, the wii is becoming less and less like a gaming console and more and more like a badly-structured mess that doesnt seem to know what its supposed to be.



diablos79 commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3 Reclassified by ESRB:

Not really bothered about kirby, his games were a little too simple for me. id stilll like to know why Zombies was removed from the list tho, surely it cant be because of the cartoony violence can it? then again it wouldnt suprise me.



diablos79 commented on Master System Games Coming to The VC!:

Is that the japanese MS in the picture? i had a jap one and i thought it was really cool but for some reason when i moved back to the uk i couldnt find the game cards anywhere ( credit card sized carts that slid in the front of the machine in case anyone doesnt know). was it just that i couldnt find them or were they never released in the uk? Great news tho, MS had some great games back in the day, hopefuly we'll get the original Fist Of The North Star and not the censored european version.



diablos79 commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

So the publisher of one of the biggest multiplayer games of the nineties has decided to release their mega-selling game on a console thats well-renowned for its on-line and multiplayer capabilities rather than on a console that basicaly doesnt let you communicate or even just play with people outside of their own friend circle? im shocked!!



diablos79 commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

@chris, i do already own a ps3 and a 360. i dont think a game needs gore to be good but surely they can do better than a game based on running a farm. i think they should at least have a variety of games each week, for instance 1xplatform, 1xbeat em up and 1xstrategy. that way at least most peoples interests are catered for rather than just the "heres a game, dont like it? we dont care" mentality that nintendo seem to have adopted.



diablos79 commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

Really nintendo, this is the best you could do? A farming game??!! oh please. dont we have enough lightweight kiddy orientated games being released for the wii already? can we have some more grown up games once in a while? please?



diablos79 commented on EU VC Releases - 21st December - Blades of Steel:

ah well, i guess after last weeks 2 great releases it was expecting too much to hope for another good week straight after. they could have at least made an effort for christmas tho but maybe theyre saving it for new years week, we can but hope anyway. HAPPY CRIMBO EVERYONE!!



diablos79 commented on VC Earns over $30 million so far:

WTG nintendo for having so much success with the vc. Now howsabout giving all your loyal customers 1 free game download each as a thank you for making it such a success and for helping you make all those millions?



diablos79 commented on EU VC Releases - 9th November - Super Mario Br...:

@ INpixl: i totally agree with you on the glitch. it is very annoying and i was quite dissapointed when i downloaded the game. Ive kinda got used to it now but you are right, a game like this should be flawless considering its one of the greatest games ever and some of the rubbish they release on vc with no glitches whatsoever. Sort it out nintendo, i thought you'd treat your mascot with more respect than this.



diablos79 commented on EU VC Releases - 2nd November - Sega Week:

hmmm only alien soldier for me this week i think. as for the sonic games, theres still sonic cd to look forward to (hopefuly). i might be remembering it with my ever-trusty rose tinted glasses but i remember it fondly.



diablos79 commented on Golden Axe III:

i thought this was released in europe? im sure i remember playing it on my megadrive.



diablos79 commented on US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only ...:

(SIGH) Once again europe gets the s****y end of the stick. Why does nintendo hate us so much? Its like its written into thir core business plan or something cos thay've always seen us as more of an after-thought than a legitimate market. fun games tho .



diablos79 commented on Axelay:

i remember this, it was excellent. definitly gona download this one.



diablos79 commented on Metroid:

Ive never really been a fan of the metroid series, on the NES i thought mega man and ikari warriors were better games. i just found the wandering around aimlessly so mind-numbingly dull.



diablos79 commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

i never owned one of these but one of my friends in japan had one. from what i remember, the games were really cool. the ones that stick out in my mind are fist of the north star and r-type, the graphics seemed so ahead of their time ( for the mid-eighties anyway lol)



diablos79 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

gota say i agree with sean on this one, sonic 2 was great but sonic cd was even better, loved that game. hope they release it for v.c



diablos79 commented on China Warrior:

does anyone know if theyre planning on releasing the 8-bit version of Fist Of The North Star? I remember playing it in Japan years ago and thought it was brill.



diablos79 commented on Mega Man:

Woo-hoo!! about frickin' time! Loved this game back in the day and still love it now. I got this when it first came out and is prob a big reason why i love games to this day. Its hard as nails as good games should be, if only developers had the courage to make games this challenging today. ace game, cant wait for the sequels.



diablos79 commented on Battle Lode Runner:

I had the original version of this on my japanese master system, its addictive but can be very frustrating. Personaly i say give it a miss, just not worth the points.



diablos79 commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

Oh yes! i love this game. I had it on american import when it was first released and spent countless weekends on it. My friends loved it, i loved it and the humour and gameplay were top-notch. An absolute must. ;D



diablos79 commented on Gradius:

I like this game, although to be honest i was a bigger fan of parodious. Something about pirate ships with giant catheads and vegas showgirls as end of level bosses just tickle me. I dunno maybe its just me. As for gradius, its good but r-type is miles better.