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Sat 6th April, 2013

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DESS-M-8 commented on Movie-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game ...:

No eShop. No purchase.

Come on Activision!!!! What the hell are you plating at??? That's CoD black ops&ghosts/teenage mutant ninja turtles/angry birds star wars that I would have purchased across 3DS and Wii U by now, but you appear to no want my money?



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (Europe):

@Jazzer94 which minus tax is actually $16 so only $6 difference, about £4
There's also the fact Nintendo Europe over charge. I can get another world digitally on PS3 for just over £6. Same thing on eShop, over £7 forth same product. How's that?


Here's a good one. Look on the Wii shop channel on wii mode on your wii u!!! Where the hell are all the games? There's 14 N64 titles. Log onto wii shop channel on an actual wii there's like 59. Same on all formats. There's hundreds of games missing. I added over £20 in wii points, went to download ocarina and majoras. NOT THERE!!!!



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd July (Europe):

What a balls week,

I'd have thought the virtual console would get a boost across summer seen as we're waiting till October for retail titles to start seeing the light of day again



DESS-M-8 commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

Smartphone and tablet "gaming" is killing video games like a cancer.
The UK now has a generation that are attuned to remedial, mindless, low input-quick reward gamers. Playing finger swiping games and brainwashed by the tidal wave of "free games (with in app purchases)" games that are the gaming equivalent of a betting shop. Kids are getting switched onto this junk and bypassing true video games altogether. Steve Jobs should have buried this craze with him.
Save video games.
Do NOT buy your 6 year old and Ipad, because somebody at curry's fools you into believing the educational benefits it also brings.
Buy them a Nintendo or something tha presents challenge, lateral thinking, coordination and logic.



DESS-M-8 commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

I own a Wii, Wii U, PS3 and PS4. I honestly could count the times I've played the PS4 on three fingers in the last month.
PS4 showing at E3? Miserable.
I want nhl batman and Uncharted.
NHL I can play on my ps3 with more users than ps4.
Batman and Uncharted I'd have to pass on of i trade the PS4, but unfortunately on the see-saw of uncharted/batman Vs smash bros/hyrule warriors/zelda/star Fox/bayonette1&2/yoshi/devils third guess which side of the see saw has the fattest kid sat on it. That's not even daring to whisper about 2 new looming metroid titles and 3DS games



DESS-M-8 commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

Sony failing and lashing out? Such babies.
I picked up a PS4 when I found out batman wouldn't be on wii u and was gutted. Apart several titles such as this, NHL and Uncharted. My house is a wii u house. Easily the best next gen console. Even more so after this E3.



DESS-M-8 commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Life's E3 Reaction - Live!:

Yep. Still hoping for some extra big news though. This was either gonna be bad or huge. To give a real boost they could do with one if not 2 brand new huge reveals befire the end of the week, hopefully that previously unannounced slot tomorrow is just such a game. If not, i don't think there's enough here to be heard above PS4 for the next 13 months.



DESS-M-8 commented on GameCube-Style Wii U Controller, the WaveDash,...:

@pukka-pie I think it's you who's joking. Nothing is a stretch anywhere on that pad. PS3 and 360 are positioned no different. PS4 feels even worse. The gamecube pad design would need tweaking anyway, such as a fourth shoulder button, upsized right analogue and dpad. But the actual physicality of the pad which is where ergonomics comes in should remain the same. Nothing has come within the gamecube controllers since.



DESS-M-8 commented on GameCube-Style Wii U Controller, the WaveDash,...:

Good idea, but Nintendo needs to make this to ensure its quality and compatibility is in line with all their controllers. Nobody makes controllers like Nintendo. Everything on a console pad was invented by Nintendo.

I can't understand why the initial wii u pro controller wasn't based on the wavebird in the first place, it looked, felt and seemed more like the appalling xbox 360 controller. Awful.



DESS-M-8 commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Technically I don't care as it's not hard to do and it's open for everybody's use.

However, using it detracts from the pure racing aspect of this game and ultimately detracts from the fun, which i don't enjoy. I can do it, but undone want to as it's no fu playing it that way especially to stay in Contention, therefore remove it/patch it or whatever to maintain the spirit of a mario kart game rather than if it's fair or now, because there's nothing unfair about it, it's just annoying



DESS-M-8 commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Figurine Platform ...:

QoL sucks balls and needs putting to bed now.
Whereas something like this actually has legs, is actually in the realm of video games and actually sounds quite interesting

It'll show the strength of the brand. Something similar on other consoles would just be random mash of second party characters filling a roster noteven hhalf the size.
PlayStation rumble??? Hahaha



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

@Montegarde read between the lines of what you're being fed by marketing.
The wii u is now nearing two years into its lifespan and has yielded nothing and has an almost zero third party software showing and appalling first party showing. There is not one major title on the format.

That would cost money.

Where is that money?


I have invested heavily financially into my Wii U, why? Because it IS the best format this new generation. Buthe I've been let down supremely by Nintendo not showing that same faith in their own product. This QoL announcement is the reason in the background why development is so slow for Wii u, they have teams working in this super Wii fit joke and steering away from gaming.

End fir Nintendo if they choose this route. They're majorly bank rolling an idea that was a super successful fad.



DESS-M-8 commented on Nintendo's Plan for "Redefining the Definition...:

THIS will be the end of Nintendo.

This smacks of abandoning significant financial resources for Wii U and producing a whole new direction for hardware will require a LOT of financial resources in R&D and production.

QoL is a waste of time



DESS-M-8 commented on Infinity Ward Merges With Neversoft To Form Su...:

I had black ops II, then went 100% digital soon after launch and would have bought ghosts if Activision had have released it on eshop. But they chose not to.

If they'd have brought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Angry Birds Star Wars and CoD Ghosts to eshop, that's roughly £100 of just my money they'd have by now.

Oh well, maybe they'll wise up and release advanced warfare on eshop. If they do, I'll day one buy it, if not. No CoD purchase from me.



DESS-M-8 commented on Hyrule Warriors Set for Summer 2014 Release in...:

This game looks a complete non entity and looks like somethhing that has been farmed out to a third party to distract people when they announce zelda won't be ready till 2016 by which time it won't matter as the Wii U will be a non-entity by then.



DESS-M-8 commented on Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament Tradem...:

@MadAdam81 no it wouldn't.

Nintendo need to shout, scream and show that the Wii U can produce jaw dropping visuals as so far....... It's not come close. It needs to showcase several titles that the general public can invest in just from seeing it running. Pokemon, Mariokart, SmashBros are for existing fans, they will not move hardware units.

They fail to make a big deal at E3 this year they will slowly die off every year this generstion. I guarantee it.

They have failed to convince the general public of the visual capabilities of The Wii U. They have failed to make anybody aware of the USP and gimmicks possible of the Wii U. These are huge failings that ensured zero success and these need rectifying now. Showing more twee game franchises and bleating on about QEL (Wii fit 3) just convinces the masses that they were right not to buy a Wii u.