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Tue 25th Jan 2011

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Detective_TeeJay commented on Hands On: Searching for Clues in Detective Pik...:

I honestly can't wait for this now. Being a $10 game that looks THIS good, I fully expected it to be short, so no surprise there.

I'm happy that this game dares to explore more mature themes. Perhaps this is because GameFreak knows that a huge chunk of their fanbase are people who have been around from the start who have now grown into adults.



Detective_TeeJay commented on Detective Pikachu Trailer is Revealed, Arrives...:

This definitely looks LEAGUES better than those first screens we saw about a year ago. Now THAT was uncanny valley stuff.

Also, this goes to show where my head is at but...the first thing I thought after seeing the trailer (after the initial confusion) was "well, we know what hat Pikachu is gonna wear in the next Smash)



Detective_TeeJay commented on Garchomp, Braixen and Mewtwo Will Join the Fig...:

This is amazing! Garchomp is definitely one of my top favorite pokemon, and I personally like Braixen's design more the Delphox's so this is good. Finally we have a proper Kalos rep! Mewtwo was expected. It's be odd to have dark Mewtwo in here but no regular Mewtwo.

Now all we really need is a good Unova rep. Dewott please!



Detective_TeeJay commented on Guide: Learning How to Survive the Hostile Wor...:

These are some great tips. The giant pillar monument and never digging straight down tips seem especially helpful. And the thing about keeping your torches to one side of the tunnel. Genius.

When I finally get this game I'll keep these tips in mind.